Sweet Renegotiation

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Copyright 2021 by Limnophile

Permission granted to print or repost for non-commercial use if the author is credited.

I’m Carrie Connor, a 21-year-old Chemistry major. I was struggling to pay my way through school half a year ago. I was glad I had some ‘chemistry’ with the much older gentleman I found on a “sugar” website. Reggie provided everything I needed and nearly everything I wanted. He paid all my college expenses, let me use one of his cars, took me on a trip to Japan, gave me gifts on every holiday, and paid for my apartment a few blocks from campus. He paid my medical insurance and even setup a retirement account for me. Most evenings he invited me to dinner at a nice restaurant and activities at one of many places I liked, dance clubs, mini golf, amusement parks, museums, and others.

He was never rude and kept our relationship private. When he talked with anyone who knew me, he said he was a friend of my uncle. They actually became friends, and I was thankful he saved me any embarrassment. He was generous, kind, and somewhat attractive. I didn’t mind so much that he was 45, more than twice my age. He was charming and witty, and we had a lot of great conversations.

At least once a week, we had a long date then went back to his mansion. We swam in his pool nude then made love, drank champagne in the hot tub and had sex under the night sky, or got massages followed by lovemaking in his huge bed. We had oral or quickies two or three times a week as well.

However, the few negatives were big ones. Because of my schoolwork I was busy often, writing papers, doing research, or studying for exams. He didn’t seem to understand that I only had two nights a week available for dates, other than Saturdays when I could usually spend a whole day with him. He kept inviting me out nearly every night, and I felt bad when I had to turn him down.

I was happy that he liked to kiss, make out, and cuddle a lot. When we had sex, he usually let me choose the position. I was glad he had self-control and could last a long time. He was a thoughtful and generous lover, and I had nearly as many orgasms as he did.

He never caused me pain on purpose, but he kept encouraging me to try anal with him. He’d squeeze my buttocks a lot when we made out, put a finger in my rectum as he ate my pussy, and kept asking me to let him in my ass. After allowing him to play with my anus using sex toys and lube five or six times, I finally let him put his big dick in my butt on his birthday. My gift the day after was a pair of ruby and diamond earrings. The bit of price tag left on the box started with 4 and a comma. My reward had cost him over 4 thousand dollars.

He made sure to get us very slippery and started slow. It hurt, but only for the first half a minute or so. It felt very strange and I didn’t like it. He encouraged me to rub myself while he did it, and the nice feelings from my vulva distracted me from the discomfort. Thankfully, he only asked me for anal once a week. I mused that knowing him, he probably set a weekly meeting on his calendar for butt sex. I didn’t exactly hate it but would have been happy to stop. I kept letting him because I knew it made him very happy, and he was mostly good to me.

The last negative was monogamy. He insisted that I only be with him. There were several guys in my classes I liked, and two in particular I had the hots for. I was a little ashamed about it, but there was a girl I had a crush on too. I consoled myself that most relationships would be the same. Most guys would insist on being the only one, eryaman otele gelen escort and I wanted Reggie to myself too.

The only exception to our monogamy started the night his son Andrew visited. Andy was getting divorced and talked with his father a long time. Reggie told him he could stay in a guest room a few weeks until he got an apartment. The next night the three of us had some champagne in the hot tub to celebrate Andy’s new freedom. After several glasses of champagne, Reggie teased that I was just the thing to cheer Andy up. I thought Andy was good looking, but I barely knew him. After a lot of teasing and prodding, I kissed Andy and while and let him play with my boobs.

The next night I got even more intoxicated and gave him a blowjob in front of his father. I still would have liked Andy if I were single, but there was no way I’d give oral to somebody I knew less than a week if I was sober. I wouldn’t have followed him to his bed either.

When I had a clear head the next day, I was very upset. Reggie had given me to Andy as a gift, like a toy, an object. I was angry, shouting and venting my feelings. When I emptied my adrenaline supply, I cried. He held me a long time until I got angry again and stormed out. The next day he bought me flowers and a necklace to make it up to me, and after a long talk I forgave him.

The next time it happened, he bought me a gold bracelet with rubies and diamonds. The third time I blamed it on alcohol, but I was mostly sober. I gave in because Andy was attractive and nice too, and I needed Reggie’s help badly.

Before long, most of our Saturday dates included me having a quickie with Andy. Other than blowjobs by the pool, I never had sex with them where the other could see, but I became ‘theirs’ instead of ‘Reggie’s’. Andy never moved out, staying in a room at the far end of the hall from his father.

When I woke in Reggie’s bed one Sunday morning, I was alone. He had left me a note:


we’ve had a lot of ups and downs, but I’d like to think our arrangement is mostly good for the three of us. I understand that you need time to study for your final exams, so Andrew and I will be out of town a few weeks. We’ll return two days after exams are over. We’ll talk about our relationships and future then. Focus on your studies for now, and good luck.

With kindness and warm regards,


After everything we’d been through, and all I’d done for him, he couldn’t say it. He couldn’t use the word. I was ready to tell either or both I loved them, because I mostly did.

I aced all my exams then took a day to relax. I went to a spa and had my hair and nails done, then got a massage. I had lunch at a nice bistro on the way back to my apartment. I realized I’d only been there half a dozen times in the past month. Reggie’s mansion was becoming ‘home’. Without Reggie I wouldn’t even have an apartment or a car. I’d need to share a dorm room and walk everywhere, assuming I could find a way to pay for everything else.

I thought about our upcoming conversation. I was partly happy but wanted some major changes. I made a list, so I wouldn’t forget anything. I didn’t want to do anal again. I thought that if Reggie loved me, I shouldn’t have to.

I liked Andy and thought he was sexy, but he wasn’t very romantic and didn’t last long in bed. We’d kiss a little, enjoy two or three minutes of fucking, then do something else for a few hours until he thought it was quickie time again. He always got a climax, sometimes three a night, but other sincan escort than the rare times he licked me I didn’t. I wanted a lot more romance and foreplay with him.

I didn’t want Reggie and Andy passing me back and forth like a toy anymore either. I wanted respect. I’d be happy to sleep with either of them a few times a week if I got to choose who and when.

It wasn’t as important to me, but I wanted a little freedom too. Maybe if I could date somebody else at least once or twice a month… I thought Reggie would never agree, but it was worth asking.

I added a few other things to my list, but they were much less important. I asked for a very expensive designer perfume, a waterbed, and a car in my name, one I would own myself.

When I walked into the mansion the next afternoon, I was shocked. My clothes and other belongings were in boxes by the front door!

Reggie said, “Carrie, I appreciate you very much. You’ve brought me a lot of happiness. If you would like to end our arrangement, I’ll continue to pay for your apartment through the end of the year. I’ll pay for your next semester as well. I don’t want you under pressure when we discuss our future.”

I was emotional and a little choked up. “That… that’s very generous of you. I want some changes, but I don’t think I want it to end.”

“Good, I’m glad. Let’s go discuss things with Andrew.” He led me to the parlor.

Andy stood up from a recliner and smiled. “Welcome back, Carrie. It’s good to see you again.”

I hugged him briefly, “It’s nice to see you too, Andy.”

Reggie said, “Let’s have a seat and talk about our future. All of us have a few things that bother us, that we wish we could change. First, I want to be sure everybody has what they need, and everything required for them to be happy.

Do you need anything else, Carrie? A larger allowance? More clothes? A better computer?”

“Thanks for letting me use one of your cars, but I’d like to have a car of my own.”

He suggested, “Maybe one of those new Ferraris?”

I was flabbergasted. I’d joked about wanting one, but knew it would never happen. I exclaimed, “Those things cost a quarter million bucks!”

Reggie just asked, “And?”

“A car worth over two hundred grand! Really?”

“If I can get everything I want for a year; yes, really.” I knew he meant having my ass more often. I thought about it, unsure if it was worth it.

He saw the look on my face and added, “Or maybe something less exotic? A Cadillac or an Audi perhaps? It would be my commencement gift to you, if things stay about the same for us.”

“I need a little time to think about it.”

“That’s fine. I know there have been a few boys you wanted to date, but you’ve been faithful to us and we’re grateful. You’ve mentioned a few women being pretty or sexy. If you’d like to date a woman, I don’t think Andrew and I would mind.”

We laughed when Andy said, “If she does and we can watch, give her the Ferrari.”

Reggie smiled. “I just might. Is there anything else you want, Carrie, before we discuss our dislikes and what we want to change?”

I joked, “If you’re giving things away, I hear yachts and islands are nice.”

They laughed and Reggie said, “We should visit my island sometime. I don’t have a yacht yet, but I own a sailboat there. The weather off southern Brazil is great when it’s winter and spring here.”

My jaw dropped and I wondered if he was serious. Andy nodded. “The beach cabanas are only big enough for four people, but I think there are five of elvankent escort them on the island.”

Reggie corrected him, “Six cabanas. I’m glad you don’t need anything else, Carrie. Do you have any conditions, anything you want us to do more often, or less?”

“I heard about something I want to try, DP – double penetration.” They reluctantly agreed to try it and I led them to Andy’s bed. At first, the father and son were very uncomfortable being close together when they were nude, but I got a double dicking for the first time. I loved it, and Reggie was happy to be in my ass again. I felt like I was going to explode from being too full and too excited.

After individual showers and a little time for reflection, we met in the living room. I told them, “I’ll give you what you want, if I can have DP at least once a month.” They looked at each other a little while and nodded.

Reggie said, “Andrew and I had a discussion too. There’s only one more thing we need, a LOT more sex. We both want it every day, and two or three times each would be EXCELLENT.”

I wanted it three or four times a week, and barely had time for that much. “I… uh… um…” I worried if I’d even be able to walk after doing it five times in a day.

“We realize that you’re busy and only human, so we have a solution. I met you through the ‘Sugar’ website. We’d like to make arrangements with more ladies. Two more, but we have a big question for you first.”

I felt a lot of jealousy and anxiety. “Yeah?”

They both kneeled on the floor and each held out a box with a large diamond ring. They must have rehearsed, because they said in harmony, “We love you. Will you marry one of us?”

I started coughing and felt my throat start to close, as tears came to my eyes. “ACK! UGH! UH! WHAT?”

“We’re serious. We want you to marry one of us after you finish your degree. The two new ladies will have arrangements like our earlier one. We’ll provide for them well, and they’ll provide romance and sex for us. And maybe for our fiancée, if she likes?”

“Um… uh…”

Andy said, “You can wait to choose until you graduate, but do you want to marry one of us? We’ll let you help pick our new girls, too.”


Reggie said, “Will you marry and do anything your husband wants in bed, to be one of the wealthiest people in the world? You already know I’m rich, but I don’t think you truly understand. Nine billion. I’m worth nine billion dollars. I could buy and sell small countries. Is ‘yes’ the word you’re looking for?”

“Um… yes?” When they stood, I kissed both and they each slid a ring on my finger.

“So, I’m engaged to both of you?”

Reggie elaborated. “In a year, you’ll choose the one of us you like better and have an official engagement party. A year after that, we’ll have a spectacular wedding. Invite your whole family, all your friends, everybody they know, and everybody their friends know. I’m hoping to get the discount for over 500 guests.” I knew the money was the least of his worries. He wanted to show off, and I liked that idea too.

The one of us you don’t marry just might marry one of the other girls you help us pick. I think a double wedding would be splendid. If you would still like to sleep with both of us after, I think we can work something out.”

“Two years? Why such a long engagement?”

Reggie smiled proudly, “It’s difficult to rent a Renaissance cathedral for the ceremony and an actual palace for the honeymoon, but I did it. At least one of us is getting married on June 15th, in two years. So do we have an agreement? Andy gets your wonderful blowjobs twice a week, you’ll take me in your naughty butt twice a week, and you’ll share a couple of women with us? In order to be one of the richest people on Earth?”

“Yes!” I stood and started stripping slowly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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