Workplace Relationship

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I write this story partly from personal experience but with some literary licence to make it a work of fiction.


The scene is like this, I am in my early 40’s and I am married with kids and have a good relationship overall. But like many men I have fantasies, as I am very much a homebody they tend to relate to the people I work with rather than anyone I may meet casually. I operate a small manufacturing business that, while, relatively successful will never make me a millionaire but I have a comfortable life although I probably work longer hours than I should and in that way my fantasies and this relationship happens in the workplace.

I employ around ten people and one young lady, the one this story is about, has worked for me for a couple of years coming straight from school and has developed into a valuable employee taking on responsibility above her years so that at 20 she is like my right hand in the day to day operation of my business. We have a good relationship at work where she is liked and respected by her fellow workers and has a steady boyfriend who I know she sleeps with so this relationship started quite unexpectedly but let us begin at the beginning.

Amy has just turned 20 she works hard for me and is very reliable and conscientious. She is petite and quite cute always wearing thin skimpy skirts and tops in the warmer weather and the usual jeans and a sweater during winter. It’s not like I haven’t noticed how good she looks but, well, I am a married man and have never had any inclination or opportunity to stray. Let’s face it I get plenty of sex at home although it’s very conservative and sometimes can be a little boring. It’s for this reason, I guess, that I do fantasise and masturbate regularly and the usual sources of my fantasies are either old girlfriends or some cute girl who works for me. Amy has on occasions been the subject of my fantasies and I never suspected that it would ever be more than a fantasy.

The situation comes about because we have a very large order to fill and I find myself working late every night to finish off the days production and have it packed to deliver the next day. It is one afternoon when there seems to be hours of work left to do that Amy suggests that she could stay back and help me so I didn’t have to work as long. She tells me that her boyfriend is working afternoon shift and they won’t see each other so she would like the extra work and money if it was ok with me.

Hell thinking only that I might finish up by 7pm instead of 9pm I am happy to agree. I can afford the overtime as the contract is very valuable and I’m making a nice profit anyway. So 4.30pm comes and the rest of my staff leaves work for the day. Amy and I are already working at balgat escort inspecting and packing the day’s production ready to dispatch the following day. We are working closely side by side but then this is not an unusual situation for us as we do it often, however there is one difference, we are alone for the first time.

Now it is winter time so Amy is wearing jeans and a sweater nothing revealing so I’m not distracted although I have looked at her lustfully from time to time it is just fantasy on my part because I am almost twice her age and have always been faithful in my marriage but this evening will change all that. My part of the job is a little faster so I get ahead and offer to make us some coffee and head of to the kitchen returning with our coffee. Amy must have been feeling warm because she has taken off her sweater and is working away in a sleeveless top that is very tight and shows off her small but nicely formed breasts. I must admit I like the way she looks.

As we work on our hands brush each other and I get the feeling that although I am not trying to touch her hand that she, just maybe, is trying to touch mine. She excuses herself to go to the bathroom and while she is away I stop that work so as not to get too far ahead of her and move to another workbench to do another job. As she returns she has to pass me and she stops and looks up (she is somewhat shorter than me) with a strange look and, what I can only say now, is a naughty grin. I’m thinking that she is coming on to me and I know her well enough that if I make a move and I’m wrong it will just stay between the two of us. I’m a little apprehensive but think, well I will never know if I don’t try.

I take Amy’s hand still warm from where she has washed after her toilet and lift it to my lips. I kiss her fingertips while I look into her eyes. Amy makes no attempt to take her hand away but just smiles that same naughty smile. Now I know she is no virgin because her and some of the other girls talk openly about their sexual adventures even in my hearing but this is something new to me as I have not so much as kissed another woman in the 16 years since I married. I can’t believe that she would be interested anyway as she has a boyfriend and, well I am almost old enough to be her dad.

My mind is telling me this isn’t good but my body is now lusting after Amy. I let go of her hand and hold her bare shoulders. Amy’s soft warm skin feels so nice. She is looking at me with what I hope is anticipation as I bend and kiss her full soft lips tenderly. Her arms are around my neck, her lips pressed hard on mine, her mouth opens and our tongues entwine, her firm breasts pressed on my chest. My hands slide down her back batıkent escort and hold her firm bottom, as she stands on tiptoes embracing and kissing me hard. I make no attempt to hide what the kiss is doing to my manhood that is pressing into her middle.

We break the kiss. ‘Oh shit Amy I’m sorry didn’t mean that to happen it sort of just did’. She says nothing, just gives me that wicked grin that tells me she is cool about what we did. I look down at her and see her nipples poking out showing through her bra and top. Amy takes my hand and presses it onto her firm breast, her eyes close and she sighs as I squeeze gently. We kiss again. Our mouths locked together, our tongues exploring. My hands again cup her bottom and lift her till my erection is pressing against her pussy. She presses in on my erection grinding against me our passion, or is it lust, almost overpowering.

We break the kiss again and my hand moves down to press on her jeans rubbing her mound as she parts her legs slightly and I rub right through between them. I whisper, ‘Amy, I want to touch you and feel inside you’. She replies she wants that as well. Hand in hand we walk to the staff room where there is a big comfortable couch. Amy takes off her top and bra, I gasp at the sight of her perfect firm breasts. She is tugging at my shirt slipping it over my head, running her fingers through my hairy chest.

She unclips her jeans and slips them down before sitting and offering me her legs to pull them off. I help but can’t take my eyes of her body, her perfect tits her cute cotton panties with some sort of flower pattern. As her jeans come right off her legs part a little and I see the dampness of her crouch outlining her pussy lips. Amy slips out of her panties, her pussy is natural but with downy hair the same blond as her head, I can’t believe how little hair she has but realises her arms are almost hairless and remember how she told the other girls she hardly ever needed to shave her pits or legs.

Amy’s pussy is the most lovely sight I have ever seen, soft downy hair, petite labia with no flappy bits, I’m in heaven and this angel has just got naked in front of me.

I’m sitting next to her our mouths locked together again, my fingers exploring the soft delicate lips of her hot wet pussy. I feel her clit, under it’s hood, hard and swollen and I rub gently as Amy starts to moan and move her hips in time with my rubbing. I slide my finger lower feeling for her vagina and my finger slips into her cunt lubricated by her juices. Oh my, she is so hot and wet, my finger can feel the soft silky insides of her dripping cunt. I finger fuck her deep and slow twisting my finger about to massage the insides of her hot ankara escort wet cunt hole.

We break our kiss, Amy whispers, ‘fuck me please I need your cock so badly’. I’m kneeling between Amy’s legs, slipping down my pants, holding my cock and wiping it through her hot wet pussy. I’m watching my cock head part her pussy lips as it enters her cunt. Oh shit!!!!!!! Amy’s cunt is on fire, my cock can feel the heat as it slips deeper and deeper. Amy is squeezing my cock with her cunt; I’m holding and kissing her titties, as I slowly thrust in and out not ever wanting this feeling to end.

I’m deep in Amy; our bodies pressed hard together grinding her clit. I am looking into her eyes wanting to make it good for her. I stroke her face, she smiles, I ask, ‘Amy will this get you off? I hope I can hold on long enough it’s just that your cunt is so hot and tight’. She smiles that wicked smile saying, ‘I can make it happen quicker if I rub my clit is it ok for me to do that?’ I nod, and she slips her hand down between us and starts rubbing her clit while I fuck her hot cunt.

Amy is bucking under me, her cunt spasms, her hot wetness flooding as she smiles and moans. I feel my cock about to explode, I know I can’t make her pregnant even if she is not on the pill cause I’ve had a vasectomy but maybe she won’t want me to cum in her, I whisper, ‘Amy I’m going to cum baby do your want me to pull out?’ She says nothing just shakes her head and locks her legs behind my bottom. I explode spasm after spasm pumping hot milky cum deep in her tight hot cunt.

We lay there still, my cock still filling her hot cunt, she grins that wicked grin and squeezes me with her cunt. I kiss her lips and slip out, my cock covered with the mix of our juices. I rest back and watch as a big blob of out mix oozes from her now satisfied cunt. I grab some tissues and clean us both. We dress, as we have not finished the work we started and other staff might get suspicious the next day if the work is not finished. We work fast and have just finished when her boyfriend arrives to pick her up; we sneak a brief kiss before she leaves.

My mind is in overload, I have just had the best sex in my life, will it be a one off, we will just have to wait and see I guess.

I lock up and head for home but I can’t get Amy out of my mind and I wonder how we will be the next day when there are other people about. I have my dinner, shower and go to bed, I make love to my wife who is very impressed at how long I last giving her the satisfaction she needs and this in turn makes sure she is not at all suspicious of me working late with Amy.

The next day Amy is just her usual happy smiling self, giving no indication that anything has happened that is unusual. I wonder if it was a one off thing but guess I will just have to wait until we have another opportunity to be alone and see what develops.

There the story ends for now but it may continue depending of what if anything happens the next time Amy and myself find ourselves alone together.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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