Wild Night

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My boyfriend and I had been antsy all day. I had been with him since eleven and it was now about four thirty in the morning. Today was the day of his college graduation and I had come to support him, and we had been with his family the entire day. We only see each other once a week because we live an hour away from each other. We look forward to our time alone.

Finally here we were, alone in the early hours of the morning so excited we could barely contain ourselves. We were on a dirt road in his car where no one would find us or bother us. We crawled in the backseat and kissed passionately. Both of us were trembling with all our pent up desires. He started working on me and I was more than willing to let him have his way. I was already wet and he was already visibly hard and I love that.

I told him earlier I was sorry I couldn’t get him a real present for graduation so I told him he could just have me. He had asked me if he got to unwrap me and I said of course. I don’t know if he knows it, but I love it when he takes my clothes off. Now we were sitting there and he really was “unwrapping” me. As much as I love his teasing, it nearly kills me every time because I’m so horny.

Slowly he pulls my shirt over my head and gently runs his lips over my flushed chest. He then unbuttons my capri pants and slowly pulls them off. It is a bit difficult since we are in the back of his car. Next he starts taking off his clothes until he is in nothing but his boxers. He presses his warm body next to my half naked one and I can feel his hardness pressed against my wet vagina.

He teases me with his fluttery büyükesat escort kisses for what seems like forever and then slides his warm hands behind my back and unhooks my bra. His kisses tease my nipples and start to overstimulate me. He realizes this, stops, takes his boxers off and my underwear and commences to eat me out with a fervor I’ve never seen before. He buries his face in my soaked pussy and slurps my juices. This man . . . he has a tongue that drives me wild. When he eats m e out, buries it in me. It drives me nuts. I shove his head farther into me. His tongue digs deep into me, and I cum. I cum all over his face. All the while I have been moaning and saying his name. Little do I know . . . it is fixing to get much better.

He comes up for air and says “Do you like that my little whore?” We have recently discovered talking dirty and we are enjoying it a lot.

“Do you like that my little whore?”

“Yes, Daddy, yes please don’t stop!”

“You want more my little bitch?”

“Yes, don’t stop, fuck me PLEASE!”

“Not yet, I’m not done with you.”

With that he buries his head between my legs again this time nibbling at my clit. I’m too busy with this pleasure to notice that he has removed one of his hands from its place on my hip. All the sudden he buries two strong fingers in my tight pussy. I gasp as my hips buck and he looks at me as if to say “Let’s see how you like this.” He knows how much I love him to finger-fuck me. I love being eaten out too. Now he is doing both at the same time, and I am just beside myself. In minutes I am moaning. çankaya escort He takes this as a good sign and goes faster and nibbles harder. I start screaming. I mean really screaming. My mind gets a bit fuzzy here because I am enjoying all of this so much. “Oh Andrew, Oh Andrew, Oh God, OH MY GOD!” All the while I am bucking my hips and outright yelling. So loud I scare birds outside. I feel my orgasm start to ripple through me and I shove my hips closer to his face and grab his hair to push him deeper in me. As my orgasm rips through me, I scream and squirt my juices all over his face. I fall back onto the seat. He removes his fingers and spreads my thick cum all over both of us because believe me, there is enough.

“You like that, bitch? Good! I’m not letting you down yet.”

With that, he slides his long hard dick into me and starts to fuck me. I’m weak and I can’t feel my hands, but damn this feels good. I ask him to go faster and he says “No, my sweet little sex-puppet. You’re MY graduation present. We will do this at my pace.” He then changes gears a little and says “I love you baby, I don’t want to rush this. I want to show my love to you.” After that he kissed me sweetly and long and I can smell my smell on him. We both love the smell of my cum. With his kiss, I am contented.

He slowly slides in and out of me and the wraps his strong arms around my neck and holds on tight. He starts going faster and I hold on tight as well. He is now slamming into me. It feels so good to have him on top of me.

“Can I cum, let me cum baby!”

“Yes, cum inside me, spill ankara escort your hot seed into me. I’m cuming too!”

I feel him explode inside me and he falls on me and pulls out. Both our cum comes shooting out of me as I squirt it everywhere, and we kiss long and deep. Both of us are content with our best sexual adventure thus far. We then get dressed and go to his house.

We get there with intentions of going straight to bed, but it doesn’t exactly happen. We sneak into his house and into his room to change our clothes. We then decide to fuck one last time for the night. I think we have thrill issues since his whole family was there. We know we can’t do it on his bed because it makes too much noise. So he gets behind me and slides down my pants. I love when we fuck like this for some reason. It’s just a lot of fun. He slides easily into my still-wet pussy. He starts fucking me hard but saves his cum. He lies down on his bed to catch his breath and I decide to return a fun favor.

His penis is still outside his boxers so I kiss it, which incites a moan. He’s been teasing me for days now about moaning. I do it a lot. I’m a screamer. He also knows how much I love to hear him moan. So to get me aroused on the phone he will moan. Loudly, erotically, calling my name. And they all sound so good and so real. I feel so silly sometimes, because I know they aren’t real, but hey turn me on so much. Anyway, he’s moaning for real now.

“Oh Stephenie, Oh Baby, Oh my cum-guzzling little bitch, keep going!”

I do. I suck and nibble and lick until he explodes in my mouth. Being the good little girlfriend I am, I let him watch me swallow it. I love it though. Some girls don’t, well they are crazy! I love it. He then pulls me into his arms and cuddles with me until we decide we better get into bed before we fall asleep and get ourselves in trouble. One last kiss ends our wild night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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