What I Would Do To You…

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So here is my erotic fantasy of me and you. You don’t have to read all of it, because it’s kind of long…you don’t have to read any of it if you don’t want to, but I had a great time writing it:

We are both chilling, just the two of us, drinkin, smokin, listening to music, arguing a little. You are standing in front of a table. I pick you up and sit you down on the edge of the table and I give you one of those wet tongue kisses that instantly makes both of us really horny.

Then, you tell me that you are not wearing any panties. You are wearing a skirt, so I reach underneath it and I feel your soft, smooth pussy with my fingers. I give you another kinky kiss as I begin to rub your pussy, and I feel you start to get wet. You can feel my hard dick rubbing against your thighs through my pants as I continue to rub your pussy, and stick my finger inside it while kissing you.

Next, I spread your legs apart, and pull your left leg on top of the table, while your right leg is still down, so that it’s easy for me to get to your pussy. I kiss you one more time, then I give you a cigarette and tell you to smoke it. “Why?” You ask. “Just do it, it will turn me on I say.” So you put the cigarette in your mouth and I light it for you.

Then, I put my head down in between your legs as you take a drag from the cigarette, and I start to kiss your inner thighs, gradually yenimahalle escort getting closer and closer to your pussy..I can already smell the sweet aroma from it because of how wet you are. I start to kiss it gently, and breathe warm air onto it. Finally, I take my tongue and lick the surface of your pussy, and you let out a soft moan.

After licking the surface of your pussy for a few seconds I start licking your clit and sucking on it, then I stick my tongue in deeper, fucking your pussy with my tongue, and making out with your pussy like it was your mouth…you keep smoking the cigarette, looking sexy as hell in your skirt, with your legs spread apart, high heels on your feet and the cigarette in your hand. With my tongue deep in your pussy, I taste your sweet juices slowly flowing into my mouth, and the sweet flesh of your luscious pussy lips.

Finally, I pull away, you put out the cigarette and I tell you to stay on the table, but to lay down on it, upside down with your legs up against the wall, and your head on the edge of the table, where you were sitting, I stand up and you see my thick, hard cock over your face. You start licking the tip of it, and then you take it into your mouth, and suck on it, upside down. Your tongue feels so good against my hard dick and you can’t wait for it to be inside you. I take out a camera and eryaman escort take some pictures of my stiff dick in your sexy mouth. After awhile, I take it out, and you sit up, back in the position you were in when I was eating your pussy.

We have another passionate tongue kiss and you can still taste some of your pussy juice on my tongue. “Slide your dick inside me.” You say.

I pull my hips close to yours, and rub the surface of your pussy lips with my cock, looking for the hole. I find it, and because of how wet you are, I slide right inside. I love the feeling of how wet and warm your pussy is, and even though it is wet, it wraps around my cock tightly. You feel my hard, warm, thick cock fill your pussy, and rub against your clit.

I take out the camera again, and take a picture of your sexy, wet pussy lips swallowing my hard thick cock. I am slowly thrusting into you, pulling my dick in and out far enough that you can feel the tip of my dick rub against your clit each time. I look into your eyes as I slide my cock inside you, and I lick the tip of your tongue as your warm pussy juice soaks my dick. Your soft moans turn me on. “Your dick feels so good!” You tell me. “So does your pussy” I say. I begin to push my dick into you with all of my hips, and twist it around inside your pussy.

“Are you gonna give me a big load of cum?” ankara escort You ask. “Yeah, right in your pussy” I say. “That sounds so good, I wanna feel your cum inside me.” You reply.

“I want to make you cum too and get your pussy juice all over my dick.” I tell you.

We both look so sexy, fucking on that table…your sexy legs spread apart with my dick in between, your beautiful, curvy, womanly body up against my hard, straight chest. The sweet smell of sex is permeating the room.

“I think I’m gonna cum.” I tell you.

“Wait! I’m about to cum too!” You say.

I keep on thrusting my dick in and out of you, and the sound of your wet pussy juices each time I go in and out turns me on.

“I don’t know if I can wait, your pussy feels so fucking good!” I say. But you are almost there, you feel the tension building in your legs and your pussy, and you feel my hard dick throbbing inside you, suddenly, you feel an explosion of warm, wet, sticky cum flowing into your pussy, more than ever before…at that moment, your pussy contracts around my dick, your legs shake uncontrollably and you let out a vicious moan as your pussy explodes with pleasure, and your cum gets mixed in with mine. There is so much of it, it starts to leak down your thigh..I pull my dick out, but keep it close to your pussy and I take a picture of my hard dick next to your soft, open pussy, with my cum dripping out of you. After that, I lick the cum off your thigh.

We get up, stumbling the first few steps and then we get into bed naked, with my dick against your soft, smooth ass. We wake up in the middle of the night and I fuck you again, and cum inside your pussy again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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