With a Little Help from My Friend

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All characters are 18 or older.


Lindsay wanted to help Alex with his video project, but he needed to know if she would work in a female role. They met as his house, and he had a pile of clothes for her to try on and work some lines. They had tried a few costumes with her and she ran some lines well before Alex tossed her a robe.

“Strip down and put that on.”

She was confused about it, and even uncomfortable with the idea, but Alex said that it was strictly professional and her clothes, nice as they were, couldn’t appear in the video under the robe. He even turned around to make sure she was fine with changing into the robe, and she went along with it. Alex heard clothes shuffling, unclipping and even unzipping. She said she was changed as Alex turned around. She was in the robe, her pants, plaid and tank top off, and Alex even gave her props for removing her bra. But what struck him most was along with her bra, her matching pink striped panties were off to the side with the rest of her clothes. He looked at her in disbelief, and she just smiled. “What?”

Alex smiled back as he had her say some lines from his script. She said them differently, almost in a sexy fashion. As much as he liked how she was saying the lines, it wasn’t what he wanted. He told her that she can’t be in the video, because she doesn’t have the right style of acting needed to portray the character. She crossed her arms, and Alex looked away when he saw her breasts pushed together by her arms. He tried not to be perverted. He didn’t think she’d want sex with him, even though he wanted it badly. She walked up to him, and planted her hands on his shaking chest.

“Maybe I just need to convince you.”

She slid her hands down his shirt slowly until she reached his belt. She unbuckled it, and unbuttoned his pants. She çubuk escort was just finishing the zipper before Alex stopped her. “You don’t have to do this,” he said. Lindsay just smiled at him as she slid her hand down into his pants, gripping his hard cock through his boxers. She giggled, “Apparently I do.” She pulled down his pants and boxers as she slid down to her knees, and Alex’s stiff penis flung out of his boxers, almost hitting her. She smiled even wider, looking up at him with astonishment. Lindsay had seen bigger, but she was happy that at least someone was able to get hard from her appearance.

She leaned forward, and rested the tip of her tongue on the underside base of his penis. She ran it slowly along his shaft until meeting his swollen head. Her soft lips enveloped the head, pre-cum already oozing out of the opening, and she moved her head back and forth, sucking his hard cock. Alex’s mouth remained open in astonishment. This girl knew how to please a man’s cock. He ran his fingers through her soft red hair. Lindsay’s tongue swirled around his cock’s head, shimmering with saliva as she looked back up at him. She drove his cock deeper into her mouth, her lips reaching his base in no time. She heard Alex’s moaning, and she gently caressed his balls in one hand, the other hand rubbing his chest. Alex’s knees buckled at the intense feeling of Lindsay’s mouth on his penis. He leaned forward slightly, teeth gritting, both hands on Lindsay’s head. She just chucked again, knowing full well what was about to happen. Before it could happen, she took her head off of his penis, and looked up at the face of a man who was about to orgasm, but couldn’t just yet. She won’t let him. She still held a firm grip on his balls, refusing to let them release his cum. She stood up, and smiled at him.

“Alex, demetevler escort if you’re gonna cum, you’re gonna cum hard.” She gripped his balls harder, and pulled him closer to her. Her robe slid off of her, and Alex admired Lindsay’s body. It was beautiful. He thought her face alone was eye candy, but her body was a sight of its own, like something seen in a magazine. Her breasts were impeccable, her nipples pink and swollen with anticipation. Her pussy looked even better. Shaven, and so beautiful. Her thick thighs glistened with her own juices, and Alex wanted a taste. He pressed against her chest, planted a hand on her ass, and lifted her onto the bed. His cock throbbed even harder as he planted his face into her pink pussy. He fucked her with his tongue as her legs wrapped around his neck and her hands pulled his soft hair. His own hands wrapped around her thighs as his face stayed in her labia. She can feel every part of his face on her pussy, and her face turned red. She moaned loudly as his tongue flicked at her clitoris hard. She pulled his hair as he left her pussy, and slid his tongue up Lindsay’s torso. Alex found one of her breasts, and started sucking on it. His fingers rubbed her clitoris, eventually sliding into her pussy as he kissed her breasts. Her legs wrapped around his ass, and one foot reached over and rubbed his still throbbing cock. It was so warm against her cold feet. Alex shook at the feeling of her cold toes against his penis, and sat up. His penis was raised like a sword used to slay a beast. Lindsay smiled. “Put it in.”

Alex adjusted his position so that he was face to face with Lindsay. His head slid into the lips of her pussy. They kissed passionately, but Lindsay got impatient. She grabbed his ass firmly, and pushed him slowly into her. Both ankara escort of them moaned to the pleasure. She felt the grooves of the veins of his penis sliding against her walls, and Alex felt the ribbed walls of her pussy against his cock. His cock was all the way into her pussy as they both gasped. He then pulled it out slowly, and slid it back in faster. He gained a rhythm of fucking her that they both enjoyed. His hands remained on Lindsay’s breasts as her legs wrapped around his ass. Her fingers kneaded his soft hair.

“Harder.” She grunted through the moans. She repeated the word until Alex was slamming into her pussy. Her moans grew as did the sound of his balls slapping her ass with each thrust. She had enough eventually as the both rolled over. She always did enjoy being on top. Her hands planted on his chest as she bounced up and down on his engorged penis. Juices dripped out of her pressured pussy onto Alex’s pubes. Her breasts shook violently, and Alex grabbed one with one hand, his other kneading her thick ass. She alternating between bouncing on his cock to grinding on it hard. Both were moaning hard. Her gasps were becoming louder, and Alex saw this as a chance to rub her clitoris with his thumb. Lindsay began moaning louder and louder. She fell on top of him as he lifted his pelvis, fucking her harder with his penis, bigger than ever. The sounds of his balls against her ass were loud again, and he soon felt ecstasy over his entire body, his legs spasming.

“Oh my God, Alex! I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too, Lindsay! Me too!”

Eventually, Lindsay shrieked, her back arching as her hands remained on his chest, arms stiff as boards. Alex kept thrusting, but his cock slid out of her pussy. His pelvis lifted her up as cum shot out of his cock and onto her back. It was such an intense orgasm. Cum seemed to spray out and everywhere, drops all over his bed. They both moaned their orgasms out as they collapsed on each other. The cum on the bed grew cold against their warm bodies. They panted as they continued to kiss each other’s faces.

“Lindsay, you have the part.”

“I love you too.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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