What Do We Do for an Encore?

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Big Cock

Kara and I had been going to night school at the local university for several years in an attempt to get our masters degrees. A friend of ours, Robin, had been going through a messy divorce and had moved out on her husband. She was now living near the university. Her husband was a real prick and she was having a bad time since her kids had by choice stayed with him. Every Thursday evening after classes we would drop in on her and try to cheer her up and support her during this trying time.

This went on for almost a year and the three of us became closer and closer. One day Robin called and asked if Kara and I would come over and help her build a bookshelf for her apartment. She had all the tools we would need so after talking to Kara we decided there was no need for her to go along as there would be nothing for her to do while Robin and I worked on the bookcase. Off I went, in the after lunch, to help build a bookcase.

Robin had all the lumber and tools and had worked out a plan for the shelves. We cut and hammered and screwed (no not that, wood screws) till we had a pretty good looking bookcase. It was getting on toward supper time and I was getting ready to leave. Robin asked if I’d stay for supper and I told her Kara would be waiting for me. Robin said she would call Kara and ask her if it was OK if I stayed for supper. She did and when I talked to Kara she said we should give Robin all the support we could, so I stayed.

Robin cooked a light meal of stir fried veggies with a cheese topping. A bottle of a nice white wine was the perfect compliment to the veggies. We talked about what a fine job we did on the bookcase and how we could make it look even better with some scrollwork on the ends. We talked about college, jobs, the kids, music, dancing and a myriad of other things. As it approached eleven I decided I had better get home.

Robin walked me to the door and just stood there looking at me like her heart would break. I asked her what was wrong and she put her arms around me and held on for dear life. Tears were in her eyes and she just buried her face in my shoulder and sobbed.

“Robin what’s the problem?”

After several minutes she got control of herself and looked up at me. “Tim”, she said, “I love you.”

“I love you too Robin, so why the tears?”

“Kara is my best friend and I would never want you to cheat on her with me.”

“I guess that is a problem.” I said and gently kissed her cheek. Wrong move. (In retrospect it was just the right move.) She put her arms around my neck and kissed me like she would never kiss anyone again. Her tongue traced my lips and then probed into my mouth darting and swirling trying to devour my tongue and tonsils if she could.

When the kisses finally calmed I said, “Do you want me to stay?”

“No. Go home to Kara. She’s my best friend,” she said with the tears starting again. Then she said, “You and Kara come for supper tomorrow night. I’ll fix a special Italian meal.”

“We’ll be here at about six thirty”, I said giving her a quick kiss on the cheek.

When I arrived home Kara took one sniff of the perfume on my shirt and said, “OK, what happened? Did you fuck her?”

I told her the whole story and instead of being pissed off she was turned on. She wanted to know if I had played with Robin’s breasts and pussy, did she squeeze my cock and what did I plan to do next. I said nothing happened and I didn’t know what would happen next. Then I relayed the invite to supper. She grinned and said that was a great idea and that we would bring a few bottles of wine to go with the Italian meal.

When we went to bed Kara kept quizzing me about my encounter with Robin.

“Really Kara, nothing happened”, I said.

“Well then we’d better take care of that right now”, she said.

She slipped down on the bed till she could get my cock in her mouth. She pulled the foreskin up so it completely covered the head of my prick. As she nibbled the foreskin pre-cum started to seep out. Inside the foreskin my slippery knob was getting very hard. Holding my cock so the foreskin stayed over the head she slipped her tongue into the foreskin. She ran her tongue around and around between the foreskin and the head of my prick. She gave a gentle little blow every once in a while so the foreskin puffed up like a little balloon giving her tongue better access to my sensitive cock head and pee hole.

The feeling was unbelievable. My cock lengthened till the foreskin could no longer cover the esat escort whole head. As it slipped out of its sheath Kara sucked it into her mouth slipping the foreskin all the way back. My cock slid down her throat as she increased the suction.

I lifted her hips and positioned her pussy over my mouth. My tongue ran from her clit to her asshole while she sucked and fucked my cock with her mouth. She was beginning to gasp and moan as I continued to suck and lick her pussy and asshole.

“Lick faster…stick your tongue in…fast and hard …don’t stop …more … make me come on your tongue…oh, wowww…oh, god I love you and your big fucking cock and tongue.”

By now we were both out of control. I shifted her off my face and slipped two fingers into her pussy and another into her ass. My thumb landed on her clit and started a slow circular motion. The end was near for both of us. I was finger fucking her ass and pussy while she face fucked my cock. Suddenly she stiffened and began to moan around my cock. She shuddered into her orgasm, and screamed, “Yes, finger fuck me deep up my pussy and ass”, and tried to swallow my cock. I pushed my pecker as far down her throat as I could and began to pump gob after gob of cum deep into her. She kept swallowing to keep from gagging. Her throat muscles kept massaging my cock. The more she swallowed the more cum I pumped out of my tightening balls. Finally, spent we went fell asleep tightly holding each other.

The next evening we arrived at Robin’s at six thirty and started the evening with a round of margaritas. Each one had at least a double shot of tequila in it with a slice of lime and salt around the rim of the glass. At about eight Robin said supper was ready and we sat down to a wonderful meal of homemade manicotti with a green salad, bread and of course the wine we brought.

After supper we sat in the living room, me in an overstuffed chair and Kara and Robin on the sofa opposite me. We talked and joked with each other till suddenly Robin said, “Lets go fly a kite.”

“Fly a what?” I said.

“A kite. You should always fly a kite when you’re happy and I’m as happy as I’ve been in a lot of months.”

Kara said, “It’s a little late at night for kite flying, so instead, Tim, why don’t you kiss Robin?”

“She’s over there with you. Why don’t you kiss her yourself?” I said.

“Noooo, that’s no fun, come over here and kiss her.”

Robin was looking at us not quite believing what Kara was suggesting.

The next move was mine so I walked over to the sofa and sat down next to Robin who was now between Kara and me still looking a little bewildered. I kissed her lightly on the lips and she sighed and relaxed.

“Now it’s your turn”, I said to Kara as I leaned back with my arm around Robin.

“My turn for what?” Kara asked with a wicked gleam in her eyes.

“You’re a big girl, figure it out.” I said as Robin turned to look at Kara.

Kara slowly turned and placed her hand gently on Robin’s cheek and stroked it and her lips with her fingertips. As Kara continued the stroking Robin moved her head around so Kara’s touch was in just the right places. She was beginning to let out little sounds of pleasure from deep in her throat. Finally Kara bent down and kissed Robin on the lips Robin went limp and moaned with pleasure as she hugged Kara.

When Kara broke off the kiss I took her place. This time I probed with my tongue and was welcomed into her garlic and wine flavored mouth. My hand took Robin’s and moved to her breast giving her a chance to push my hand away if she wanted to. Instead she pressed my hand over her breast and sucked on my tongue till I thought she was trying to swallow it.

Not wanting to leave Kara out of the action I reached over and took her hand and placed it on Robin’s other breast. She massages and petted it and then reached out with her free hand and began to massage both of Robin’s breasts. Now I had both hands free and needed a place for at least one of them. I soon found the place. Between Robin’s legs on the material of her tight jeans. I let my fingers just barely touch the fabric as I traced her cunt through the jeans

While I was working on her pussy Kara had gotten her hand under Robin’s sweater and was working on her bare tit. Not to be outdone I slipped my hand under and began to pinch and roll her nipple till it was hard and erect, about an inch long. Robin had her eyes closed and was still making the little noises deep etimesgut escort in her throat. She began to move her hips so she was dry fucking my hand. Soon it was not such a dry fuck as the crotch of her jeans began to show a wet spot and get slippery from her now freely flowing cunt. I undid her belt and buttons and ran my fingers over the sheer panties she was wearing pressing the soaked material between her cunt lips.

“Is your bed big enough for the three of us?” I asked.

Robin looked at Kara and said, “I don’t want to loose you as a friend.”

“Don’t worry about that, you won’t.” Kara answered and we adjourned to the bedroom.

Kara and I stripped and lay down on Robin’s queen size bed.

“I’ll be there in just a minute, I want to wash up.” said Robin.

Robin came in and crawled into bed between Kara and me. She looked over at Kara and said, “I want to make love with Tim, is that OK with you? I really love him.”

Kara answered, “I know you love him and I know I love Tim and you so yes, it’s OK.”

Robin began to slide down in the bed so she could give me a blow job. I stopped her saying, “Not yet, let me do you and get your pussy all hot and ready for a good fuck.”

“No, I want to do your cock. Oh, god I love to suck cock and rub it all over my lips. My lips are so sensitive when I’m excited I can even cum just by sucking cock. A good big cock in my mouth now would make me cum without even getting fucked.” said Robin.

I moved her away from my cock and laid her back on the bed. I began to play with her tits tickling them and rolling her nipples between my fingers. Kara rolled toward us and began to lick and suck Robin’s titties while she rubbed her slippery shaved pussy lips on Robin’s thigh. Robin started to moan and press Kara’s head to her tit so more of it went into Kara’s sucking mouth.

Slowly, kissing all the way, I moved down Robin’s body stopping at her belly button for a lick and a suck. When I reached her pussy I stopped and blew a stream of hot breath over her moist swollen lips. Her clit was just peeking out from between the folds of her cunt. She opened her legs so the warm breath could fall on her sensitive inner lips and now fully erect clit. Her clit looked like a small penis peeking out from its hood. It was just about an inch and a half long and as big around as a pencil eraser.

As I kissed her thighs and across her lower belly. Robin pulled her legs back with her hands so her pussy was spread wide and her little rosebud asshole was fully exposed. I started to kiss and lick her outer lips and down toward her ass. She began rocking her hips up and down so while I held my tongue still she massaged her ass and pussy on it. Juices were flowing and she was slick and hot. Kara was working her way down from Robin’s titties toward her belly button. The little sounds of pleasure became loud moans and pleadings.

“Fuck me Tim…please…I haven’t been fucked in months…lick meeee…don’t stop…lick my ass…oh, god…so good…fuck me…bury your big prick in me…make me cum….please…please…do it…NOWWW…fuck my asshole.

That was all I needed to hear. My cock pressed her backdoor as she continued to pull her legs back and moan and babble. As I stopped tonguing her pussy Kara slid down and took over the chore.

My cock slid into the slick channel for about four inches, then I stopped to give Robin a chance to adjust to the intrusion.

“Noooo…don’t stop now, shove it all the way in…fuck my ass deep and hard…I want to cummm… I’ve got to cum or I’ll explode”

Her butt hole was pulsing around my shaft and I thought I was about to loose it. Kara sensing my plight reached down and squeezed my balls hard so I wouldn’t cum. She said, ‘Tell me when you’re going to cum. I want to try something.”

Robin was humping up and down in an attempt to get more cock into her ass. Kara was licking and sucking her clit and sticking her tongue into Robin’s pussy. My cock slid all the way in and then all the way out till Robin’s empty asshole stayed wide-open waiting for the return of my nine by three-inch prick. Each time I pulled out she screamed, “Put it back in.” More juices and saliva ran into her asshole so it was slick as owl shit on a wet branch.

Robin was going nuts with all the attention her sex-starved body was getting from the two of us. She kept up a constant drone pleading for us to bring her to a climax. “Oh…shit…do it…deep…more…lick…suck…fuck…all ankara escort the way up my ass…deep damn it, deeeepeerrrrr…make me cum…god, my pussy’s so hot…suck my clit…I need to cum soon or my clit will pop.”

Then silence, except for a slurping sound. Kara had maneuvered so she was straddling Robin’s head and Robin was now moaning and lapping her pussy and clit. Robin bounced around on the bed while the fucking and sucking continued. My cock was getting fuller and fuller and I was about to blow a load up Robin’s ass.

“Any minute now…I can’t last much longer.” I said to Kara.

Kara looked at my cock, saw it was beginning to pulse and pulled it out of Robin’s asshole and began to jerk it off into her mouth. As I came spurt after spurt filled her mouth. She sucked and jerked till I was dry and wilting. Then she leaned down and dribbled the load of cum into and onto Robin’s spread and gapping pussy and asshole. She licked and prodded with her tongue till all the cum had disappeared into Robin’s cunt and rosebud.

That did it. Robin went wild. She pushed her fist into Kara’s steaming pussy and made a dive for my deflating pecker. She sucked my cock down her throat and began to swallow saliva around it. Within a few seconds she was gagging as my cock began to swell back to its full nine inches. Pulling her mouth off my rod she managed to impale her pussy on it. As soon as she was well seated on my cock with cum and saliva leaking out around it she leaned over and started to manipulate Kara’s clit with her tongue. Her fist worked in and out of Kara’s cunt.

Kara went limp moaning and began to pee all over Robin’s hand while orgasm after orgasm racked her body. Robin started to pump my cock in and out of her cunt becoming more excited with each thrust. At last she slowed her thrusts and let a trickle of pee run down over my balls. Then she started pumping again.

Her orgasms started and she let go with a full stream of hot pee. “Do it”, she wailed, “pee in my pussy while I fuck you.”

“Stop for a second”, I said. “I need to relax my cock a little so I can start the pee coming.” She slowed her hips and stayed still till I was able to feel a trickle starting through my pecker. She felt it too and was moved to even faster harder thrusting. Another orgasm hit her as my pee let go full force into her cunt. Now we were all pissing on each other. One by one, still cuming, we pissed and came to another spectacular orgasm.

After some clean up and a glass of wine Robin and Kara began to fist fuck each other asses. I moved between them feeding cock to one mouth and then to the other.

Robin was becoming frantic. “Please let me keep your cock in my mouth. I need a cock in my mouth to come while she fists my ass…oh pleeese let me have it…rub it on my lips…jerk it off so I can taste your cum….lord, Kara, shove that fist up my ass… twist it around in there.” Robin was about to explode. She took her clit between her fingers and pulled on it. She began to jerk it off like it was a little cock and in seconds she was screaming into her third or fourth orgasm trapping Kara’s fist deep in her ass.

Kara slowly removed Robin’s fist from her ass and placed Robin’s fingers in her pussy while the thumb tweaked across her hard clit. “Fist my pussy…press my clit…rub it…hard…oh shit fist fuck my cunt…put it in as far as you can… rub my G-spot…tickle it…ooooohhhhhh…more….fist it deep…in and out…fast…make my pussy cum. God, my G-spot is all swollen and hard. Rub it…pinch it…I’m going to come on your fist. Oh, yes…don’t stop…ooohhhh, god that’s great. ” Kara shock with another orgasm and collapsed on top of me.

Robin recovered first and kept sucking my cock and pushing her tongue under my foreskin. She sucked the foreskin over the tip of my cock and grabbed it with her teeth. She trapped the head inside the foreskin. Pulling with her teeth she stretched the skin past the tip of my cock. Her fingers grabbed the shin she was holding with her teeth and squeezed it closed. With her other hand she began to jerk me off. That was too much and I started to cum jet after jet but it was all trapped inside the pinched closed foreskin. When I was almost done cuming she took the foreskin between her lips and pushed it down my shaft sucking all the trapped cum into her mouth. At last, after a final giant spurt into Robin’s mouth, I was spent. All I wanted was to lie back and watch the Robin and Kara show and try to figure out what we would do the next time.

I just about had it worked out when Robin came over, French kissed me and dumped her mouth full of cum into my mouth. What a great night cap.

We need to work at topping that night but we’ll certainly try.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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