The Cabin

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As I came into the cabin, you took my hand, looked at me, smiled, and whispered, “I love you and I have missed you,” just as your lips claimed mine. My heart soared with those simple words and actions.

As our lips parted, I whispered, “I love you and have missed you, too,” as our lips met again and our arms entwined around one another. I looked deep into your eyes and saw the love that you have for me reflected in them. It made me feel so safe, so secure. I wondered what I had done to deserve such a wonderful gift as you.

I live each day longing to be in your arms and in your bed. Just being with you makes me happy. Whether we make love or not, just being with you makes my life wonderful.

On this night I sensed something different about you. I have opened up to you today about a kink and I have feeling that this confession is what has put the glint in your eye. You look like the cat who ate the canary. I have come to love that look because I know that when that look is present, you have been using that wonderful mind of yours. I know that you have been thinking up something devilishly wicked to pleasure me.

You undressed me by the fire, took my hand, and led me to the bedroom. Our bedroom with that wonderful four poster bed that is ours and ours alone. My breath catches at the sight before me. You have gone to so much trouble for me tonight, I think.

I see wonderful black satin sheets on the bed with lots of pillows. On one pillow I see a soft blindfold. On each post there are colorful silk scarves tied and on the nightstand there is KY jelly and — oh my god — a new set of adjustable nipple clips.

I look at you, my eyes shining with love and ask softly, “What do you have in mind for me tonight, my Yankee lover?”. You reply in a voice choked with lust, “Pleasure. Your pleasure is my pleasure. Trust me?” as you sit on the edge of the bed and reach for me.

You grab me, and lay me across your lap. “Oh, I haven’t been bad.” I exclaim as you position me. “I know, but I love to see your cheeks a delightful shade of pink.” you replied as you landed the first slap. You continued to spank me as I squirmed in your lap. Not hard enough to hurt, but to turn my cheeks pinks and make them tingle.

“Onto the bed, my dear.” you said as you let me up. “Do you still trust me?” you asked. “Of course, I bahis firmaları trust you. I love you and I need you.” as I climb onto the bed.

“Sit up first, please” you whispered just as you reached for the nipple clips. You pinched one nipple until it was so hard that it hurt. Then you attached the clip and tightened it just a little. You reached over with your mouth and sucked my other nipple. You sucked and bit it and made my juices flow. You removed your mouth and attached the other clip and adjusted it just right.

“Face down, my dear.” you instructed me as my nipples burned with pleasure and you claimed my lips with yours. Letting me know that I, this wildrose, belonged to this wonderful Yankee. You placed the blindfold over my eyes and helped me into position.

I lay on my stomach, my juices flowing, my body on fire. You take each hand and wrist and secure them to the posts. Then you kissed and nipped your way across my shoulders, down my back, across my cheeks, further to my thighs, knees, calves, then ankles. When you had finished your journey down my body, you secured my ankles to the post. I lay before you, naked, ass cheeks very pink, the nipple clips rubbing the sheets keeping my nipples on fire, sending shock waves down my body to my inner core. I lay there squirming and moaning.

“SSSSSHHH, enjoy. I love you.” you whisper in a coarse voice. As I lay there, bound, you leave the bed and undress softly. All the time you are undressing, you are watching me. I can feel your eyes upon me as I lay there, anticipating what you will do next.

I feel your lips on the back of my neck. You kiss my neck, then nibble, then bite as I feel my body respond to your touch.

“Oh, God,” I moan as you bite my neck. “Sssshhhhh” you whispered in my ear as you continued to kiss and bite my neck. You work your way down my neck, across my shoulders, to the cheeks of my butt, down my thighs, to my knees, which you kiss and nibble. You massage my calves and work your way back up my thighs. I feel your hands on my cheeks. You gently part them, revealing the rosebud hidden there. You run your finger across it, sending shivers through my body. You lean over, kiss it, lick it, then insert your tongue in it. “Ohhhh,” I can’t help but moan. Then I feel the coldness of the KY jelly on my rosebud.

“Do you want this?” you kaçak iddaa asked. “Oh, babe, yes I want this.” I moaned as you slowly slid one finger in. I push back to you as far as I can, the bonds not giving. Then a second finger joins the first, in and out. As you insert a third finger, you lean over me, kiss my neck and bite, marking me as yours. I can’t breath, yet I take great, gasping breaths as you continue to ply your fingers into me. You leave my neck and position yourself behind me. You kneel between my spread legs and guide yourself into my waiting rosebud. A little at a time. I push back to you, as much as possible.

“Please, more” I moaned as you slid all the way in. “Sssshhhhh” you whisper as you thrust to me. You reach your hand around and start to play with my clit. My vagina is soaking and your fingers slide around in the wetness. You thrust into me as you play with my clit.

“Aahhh, I can’t take much more. You are going to make me cum.” I gasp. “OK, babe” you whisper as you take one more thrust and one more swipe across my clit.

I am breathing hard, gasping for air. My body is on fire, just at the edge. “Are you up for another tease,” you ask. “Oh, god, Yankee. Let me get my breath first. Please untie me.”

“Ok, but you have to behave,” you whisper in my ear just before you release me from my bonds. You remove the nipple clips. My nipples are on fire. They are going to be so sore tomorrow.

You take me in your arms and kiss my face. My blindfold is still on and all I can sense is your presence. You hold me as I slowly calm down. Stroking my back and arms, you help me to come down from the edge.

“Are you ready, my love?” you asked softly as my breathing calms a little. “I think so, but you will have to stop when I tell you.” I breath as you turn me over on my back and secure my bonds again.

You kiss my lips, taking them hard, but not bruising. “You are mine.” you whisper as you claim my lips again. You kiss your way down my neck, pausing to nibble and bite. My juices are flowing as you work your way down my chest, pausing to suck and nibble on my sore nipples. Sending shock waves through my body. Kissing on down further, across my stomach, around my hips, down my thighs, never touching the core of my being.

You kiss back up my thighs to the junction of my legs. You blow a warm, kaçak bahis soft, breeze across my lips just before you lick all the way from the bottom to the top. You slide your tongue into my wetness, all the way down, all the way up. My hips are moving as much as possible, as you take my clit between your lips. You suck and gently bite my clit, as I climb higher and higher. More and more you suck as you slide two fingers inside me.

“Stop. Stop now or you’ll push me over the edge.” I scream as I feel the fire about to erupt. With one more swipe with your tongue, you remove your face from me, then untie my ankles. You reach up and remove the blindfold. “I want to see the lust in your eyes.” you tell me as you claim my lips with yours. I can taste me on you and I revel in it.

You smile at me as you position yourself between my legs. I am soaking wet, wanting release. You take yourself in your hand and guide your shaft into me. One long, slow stroke and you are buried in me. You thrust into me slowly as I raise my hips to meet you. Then I wrap my legs around your waist and thrust to you, burying you deeper still.

“Please untie my hands, I want to hold you.” I whisper as I look deep into your eyes, reveling in the lust I see for me there. You untie me, then kiss my lips, as I wrap my arms around you. You can feel my nails rake across your back as we thrust together. I feel your hand slide between us, then feel your finger on my clit.

“Oh, shit, My Lover, Oh, damn,” I scream as I feel the first of the orgasmic waves start to crash through my body. You are thrusting harder and harder as your finger plays with my clit. My orgasm continues, with wave after wave crashing through my body. My muscles suck your shaft as I continue to cum on you.

“Oh Baby, I love you,” I scream as another wave breaks through me. “Shit, I’m cumming” you yell as you thrust to me. My hips held tightly against you as you thrust and pump your semen in me. You cum in me as my orgasm starts to slow. Shooting stream after stream of semen in me as my pussy sucks your shaft, trying to get you further in me. My nails have left long, red marks on your back. We are both covered in sweat as you collapse on top of me. I hold you tight, never wanting to let you go, as you feel my muscles still working slowly.

“Oh, god, so good. You are so damned good.” I whisper as I hold you tightly.

“I love you,” you whisper back as we both try to calm down.

“I love you.” I whisper as we drift, almost asleep. So safe, so content. so happy to be with one another.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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