Will and Lynn Walk the Dog

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Snuggle-icious trotted along the shifting waterline, smelling the salty smells of the ocean and the sand beneath it. He looked up to see where Lynn was. She and Will were walking barefoot arm-in-arm. He assumed they knew that she was pregnant, but how could you assume anything with people? They’re so mysterious. They seemed oblivious to the right time to make babies, mating willy-nilly all the time, even when it was pointless.

Back at home, banished to his bed, Snuggle-icious considered that maybe they really didn’t know she was pregnant, since they had locked themselves away in the bedroom for more pointless sex. She’d been pregnant for days, how could these people be so stupid? His love for Lynn washed away his doubts like a wave leaving perfectly smooth sand in its wake. He sighed heavily, then was fast asleep.

Will put his book down, gazing at Lynn as she continued to read in their cozy bed. He began rubbing her stomach, first over the comforter, then under but above her thin t-shirt. Waiting as long as he could stand without feeling like he was molesting her, he began rubbing her lower abdomen under her shirt, the laziness of his attentions masking his frantic lustful feelings.

As Lynn kept reading, Will moved his head to her stomach, and began fingering the delicate elastic at the top of her panties, enjoying the occasional peeks of Lynn’s pubic hair this afforded esat escort him. He alternately cupped her mons pubis above and beneath the thin material of her panties, enjoying her warmth. Now that he was in possession of her most secret charms, he felt himself relax.

He slid her panties down past her knees. “What are you doing, Mister?” asked Lynn playfully, as she helped kick off her panties. At a loss for words, perhaps due to intoxication from her scent, Will began nuzzling and kissing her furry sex. He blew warm air with his kisses, relishing the sensation of feeling her labia begin to swell and part with desire. The process of developing an erection may be more photogenic, he thought, but to ignore the female half of the equation is to miss out on a much more subtle yet fascinating process.

He gently kissed the space between her labia majora, noting from her silence that Lynn had lost her chattiness as well. Effortlessly, her sex opened like a clam revealing its pearl, and Will began kissing, sucking, and licking in earnest. Lynn ran her hands through his hair, holding him to herself.

After several minutes of writhing like this together, Lynn declared, almost in a panic “I need you in my mouth!” Obediently, Will shifted his body to allow Lynn to suck on him. It was almost too much for Will, as he was feeling completely satisfied just etimesgut escort feeling Lynn’s happy body wriggle around his tongue. As Lynn hungrily swallowed his erection, he felt her shudder around his head and moan around his penis as she came.

Will ceased his oral ministrations, but continued to fondle and pat Lynn’s buttocks as she continued to go to town on his penis. He felt himself start to lose control, then felt a bolt of fear strike him, and he pulled himself out of her mouth.

“What’s wrong?” asked Lynn.

“I was about to come, and I didn’t know if you wanted me…” stammered Will. He covered his face in shame.

“Oh, Will, come here, My Sweet.” She pulled his face to hers and looked him in the eyes, even though he could not return her gaze and tears were beginning to fall from his eyes. “Will. Will. Listen to me. I want you to come in my mouth.” Will cringed at the graphic request. “I love you and I want to feel and taste your creaminess every chance we get, OK? OK?”

“OK, I love you too,” said Will softly. “A lot.”

“Yeah, yeah, me too, now where were we?” joked Lynn as she playfully returned her mouth to Will’s limp penis.

“Will, honey,” she faux-called up to him, “I’m going to suck on your cock until you explode in my mouth, OK hon?”

Will giggled and make a snorky congested sound as his tears ended. ankara escort Lynn quickly reinflated his penis, casting loving glances up to him, as he gazed back with a mix of love and awe at the sight of her devouring his yearning penis.

A short time later, Will commented “I’m coming.”

“Good,” pronounced Lynn as she briefly popped off his cock, then began sucking and milking in earnest. Will let out an almost painful sounding “OH!” as his penis jerked and spasmed in Lynn’s small hand, her mouth relishing the sudden gush of semen. She continued to milk and lick the tip of his penis like an ice cream cone as she looked up mischievously at Will, a little smile on her lips (along with a little semen).

She rose to embrace Will, gave him a kiss on his cheek, and softly announced to him: “I love you Will. You make me very happy. You take such good care of me and I’m so glad you’re going to be mine forever.”

A new tear leaked from Will’s eye. He nodded to prevent himself from crying, and settled for saying “Me too.”

Lynn located her panties and slid them back up over her hips, the sight making Will yearn for more, a desire that only grew as he watched her walk to the door. She opened it and called out “Snuggle-icious!”

A loud snort, quickly followed by the jinglejinglejingle of Snuggle-icous’s collar filled the apartment as he trotted up the stairs to the bedroom. His tail wagging down low, he sniffed and licked Lynn’s leg, greeted Will, then accepted Lynn’s invitation to snuggle on the Big Bed. The happy smells from Lynn and Will calmed his stomach. “Silly people,” he thought, as he fell back asleep to the sound of pages turning.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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