The Garden Shed Ch. 02

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All persons engaged in sexual activity in this story, are over 18 years of age.

This story took place in the 1970s in the United Kingdom when the ‘World Wide Web’ or Internet as it is known today, was barely an infant and not available to private individuals. As for mobile phones, they were only at an experimental stage. This meant that knowledge of sex was gleaned mostly by chats with ‘experienced’ friends or looking at adult magazines aka Playboy, Penthouse, Hustler and so on.

Boys and girls were nowhere near as mature or knowledgeable about sex at age 18 compared to many of today’s 14 or 15 year olds, thanks mainly to the multitude of internet ‘information’ that can now be accessed by anyone that can type ‘sex’ into a search engine.

All of this is to set the scene for you, to make you aware that in the 1970s, unlike the present, many boys and girls at age 18 were considerably naïve when it came to real sexual encounters.


The last two days had been a bit weird with my sister Sue after our little ‘unintentional interlude’ on Wednesday afternoon, in what I had come to regard as ‘my’ shed. From accidentally catching me reading ‘adult magazines’ in there, she had threatened and then persuaded me, to let her see and hold my cock, while in return, I had seen, and felt up, her bare tits. The ‘cock holding’ had turned to stroking and eventually, although not intentionally, led to her making me cum and covering her shocked face and her breasts with my sperm. I had used those memories of her stroking my cock and the images of her firm breasts for numerous wanks over the last few days. In fact, my cock was becoming a little tender from all the attention I had been giving it.

Sue hadn’t spoken much to me since then but had given me odd looks from time to time and Mom had picked up on it, asking if we had had an argument or something, so things were a bit awkward.

I wondered if, with hindsight, she wished it hadn’t happened and perhaps wanted to just forget it.

I was in two minds. On the one hand it had been an unexpected and erotic experience that was still giving me fuel for great orgasms, but on the other hand, it was my sister, we shouldn’t have gone so far and I didn’t want it to affect our normal relationship.

After she came home from her work in the hair salon on Friday evening, I managed to catch her alone in the kitchen area preparing some vegetables for our evening meal. Mom had asked her to do this as she was going to be a little later than usual. I could hear Dad in the bathroom upstairs.

I sidled up beside her at the sink, “Is emmmm.. everything ok Sue?” I asked quietly.

She didn’t look at me, “Yes, I think so,” she replied.

“You only ‘think’ so, what does that mean?”

“I have been waiting for you to say something…you know, about what we did, it’s been on my mind, but you didn’t.”

“Oh, well I kinda thought… you…errr.. might want to forget it,” I said.

“Do you Ben?”

“Do I what?”

“Want to forget it,” she said, in an exasperated voice.

“I don’t think I can, easily, it was…uh, a bit ….emmm, exciting I thought,” keeping my voice low, “what about you?”

“I thought it was too, and I keep thinking about it but….”

“I know what you are going to say, we shouldn’t be doing it, is that it?”

“In part,” she turned to look at me with those big brown eyes, and started to blush, “but….well…I didn’t know if you might want to …do something again …or not.”

I felt my cock begin to swell at the thought of doing something more with her, but it was risky.

“Does it emmm.. make you feel tingly just talking about it now Sue?”

“It does a bit,” she whispered, turning away and starting to peel the vegetables again, but there was a slight tremor in her hands.

She carried on peeling and chopping even when I put my hand on her back and gently massaged it. I felt her bra strap under her top as I ran my fingers down and up. She stopped then and rested her hands on the front of the sink.

“Mmmm that’s nice Ben,” she said quietly.

After what was probably only a minute or two, I had established a route all over her back and shoulders with my hand. Just the act of touching her like this had my cock reaching almost full erection in my shorts. I became bolder and let my hand drift down over her short skirt. She allowed me one feel of her skirt clad, tight bottom.

“No, stop Ben, we can’t do that here, Dad will be down in a minute and Mom is due soon,” she admonished me, turning and moving sideways, so my hand fell away.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I just got carried away, it’s just it’s so nice, just touching you.”

“Yes, and I liked it too, but we can’t.” She looked down at my bulge, “And I think you need to go do something with that before they are here,” she said, a little grin creeping onto her flushed face.

Just then we heard the toilet flush and the bathroom door open upstairs.

I didn’t want to bump into Dad on the stairs with my erection tenting my shorts, so I cebeci escort started to head for the garden until it had subsided.

“Ben,” Sue whispered, just loud enough for me to hear, “I may have to check if you are studying in your shed on Sunday, when they’ve gone visiting grandma.”

I knew it was going to take a little longer for my erection subside now, but I also knew everything was ok between us.


I did some work on tidying the garden and mowing the grass to keep me occupied on Saturday, as the day seemed to drag on and on. The thought of what might happen on Sunday with Sue kept going through my mind and I had to find some privacy for at least one wank. I didn’t see much of Sue on Saturday as she worked all day and then went out with friends in the evening.

On Sunday, instead of the usual roast lunch, we had a simple meal as Mom and Dad wanted to leave around 2pm to visit our elderly grandma some distance away. I kept meeting Sue’s eyes over the table and she demurely looked away quickly each time.

“I don’t know what’s up with you two,” Mom said, looking at each of us in turn, “whatever has gone on between you, you need to sort it out. We won’t be back until this evening, so you had better behave while we’re away and please don’t annoy the neighbours with loud music or anything. Is that clear?”

“Yes Mom,” we said, almost in unison.

“Ok,” she said, “getting up from the table, “don’t forget to do the dishes and we’ll see you later.”

We cleared the table and Sue washed while I dried the few plates and dishes, then put them away.

We heard the car drive away just as we had finished.

It was another warm day and I was only wearing a tee shirt and loose shorts. I noticed Sue was wearing a light summer top and a sort of flared skirt that came to just above her knees. It too was loose and swished about as she walked. She was as usual in sandals with bare tanned legs.

We were both a bit shy and awkward around each other now that we were alone, and both of us were reticent to bring up the subject that was on both of our minds.

After we had exhausted any tidying that we could do, Sue eventually said, “I am going to my room for a while to sort out some laundry, what are you going to do, go to your shed as usual?”

“Emm yes, I guess so, I have a few things to fix,” I said, playing the game.

I went off to my shed, leaving Sue to do whatever she was going to do and wondering if anything was going to happen between us, or had she had some second thoughts.

For about a half hour, I had been in my shed tinkering with an old clock that didn’t work, gradually taking it apart and trying to see what was wrong. I must admit that I had got engrossed and was sure by now that my sister had found something of her own to occupy herself.

I was slightly startled out of my concentration when I heard a couple of sharp taps on the window. I looked round and saw Sue’s face there. I went to the door and drew back the bolt that I use to keep it closed and opened the door.

“Hi there,” Sue said, “can I come in then or am I interrupting something?”

“Err….no, .. yes, of course,” I stuttered, surprised to see her.

She walked in and stood looking at the parts of the clock on the workbench.

“I see you’re doing something useful then,” she said, cheekily.

“Just seeing if I can fix it.”

“Last time I was here you were ‘fixing’ something else I think,” she grinned.

“Yeah, I guess,” I said, my face getting hot.

“Did you emmm.. give that mag back to your mate then?” she asked, now her turn to blush a little.

“I.. I haven’t had chance yet, but he has got lots, so he won’t mind,” I lied.

“I see,” she said, knowingly.

“Did you ummm… want another look then?” I asked.

“I’ve seen that one, do you think he might have lent you any others?”

“Well, he might have.”

“Let’s see what you’ve got then,” she insisted.

“What I’ve got?” I asked, stupidly.

“Yes, God, other mags, what did you think I meant.”

“Oh, sorry, right, if you really want to?”


I turned with my back to her, screening what I was doing. I opened the drawer and quickly lifted the false bottom and retrieved two of the magazines I had hidden there.

“Have a seat,” I said, indicating the armchair.

She sat down and I passed her the two magazines.

I watched her as she began to flick through the pages of the first one.

“Oh, these are mostly women with big breasts,” she said, “is that what gets you randy?” she asked.

“Emmmm, not really, it’s just that’s what they put in most of them, perhaps it’s popular, I don’t know.”

“What do you look at then?” she quizzed me.

“I just….like…well, to see them naked, I guess, their legs and hair down there and imagine things.”

“What things?” She looked up at me.

She was curious now, but as sexy as it was to be discussing this with a girl, it felt a bit odd that it was my sister cebeci escort bayan asking me these questions.

“I can’t really explain,” I tried.

“So, that’s what makes it get hard is it? she asked.

“Mostly,” I said, uncomfortable with this direct line of questioning. “What about you?”


“Yes, well you asked me, so does looking at those guy’s hard dicks make you feel randy?” I asked, wondering if she would tell me.

“Yeah I guess, some of them I suppose, I can imagine too you know,” she said.

“What do you imagine then?” I returned the question.

“All sorts of things, but you wouldn’t tell me about yours,” she retaliated.

“Are you feeling sexy now seeing them?”

“Yea I am a bit, looks like you might be too from what I can see.” she sniggered.

“Sorry, …it just happens, I can’t help it.”

My cock had grown with all this talk and through knowing my sister was getting excited looking through the photos.

“I think I like some of the stories and letters though more,” I said, trying to change the conversation.

“I haven’t got to them yet, what do they write about?”

“In the letters, they write about what they have done, you know, …with girlfriends and that. Some of them are quite descriptive, so I try to imagine what it might be like.” I opened up a bit.

“Oh really,” she said, “like..details…. and everything?”

“Yeah, pretty much all.”

“I want to read one if they are that good,” she said, “but would it be better if we shared one?”

“Shared one?” I asked, “how are we going to do that?”.

“Well… how about ummmm… you read one out and I’ll listen,” she suggested, “it might be more fun that way.”

“It’ll be too loud,” I told her, “it’s a sunny day, people may be out in their gardens, the last thing I want is all our neighbours listening in.”

She giggled, “It might do them some good, but you’re right. How about then…” she paused, “you come and sit here, I’ll sit on your lap, and you can read it quietly near my ear. That way only we will be able to hear. What do you think?”

My mind went into overdrive; she would be sitting on my lap, her legs on mine, my cock hard, her sitting on it, only a thin skirt on, she must feel it, OMG.

“We could errr… try it, like… see how it works, if you really want to.”

“Yeah, let’s see, we can just stop if it doesn’t work” she said, standing up.

I took her place, and she lowered herself down on me, slightly sideways, her legs to the right side of mine and her firm little bottom directly over my hard cock. She shuffled around a little until she was comfortable, which happened to be with my bulge between her legs, right against where I thought her pussy would probably be. My cock twitched at the thought, but she made no comment. She handed me one of the magazines and settled back slightly, to rest her back against my chest. My mouth was near her neck and ear, and I put my left arm round her waist to keep her in place. She flipped through the magazine to the letters page and chose a long story from some guy who had been helping his girlfriend’s parents to move some furniture in their car. Because there was not much space, she had been forced to sit on his lap for a couple of hours in the back of the car.

That’s a bit of a coincidence, I thought, and wondered if she had already spotted this story and got us into the same position deliberately. I wasn’t going to complain, she was not very heavy, and it was very arousing feeling her warm body and bare legs against mine. I got her to hold one side of the magazine, while I held the other with my free right hand, I started to read it quietly to her.

The story started off quite tame; them both siting in the back, on the right, behind the driver’s seat (UK cars are RH drive of course, a big box on the seat to their left that reached the roof, getting comfortable, having a little chaste kiss, then checking out what could be seen from the front where her parents were.

It started to get a bit more interesting when the guy in the story slid his right hand under his girlfriend’s top and started to fondle her breasts.

“Wow, Ben,” she said, “that seems a bit risky with her parents just feet away. Do you think it’s possible they wouldn’t know? I mean, if you had your hand under there, I am sure someone could tell.”

“Well they’re behind their dad, and from the description, her back is facing her mom in the passenger seat, so maybe they could.”

“Ohh that’s really naughty Ben, to be doing that with their parents there, so close.”

“Kinda sexy though Sue?”

“Mmmm, yeah it is,” she said, squirming a little on my lap.

“Could I …emmm …maybe try and see if it might be obvious?” I asked, hopefully.

“What, you mean like in the story?”


“Hmmm, well, just a try then.”

I slipped the hand I had round her waist just under the bottom of her top at the front carefully, then slowly eased it upwards. Without disturbing escort cebeci her loose top, I reached the bottom of her left breast. I moved more into the centre between her lovely firm orbs and slid my hand upwards. No bra. She didn’t have a bra on. She always had a bra on! Oh fuck.

She sighed.

I flattened my hand and slid it across to her warm right breast flattening it slightly and grazing her nipple. I opened my fingers and let the hardening nipple slip between two of them, then closed them. With her nipple captive, I just had to move my hand from side to side gently to stretch and relax her nipple, with the pressure of the rest of my hand on her breast. She let me do that for a while, I could feel her breathing changing and her heartbeat getting faster through my hand.

Ohh, fuck, I thought, I was feeling my sister’s breast again, and she was sitting on my very hard cock, and letting me do it, with no bra.

She cleared her throat, “Well, they probably wouldn’t notice that, I think that works. Let’s carry on with the story Ben,” she just about managed.

I started to remove my hand.

“You can leave it there if you want,” she said, “it feels nice.”

I thought that too, so I did, just slowly massaging her breast in slow circles. I loved the feel of them, so firm but the skin soft to the touch. Her nipples as hard as they were the last time now.

I read on, in even more of a breathless whisper.

It seems from the story that after a while, the girlfriend’s mother had fallen asleep in the front and the father had put the radio on fairly loud to keep himself awake and was singing along with some of the songs. Apart from asking now and then if they were ok and not too uncomfortable in the back, he more or less ignored them. The boyfriend, one hand on his girl’s breast, ran his other hand up and under her skirt. It made her nervous, but she let him do it.

As I read all this out, I could sense that my sister was really into the story now and her legs were sort of flexing together every now and then. The bottom of the magazine was resting on the arm of the chair, so I tried slowly just letting go my side of it. It stayed where it was, held just by Sue’s hand. I then had a hand free to move onto her warm leg near her knee and stroke it gently as I read.

I moved my hand further up and my fingers went under the hem of her skirt.

“Ben, what’s happening?” she asked, interrupting the story.


“Yes Ben, you have your hand on my leg, sort of high up.”

“Ohh, yea, it’s just that it was sexy him doing that, didn’t you think,.. I was just…emm… gonna follow the story a bit.”

“You mean like, act it out?” she asked, a bit of interest showing.

“I meant.. emm.. we were talking about imagining things, maybe…we could imagine we are the couple in the story?” I ventured. “It might be fun.”

“What,… sort of follow what they do?”

“Only until we have to stop, you know, if it goes too far.” I said.

“Only so far?” she repeated.

“Yeah, just until we can’t,” I confirmed.

“Until when though?”

“Well, just ….until.” I said, not knowing where our limits might be.

“We can’t go too far it would be wrong, but is it making you feel really randy Ben, reading this to me?”

“Yes, you?”

“Mmm, quite a lot.”

“Shall we go on, or do you want to stop?”

“No. we can carry on a bit more, it’s a sexy story, I’ve not heard anything like this before, have you?”

“No, but I am imagining how it would feel.”

“Me too.” she said, shuffling her bottom against my cock again.

“Let’s go back a bit Sue.”

I started to re-read the part where he put his hand on her leg and I did the same.

I still had my left hand holding one of her bare breasts while I slid my other hand up the inside of her right thigh as I read.

He went under her skirt and so did I.

I read on.

He reached her panties, would she let me?

I went up her skirt further and she let me.

Oh God, the tips of my fingers were touching her panties. Her pubic hair made the material bulge very slightly, and it was like touching a soft, thin, cushion as I probed them gently.

The narrative continued with the guy moving her left leg outwards until it dropped to the other side of his knees, so her legs were more open. The dad asked if they were ‘both ok back there’ and they said they were just changing position….little did he know, they definitely were. The mom just carried on dozing next to him.

“Sue,” I whispered, “Can you swing your leg over mine, like they did, so you are nearly astride me, if that’s ok?”

“Yes, ok,” she said, and swung her left leg over both of mine.

Now she was astride me, with her back to me, sitting on my thighs, her legs open enough to have her legs either side of mine.

Now when I slid my hand under her skirt, I was able to go further up and put my hand right over her mound, my fingers pointing down. I felt her legs just squeeze slightly as though she was trying to involuntarily close them, but she couldn’t.

“Ohhh,” she whispered, “You’re really touching me there now.”

“Shall I read on Sue?” I asked, giving her the opportunity to not go further.

“Mmmm ,” she muttered, “I…I want to see what they do next.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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