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The air was warm and without humidity. The grass was green and waving in the steady breeze. The breeze carried the scents of the pine trees in the distance behind me as I walked aimlessly down the road. It was more or less a foot path, but had enough width and gravel to it that maybe it was a dirt buggy road. But no buggies could be seen and I was enjoying the serene walk.

The bluest of skies above me with some puffy cumulus clouds made it seem as though I was on the top of the world. The bluish purplish mountains in the distance had snow on the top and looked like heavy clouds that had dropped to the earth, silver lining and all. I knew from experience that in this low to nil humidity air, I could walk for days and maybe weeks before reaching the foothills that led up to those silver linings.

I was not thinking of anything in particular and simply enjoying the walk. Dressed in my favorite blue and grey tennis shoes, no socks because I don’t like socks during the summer despite the sweat and odor that comes from it, blue denim shorts, a button down shirt with a floral/Hawaiian print, and a white hat with a Velcro adjustable strap for size. I’d taken my glasses off and placed them in the front pocket of my shirt because they kept sliding down my nose.

As it was, my legally blind eyes failed to see the details of a woman as she was walking past me in quicker strides than me. I was so preoccupied with thinking about nothing that she had somehow managed to cruise up on me and pass me without my sensitive ears hearing her. But what I did notice about her was her determined gait and her figure that looked like it was fighting her very effort to pass me by.

Now, I’m not one to be overly nosy about the way that fellow walkers look like and generally, I just watch the shoes. It was when I glanced at the shoes with my legally blind eyes that I saw a familiar “S” and realized they were Sketchers. With a sudden recovery of memory, I recalled reading of a friend of mine who had Sketchers and was walking up a hill. If I quickened my pace, I would be able to come even with her, but it was her shoes that caught my attention.

After a bit of fuzzy viewing, I grew tired of it and put my glasses back on my nose. I was now viewing a woman from behind that I instantly began wondering what OTHER situations she would look like from behind. My pulse quickened and the testosterone reaction began by the shorts of my zipper. Because I had no other place to be, I began to follow her from a distance. After realizing that this would make me look like a stalker, I quickened my pace to overtake her..as though to pass her.

As büyükesat escort I got closer, my eyes traveled up her calves, her thighs, her extra curvy butt, ribcage, and hair that was under a black and gold hat. As I got steadily closer, I realized the hat had the colors of the Steelers. Sketchers and Steelers..there couldn’t be too many more coincidences. If this turned out to be my friend, I was thinking of what might happen should we ever meet. Now, I was literally walking into that realization.

My shoes crunched on some gravel and her head turned. Not far enough to see over her shoulder but enough so that she could hear my footsteps. Man, this female could certainly keep a pace! I kept my steady pace that was slightly faster than hers so that I could continue to study and memorize her curves from behind. My mind began to play tricks on me and show me what she might look like if she were wearing less. I pictured her in a bikini and a thong with the strap behind digging into her back in the strain to keep her mammaries from slipping out completely. Finally, I began to picture her completely nude..which did nothing for my calm composure.

As it was, her tan shorts and black shirt (which turned out to be a Steelers shirt as well) did nothing to conceal that she wasn’t a very fit woman, but she wasn’t a block of cream either. Mmm, cream…suddenly my mind kicked into overdrive and I began to wonder what she tasted like. With all that walking, surely her labia lips were rubbing against each other. If she were to look at my crotch, she would’ve seen a definite boner pointing straight at her ass.

Finally after about 5 minutes, I drew even with her and glanced at her. She was to my left and when she glanced to her right, my breath caught in my throat and my mouth began to water. Not only was she the exact person that I thought she was, it seemed as though she recognized me. But she did not stop her walking.

I skipped several steps ahead of her and then stopped in her path. I watched her eyes set in determination as she shifted direction ever so slightly and walked around me. Like a cat and a mouse, I turned and gave chase. Again I skipped several steps ahead of her and then turned to watch her eyes again. There was a hint of a smile playing around her full lips and she once again shifted to pass me by. As she passed me again, I quickly turned and slid my hand on her left ass cheek as she walked by. A cry of surprise was the first sound she’d made, but she kept walking.

Impulsively, I unzipped my shorts and her head jerked to the sound. She slowed ever so slightly, but çankaya escort I knew I had her attention. Running now to get more than a few paces in front of her, I turned and deliberately began to pull my opening of the shorts apart until my boner popped through, pushing on the material of my white briefs. The smile that had been playing at her lips grew wider and a tongue flicked out. She shifted to walk around me, but I stepped into that direction. Her hand came out as a way to shield herself from me. I put mine into hers and began walking backwards, but putting some resistance into it so that she slowed and finally came to a stop.

She opened her mouth to say something, but I laid the index finger of my free hand against it. Suddenly her impulsiveness took over and she opened her mouth and slid it down over my finger. The feel of her tongue wrapped around my finger proved to be too much. With one finger stuck in her mouth, I gave up on thinking and began to trip over backwards. She reached out behind me and caught me. With a quick firm tug, I stumbled back towards her and my boner touched her hand..she was waiting for it and I was the one shocked and surprised again.

Now we were standing still. Her lips tightened around my finger while her tongue twirled madly around it first in one direction, than the other. Meanwhile with one hand behind me to keep me from going anywhere, she manuevered her hand on my boner so that she slipped her hand inside my underwear. Rubbing her thumb over the tip, she found it was wet with anticipation. If rubbing it like that caused so much tension in me, I didn’t know what I would do if she increased the tension and decided to do SOMETHING to change the situation.

With a jerk, I pulled my finger out of her mouth. She just grinned but kept hold of my cock while still rubbing back and forth on the head. I figured that if I was wet, she probably was too. When my hand brushed across her zipper, she visibly tensed up. I watched her eyes for any sign of resistance. If she resisted, I wouldn’t go further, but if she was merely tensing up, she was only doing what I had done when she first made contact. Then she bucked against my hand. With a quick movement, I unzipped her pants, reached inside to pull away underwear only to discover she wasn’t wearing any. Sliding down, I could feel a nicely shaven twat and with little effort, swollen moist lips. Upon parting them, I discovered that she was in fact, *dripping* wet! I took my still wet finger and began to twiddle her already erect clitoris hood. Now, we were both causing tension in each other, but she had more nerve ankara escort endings being stimulated.

I quickly looked away from her to look behind me and then behind her. No one was in sight. Off to my left, was a stand of blue spruce pine trees. Despite the fact that there was no one in either direction, I still didn’t want to simply fuck her in the open. I turned back to her and then nodded in the direction of the trees. Her grin grew wider as we side-stepped our way into the needles. As soon as we could no longer see the road, she dropped to her knees while at the same time undoing whatever was left holding my pants up. With her eyes feasting on my manhood, she opened her luscious mouth and I reached up to take hold of a pine limb as my cock disappeared into her mouth.

It probably wasn’t heaven, but the feeling of hundreds of taste buds gliding over and around my glans and head of my cock was almost too much to take. As she had said many years before, she could deep throat without gagging and I felt my balls being tickled and slurped on by her tongue as my cock was already down her throat. Not only was she not gagging, but I could feel her throat constricting as she seemed to want to swallow my cock whole. It made me wonder that if she actually could, what could she possibly want to eat next??

II felt the tension building in my balls. They had been nuzzled in the past, even caressed. Never slurped on. I knew she could feel the tightening and my cock came out of her throat and she began to torture my cock with her expert tongue sliding around it, cupping it, sucking it like a straw, as she seemingly attempted to suck me dry. At that point, I gave up trying to keep it in as my knees buckled. I forgot to hang onto the branch and I toppled over backwards. Already anticipating, she followed. However in the process, I managed to pop out of her mouth. With a quickness that surprised me, she unzipped her pants and quickly sat down on my fully erect and sloppy-wet cock. At the exact moment that her pussy gorged on my cock, I exploded inside of her.

Her pussy milked my cock as shot after shot exploded out of me. The sight of her grinning down at me made me realize that there was much more than met the eye with her and that wasn’t even a line from Transformers! As soon as I began to subside, an orgasm rocked her body and her walls clenched around my cock so tight I thought I had re-popped her cherry. Rocking backwards, my cock pulled out of her and rubbed against her g-spot. Coming forwards again, my head pushed back in and she began to fall forwards slowly until she was completely on top with me still buried inside. Finally our lips met and she gave me a passionate kiss. I could feel our combined juices dripping out of her but I didn’t care. The tongue that had ravaged my cock was now ravaging my mouth and I wanted to savor her lips on mine for as long as they stayed.

(To Be Continued)

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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