The Private Investigator

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Darkness begins to fall outside the window as Hunter Hawkins shuts down his computer. Hunter is a private investigator and has put in a full days work finding and tracking information for clients. He had just finished his report and his thoughts now turned to recreation and relaxation.

As Hunter looks up two of his fellow investigators, Dave and JB, are on their way out the door. Hunter wonders where they might be headed. With those two there would be no surprises. The only thing either of them thought about was the next piece of pussy. From the gossip around the office they both got more than their share. Hunter had wondered if the stories were just that, stories, or if the pair really was as active as rumored.

As if reading Hunter’s mind Dave leans across the desk and teases Hunter, “Hey fella, you going to search the porn sites tonight or would you like to travel with us and find the real thing?”

Hunter is slightly embarrassed about this banter but his curiosity is peaked. It’s not just his curiosity that has peaked but also his dick. It has been hard for the last hour or so. It all started because of a case he was working on. The case involved following a suspected unfaithful wife. The husband had hired Hunter to prove this woman’s infidelity. Hunter had spent the last several days watching and recording the woman’s whereabouts.

During the surveillance this afternoon Hunter had followed the woman to a downtown parking garage. She was met at the garage by what turned out to be her latest conquest and they had proceeded to engage in some heavy petting in the back seat of a car. Hunter wasn’t sure how far things had gotten but he sure had some graphic pictures of tit sucking and blow jobs. These photos would verify his client’s fear of the wife’s betrayal.

All this voyeurism had given Hunter a hard on that wouldn’t go away. He had watched as the young man had removed the spaghetti straps of the wife’s top, exposing her large breasts. The view was fleeting because the man immediately bent over and began sucking the nipple of one breast while twirling the other nipple between his fingertips.

Hunter had continued watching and taking pictures as the couple reversed positions and the woman helped the young man undo the buttons of his jeans. Once the jeans were open she freed the massive package this man possessed. Hunter had immediately felt a twinge of jealousy upon seeing the rod this man was endowed with. The jealousy escalated as the woman inserted this shaft into her mouth and began the up and down movements of a standard blow job.

During this time Hunter had felt his own tool beginning to harden. He had thought of undoing his pants and jerking off while watching the couple in the car. He had immediately pushed that thought away knowing that behavior was unethical of a private investigator.

Hunter believed he had enough evidence to supply to his client and he had returned to his office to file his report and set a meeting with the husband. He would turn over the pictures taken that afternoon and his work on this case would be done.

Dave and JB were heading out the door as Hunter made up his mind to accompany the two playboys on their rounds tonight.

“Where’s the real thing going to be tonight?” Hunter inquired. Dave turned around with a somewhat surprised look on his face. Hunter had always refused the invitations before. Dave wondered what had persuaded Hunter to change his mind.

Hunter shut his laptop and started towards the door. Dave noticed the bulge of a boner in Hunter’s pants and understood why the sudden change of mind. Hunter needed the real thing tonight.

Dave and JB exchanged glances and in unison said, “The Vue.” The Vue was the largest night club in town. It was also known as the easiest place to get laid. Many times it had happened in the bar bathroom or outside parking lot.

As the trio headed out the door Hunter agreed to meet them there. During the drive across town Hunter began to wish his dick would quit throbbing. He didn’t want to appear desperate arriving at the club with a hard on.

The drive to The Vue was about thirty minutes from the office and about ten minutes into the ride Hunter realized his hard on was not going to go away by itself. He was going to have to help it. Hunter pulled the van into a parking lot at a major discount store. The van was used for surveillance and had darkly tinted windows. Hunter assured himself that he could not be seen as he unbuttoned his fly. His member immediately sprang out of his pants begging to be stroked. Hunter began masturbating and thinking about the woman in the parking garage today. She had been extremely attractive and possessed a set of very large breasts. As Hunter continued stroking his penis the canlı bahis movement became more rapid with a trace of anguish. It was the moment just before orgasm. Hunter stopped the fondling long enough to find a discarded McDonald’s napkin to catch the ejaculation.

A dozen more strokes and semen started flowing into the napkin Hunter had wadded up on the head of his penis. Waves of orgasm overcame Hunter as the stroking intensified. Hunter’s fist tighten on the shaft of his penis and with two long, hard passes up and down the shaft the process was complete. Hunter used the edge of the napkin to wipe the head of his penis and reminded himself to add tissue to his list of car supplies. If he was going to resort to jerking off in the car he needed something softer than napkins to clean up with.

He had used masturbation as a remedy for a hard on but not in a parking lot on his way to a club. There had been something about the woman in the parking garage that had affected his loins. He had been on many surveillance cases and had witnessed copulation before so he was a little confused about why this particular afternoon had the effect on him that it had. Even now as he thought about the show he had seen in the garage his dick started to twitch.

Hunter started the van and continued on his journey. As he flowed into traffic his thoughts turned to the woman again. Hunter forced himself to think of something other than that woman in the parking garage. The harder he tried to think of something else the clearer the vision of her breasts and her mouth on that man’s cock became. Hunter’s dick was hard again. He guessed he would just have to appear desperate because he wasn’t stopping to jerk off again. The next time he came it was going to be with a pussy not his fist.

The rest of the drive was slightly uncomfortable as his penis continued to throb and twitch. The parking lot of The Vue was already filling up. Hunter found an empty parking spot and pulled the van in. He readjusted his jeans to make his dick more comfortable and less conspicuous. The throbbing in his cock had become less annoying and his thoughts had turned to having fun tonight.

He had resolved himself to the fact that he would be content with having fun not necessarily getting laid. Laid would be nice but he would settle for fun. As Hunter opened the door to the van he noticed three women getting out of the car in front of him. The two that had been in the front seat were already out of the car and waiting for the one woman remaining in the back seat. Hunter could hear their conversation and the two women waiting were teasing the one in the back seat.

“Nora, your boobs are busting out of that shirt. I wish I had been so gifted,” kids one of the women. As she says this she looks up to notice Hunter sitting in the van. She appears slightly embarrassed knowing that Hunter had just heard her comment.

“Come on let’s hurry,” she says.

“I’m trying to get this nipple covered,” explains the woman in the back seat. She then slides out of the car and stands up with her back to Hunter. She notices her friends looking behind her and she turns to see what her acquaintances are gazing at. As she turns to face Hunter his dick almost explodes. It’s the woman from the parking garage this afternoon. The woman he had just fantasized about while jerking off.

Hunter didn’t know if he considered this good luck or bad luck. The woman smiled at Hunter and appeared to be flushed. Hunter wondered if it was embarrassment or a glow from the afternoon activities in the garage. She then turned and hurried to catch up with her friends. Hunter knew he was a good investigator and that the woman would not know she had been followed the last several days. She also would not know Hunter had witnessed her sucking on a man’s cock and had jerked off twenty minutes ago thinking about it.

The three women continued through the parking lot to the front door of the club. Hunter continued watching them and contemplating about whether or not he should continue on with his plans to go into the club. He rationalized that it was a big club and the chances of running into her in there were slim. This unexpected event had caused his dick to swell even more and now he hoped The Vue would live up to its reputation and that he could relieve the throbbing in his crotch by some means other than masturbation.

As Hunter got out of the van he noticed Dave and JB leaning on the wall waiting. JB noticed Hunter first and nudged Dave.

“We thought you might have backed out on us,” Dave started.

“I don’t think that’s an option tonight,” Hunter replied.

At this statement Dave glanced down at the front of Hunter’s jeans.

“Whoa, Hunter, what caused you to grow in your pants like bahis siteleri that?” a mischievous Dave asks.

This exclamation causes JB to look at Hunter’s crotch.

“What a boner you’re packing. Why didn’t you do something about it before you got here?” JB responded to what he had just noticed.

“I did, in a parking lot of all places. Just got something on my mind that’s causing it to happen,” explained Hunter.

“From the looks of it you need a tight pussy on your dick, not something on your mind and none of us are going to get that standing out here talking about it. Come on let’s go inside and get started on a pussy hunt,” Dave announces.

The three head through the front door and immediately are hit with blaring music, cigarette smoke, and the noise of a crowded room. The trio are met at the entrance by the doorman and asked for ID’s and 5 dollars each for a cover charge. They all divvy up what’s asked for and continue in. The club is dark except for the neon lights advertising beer and a blue line of light suspended through out the club. Dave immediately works his way to the bar and orders a drink and begins talking to a blonde sitting at the end of the bar. JB is loudly greeted by two women that he had met there several nights before and the three of them start searching for an empty table. Hunter is left standing there wondering how those two do it. He thinks to himself, “Not even in the place 5 minutes and already working on their mission to get laid.”

Hunter decides a beer is a good thing to hunt for and resolves to get one at a bar upstairs. As he turns to head up the stairs he is face to face with the woman from the parking garage. He immediately becomes aware of the endless hard on he has possessed since watching the couple in the parking garage.

“Hello, I’m Nora. I’d like to apologize for what happened in the parking lot,” she begins. “I know you heard us talking about my shirt and I’m sorry you had to hear that.”

Hunter is immediately hit by what an ironic statement this woman has just made. If she only knew what he had seen her doing this afternoon in the parking garage she would think what happened out in the parking lot as inconsequential.

“Don’t worry about. It was nothing,” Hunter stammers. By now he could smell the lavender perfume this woman was wearing. He could also think of nothing but watching her perform oral sex on some man this afternoon. All of his efforts earlier to rid himself of this hard on were now fruitless. He could feel the moisture begin to seep out of his dick and soak into the front of his jeans.

“Can I buy you a beer and call it even?” Nora asks.

Hunter explains that he had been on his way upstairs to get just that. He hoped it was as dark upstairs as it was downstairs and maybe the stain on his jeans would not be visible.

Nora leads the way upstairs. Hunter follows with his eyes riveted on Nora’s ass. She sways back and forth slightly. This movement reminds Hunter of the up and down motion Nora had used on the man’s dick in the garage. If he got nothing else out of the evening Hunter now had plenty of fantasy material.

The couple made their way to the bar and Nora ordered two beers. She paid the bartender and turned to hand one of the beers to Hunter. As she turned she brushed her breast against Hunter’s arm. Hunter would have liked to believe it was a deliberate act but he forced himself to deem it as entirely an accident.

Nora spotted a small table towards the back of the room. She motioned Hunter to follow her as she headed towards it. They sat side by side with their backs to the wall. It was quieter upstairs and slightly less crowded.

“Well you know my name, what’s yours?” Nora questions.

Hunter immediately wanted to fabricate a name in answer to her question. Any name other than his own. There was something about this woman that unsettled him. Maybe it was the knowledge of what she had done this afternoon, maybe it was the fact he was very attracted to her. His instincts told him he couldn’t let her know too much but he also knew that a hesitation would tip her off to the lie.

“Hunter,” he answers.

“As in bounty hunter?” Nora responds.

Hunter swallowed hard to keep from spitting beer on the table. If she only knew how close she had come to guessing his profession.

“Yes, as in bounty hunter,” he responds.

Nora lifts her beer to drink, dropping the coaster to the floor. As Hunter reaches to retrieve it Nora runs her nails along the side of Hunter’s neck. This small gesture affects Hunter in numerous ways. The chill it gives him was second only to the pounding in his dick that it produced. Hunter sat up in his chair and looked at Nora. He tried to read what was in her eyes but all he could see bahis şirketleri was the tip of her tongue as she slowly ran it across her top teeth. The next thing Hunter knew her luscious mouth was inches from his and those nails were gliding slowly up the inseam of his jeans.

Panic started to hit Hunter. Not only was he embarrassed by the wetness on the front of his jeans but this woman was his client’s wife. The panic settled down as her fingers inched closer to the lump in his pants. Her mouth had now landed on his and the tongue that had run across her teeth was searching for a mate in Hunter’s mouth.

Hunter remembered watching as the man in the parking lot had settled his mouth on the nipple of one breast and Hunter longed to do the same thing. Hunter disengaged his tongue from hers and gently ran his tongue along Nora’s sleek neck. He made his way to the vee in the neckline of her shirt, as he did this Nora had found her way to the buttons on his jeans. Hunter regretfully stops her exploration.

“We can’t do this so exposed,” moaned Hunter, as he looked around to see who had witness this episode. Hunter noticed a closet in the corner of the room and motions towards it.

“How about there?” he asks.

Nora looks around the room, nods and starts towards the door. Hunter gets to his feet and follows. The bulge in his pants has become unbearable and Hunter could hardly wait to find a release. When they enter the closet they find that it contains absolutely nothing. Hunter realizes that the reputation of The Vue as a place for sex is a reputation rightfully earned. When they enter the closet Nora wastes no time accessing Hunter’s bulge. Hunter knows that it will only take one or two strokes of Nora’s soft hand to cause an eruption from his dick. He tries to dissuade Nora from stroking his penis but she persists in pulling it out from the constraints of his jeans. Just as Hunter feared, the smooth touch of Nora’s hand on the underside of his penis along with the gentle squeezing of his scrotum brings about Hunter’s second ejaculation in less that an hour. Semen erupts in waves as the release Hunter was seeking is found. Moments elapse as Hunter tries to slow his breathing and regain some composure.

Hunter remembers his vision of sucking on Nora’s nipple and frees first one breast and then the other. He leans over clamping his mouth on the much desired breast and begins gently sucking. In response to the subtle sucking Nora starts to moan softly and guides Hunter’s hand to the mound of her privates. Hunter unfastens Nora’s pant and glides his hand along the rise of her pubis searching for the wetness he expects to find. He is not disappointed as his fingers glide through the folds of Nora’s pussy. The wetness engulfs Hunter’s fingers as he searches for the node of Nora’s clitoris and begins rubbing it in a circular motion.

The exploration of Hunter’s fingers causes Nora’s hips to gyrate in rhythm to the circles being traced through the dampness. Nora gasps as one of Hunter’s fingers finds its way up the canal of her vagina. Hunter begins moving his finger in and out with the same rhythm he remembers Nora using while sucking on the man’s cock in the parking garage. This in and out motion has Nora on the brink of orgasm. She is pushed over the edge as Hunter inserts one more finger into her hole and attaches his mouth to her breast. This time the sucking is not quite as gentle as before and Hunter feels the tightening of the walls of Nora’s pussy as she begins her climax. The strength of those muscles hold Hunter’s fingers immobile for several seconds as Nora experiences the waves of her orgasm.

Hunter removes his fingers from Nora’s orifice and raises them to his nostrils. The aroma of Nora’s sex assaults his senses and he realizes that his dick has become hard again. He guides Nora to her knees in front of him and gently inserts his penis into her waiting mouth. Nora begins the same movement that Hunter’s fingers had achieved moments ago. The image of Nora sucking that man’s dick in the parking garage explodes in Hunter’s mind, just as his dick explodes in Nora’s mouth. Nora swallows fast to keep from loosing the results of Hunter’s detonation.

Hunter helps Nora to her feet and arranges her shirt to cover her breasts

“I can see why you were having so much trouble covering your nipple with that shirt,” Hunter teases.

Nora reaches to open the door of the closet and the two of them step out into the bar. Hunter heads for the table that they had originally occupied only to see a man sitting there. Hunter hesitates but Nora continues to the table. As she reaches the table Hunter is immersed in a feeling of dread. The man sitting at the table was none other than the man from the parking garage.

Nora looks over at Hunter with an accomplished smile.

“I would hope that any evidence you recorded this afternoon would disappear because, private investigator, you just got through investigating my privates,” chirped Nora.

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