Summer Rain

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This one is for the Summer Lovin’ Story Contest. Your votes and comments, as always, would be much appreciated. Cheers and stay safe.

I was sitting with my ass glued to the couch, and I was so freaking hot I felt like I was melting. Since my tiny shoebox apartment didn’t have air conditioning, all I had was a useless little fan that was doing nothing but blowing warm air in my face.

Too tired to even think about cooking, I had a sandwich and a can of beer sitting in front of me, as I tried to decide if I wanted to watch the news. I tuned in for about a minute, shook my head and turned it off, in no mood to be depressed.

After a long day at school — where I was back, at the ripe old age of thirty-three, going for my MBA — and then having to hot foot it to over to my night job in retail for another couple hours, so I’d have a few bucks in my pocket, I needed to unwind.

So, after I’d finished my ham and cheese, I peeled out of my clothes and reached for my lap top.

Once I had it fired up, I started hunting for some porn. Because nothing relaxed me more than jerking off to some hot, buxom babes happily squealing their heads off as they got banged six ways to Sunday.

But I found myself wincing as the gang-bang and anal stuff came up on the screen. It wasn’t going to do it for me tonight. Way too hard core. Especially since I knew the girl I’d have in my head, while I beat myself off in my hand, wishing it was her hand wrapped around me, would be my cute little across-the-hall neighbor, Kira. So, I went for something softer, more on the romantic side, so I could envision her shyly grinning up at me as I slipped her out of her clothes, while kissing her pretty mouth.

I remember the day she moved in like it was yesterday. She had a carload of stuff that she was trying to carry up to the top floor of our four story building all by herself. So, naturally I pitched in to give her a hand. And not just because I thought she was adorable and kind of sexy, with all that strawberry-blonde hair curling down her back and those big brown eyes smiling into mine when she thanked me. But I think I would have helped her out whether she was hot or not.

At least I hoped.

After we’d gotten everything unloaded and into her apartment, I invited her over to my place and offered her some dinner, so she wouldn’t have to worry about where everything was, just so she could make herself something to eat. And I knew she had to be tired, too. Moving was hard work.

Once we sat down together and I poured us some wine, was I ever glad I invited her over. As we talked over plates of frozen extra cheesy lasagna, that I’d nuked for us, hoping she’d like it, I decided she was smart, and really pretty with those big brown eyes of hers lighting up with amusement as we laughed together. And all capped off with an unruly head of reddish-blonde curls, that I could already imagine running through my hands. By end of the night, I decided she was utterly irresistible.

But now here I sat, hot and alone on my couch tugging away, and watching the guy on the screen part the lady’s thighs, getting ready to slam her with his mighty weapon, when a knock on the door nearly stopped my heart. Jesus. What a time to be interrupted, and I was so close to losing it, too.

Since I had a feeling it was Kira, feeling slightly panicked, I let go of my dick, hopped to my feet and went and grabbed my robe off the hook on the bathroom door. But when I tugged it on, with a quick glance around, I realized the stupid belt was missing. When she knocked again, with a roll of my eyes I decided I’d have to just hold it closed, so I could find out what she wanted.

I opened the door, and smiled into those big innocent doe eyes of hers, and said as calmly as I could, “Hey, Kira, how’s it going?” Trying to act like everything was cool, and that I hadn’t just been chokin’ the chicken and getting off on some pretty kinky porn.

Then I noticed the way she was looking down at me — wide-eyed with her mouth hanging open — like she’d just seen a ghost. Afraid of what I was going to see, I took a look down at myself, and sure enough my dick was sticking out of the front of my robe, or more accurately my boner, because I was still really fucking hard. I blew out an exasperated breath and shook my head. The little fucker just had to poke its head out to see who was at the door. And if that wasn’t humiliating enough, there was a big fat bead of pre-come just oozing out of my slit.

Nice way to impress a lady.

I tugged the front of my robe closed trying to conceal my leaky deal, and told her, “Sorry about that, I was just uh…” Just what? Wandering around with a hard-on for no good reason?

Kira smirked and tipped her head when she noticed that I’d left my computer on, with the porn flick still playing. And the sound of the woman getting banged, yelling, “Oh, yes! Fuck me yes! Just like that! Give it to me hard big boy!” was enough to confirm that she had indeed caught me jerking off to porn.

Definitely çıtır escort not my proudest moment.

My shoulders drooped. Now I had a sinking feeling that instead of her referring to me as Joel, the nice guy from the across the hall, I’d be known as the pervy porn addict, that she’d be trying to avoid.

Fully expecting Kira to turn tail and run, seeing I’d basically just flashed her, she surprised me when she lifted her gaze to meet my mine, and acting like nothing had happened, though her voice sounded a little funny, she just told me why she’d knocked on my door. “Joel, I’ve got a problem with my fan. It’s making a weird noise, and it sounds like it’s about to conk out. And I just wondered if you might have a screw driver, so I can open it up and see if something’s come loose inside. It’s just so hot in my place, and there’s no way I’m going out at this time of night to try and look for another one.”

“Sure, let me look and I’ll see what I’ve got.”

Still clutching the front of my robe to keep it closed, I headed for my hall closet, where I kept stuff like tools; my skates, a soccer ball, a Christmas wreath, as well as a few coats and some extra pairs of shoes and a ton of other crapola that I’d shoved in there over the last year that I’d lived in here.

When I finally found my little blue plastic tool box stuff under my roller blades, on the way back to the door, I walked over to my lap top and turned off the porn flick so we wouldn’t have to hear any more of the lady getting plowed.

I had the tool box in my hand, and knew I could have just handed it to her, and left her to figure it out for herself. But there was no way I could do that. So, I said, “How about I come over and take a look at it for you…” When she cocked an eyebrow and her gaze dropped to my crotch, to set her mind at ease, I said, “…after I’ve put some clothes on.”

Smirking, she glanced over at my now silent laptop. “Well, if you’re not too busy.”

I was definitely done jerking off for the night. So I nodded and said, “I’ll be over in a minute, okay?”

As I tugged on my jeans and my favorite faded black Foo Fighters t-shirt, I still couldn’t believe that I’d literally been caught red-handed getting off on porn, by Kira of all people. And not only had I inadvertently flashed her, but I knew she must have got an earful of what was happening on the screen.

I just hoped I could still look her in the eye after this, without looking guilty as hell.

When I finally got her cheap-ass plastic fan pulled apart, I could see that some stuff inside was broken, and it obviously wasn’t worth fixing. I shook my head and looked at her. “Sorry, looks like this things done, and you’re going to have to look for another one.”

“Oh, gosh, that’s what I was afraid of. Even with the windows open, it’s just so hot and muggy in here, that I don’t know how I’m going to get any sleep. Now I’m just glad it’s Friday so I won’t have to get up early for work tomorrow.”

Before I could even think I was saying, “Well you can sleep with me if you want.”

When her eyes popped, looking shocked, I decided I’d better explain, especially after the shit show I’d just put her through.

“When it’s hot like this, I head up for the roof with my sleeping bag. It’s way cooler up there and the air’s a lot fresher, too. And there are no mosquitos or anything to worry about. So, you’re welcome to join me if you want.”

She tipped her head, looking surprised. “I didn’t know we could get up on the roof.”

“Yeah, and it’s cool up there. Some of the tenants grow stuff, and not just weed. There’s all kinds of things; pots of tomatoes and other kinds of veggies, and even some flowers. It’s like a mini garden.”

She grinned. “It does sound cool.” But then she looked slightly worried. “But what if it rains while we’re sleeping outside?”

I shrugged and flashed her smile. “Then we get wet. It’s just water, Kira, no big deal. I get wet on purpose every day, when I get a shower.”

“I guess.” Then she grinned. “So, you sure you don’t mind me joining you?”

I wanted to laugh; because us sleeping together, even with our clothes on, would be a dream come true for me.

So, I carried up my big double sleeping bag and a piece of foam to put under it, with my back pack on my back. And Kira had my lantern/flashlight, walking ahead of me to light our way up the little staircase that would bring us onto the roof.

Once we got up there, she looked around wide-eyed at the size of it. It was a big open space. “Wow. This really is cool, isn’t it?”

“It is. And you notice it’s not as hot up here.”

She closed her eyes, smiling as she inhaled. “And there’s a bit of breeze, too. And it just feels so nice to get some fresh air.”

While I got down on my knees and set up our make shift bed, first laying the foam down on the hard tar-papered roof top, then unrolling and spreading out the sleeping bag to set on top to use as a mattress, Kira escort demetevler using the flashlight to see her way around, was checking out everything growing in the pots.

Once I had our bed set up, I wandered over and joined her. Everything looked really healthy, too, especially one tall, bushy cherry tomato plant, covered in bright red little tomatoes that looked ready to be picked. So I plucked a couple of them off, gently wiped them off on my t-shirt to clean them as best I could, and said, “Here, have a taste.”

When she held her mouth open like a baby bird, I laughed and popped it inside. The moment she tasted it, her eyes went big as she flashed a satisfied smiled. “Wow, that’s sweet, and it tastes amazing eating it right off the vine.”

“I know, right? Mel, the bald guy with all the tats from the floor below us grows a lot of the stuff up here. And he’s been kind enough to share some of it with me. So feel free to help yourself to whatever I’ve got in my fridge, and you can have some of it, too.”

I picked a couple more, cleaned them off and handed them to her, and she smiled into my eyes as she savored each one. Looking around, she said, “This is like a mini oasis up here, isn’t it?”

I nodded and looked then around, too. “Yeah, it really is, especially in the heart of the city. I come up here sometimes just to think and unwind. And some of the others like to come up to get some sun, read a book, exercise or do whatever. It’s kind of nice to have this extra space that all of us can share and enjoy.”

She glanced around, and nodded, taking it all it all in. “It really is. And I had no idea this was up here, right above my head.”

“Well, we’re up here now, so check out those stars,” I said, gesturing up at the big open sky.

Kira turned up her face and I loved the way her eyes lit up as she looked up at the star-filled night. “Wow.”

“I think sleeping under that big beautiful sky is one of my favorite things about being up here.”

Her voice sounding a little dreamy as she gazed up at the warm golden glow of the full moon shining down on us, she nodded. “It’s almost magical, isn’t it?”

Chuckling, I agreed. “Yeah, compared to being stuck in our stuffy little apartment it sure is.”

When she ventured over and put her hands on the top of the chest-high concrete wall that the surrounded the roof and peered down at the quiet streetscape below, I stood beside her, still trying to wrap my head around the fact that was up here alone with my cute little neighbor, about to spend the night with her.

Then she turned and looked up at me, with such a warm tender look in her eyes, that I felt go right through me when quietly she said, “Thank you for sharing this with me, Joel. I just love it up here.”

I nodded and stroked my hand across her back, so glad that we were up here together.

When we finally were sittings down side by side on our makeshift bed, to enhance our roof-top experience, I had a bottle of chilled white wine in my back pack, and some cheese I cut up, along with a box of crisp sesame crackers, and some red and green grapes. Maybe not exactly a gourmet feast, but I thought it might be fun to have a bit of a late night picnic with her, hoping she’d find it romantic.

We sat together on the edge of the sleeping bag, sipping wine, and nibbling on cheese, with her head tipped back, gazing up, enjoying the view of the starry sky, and me enjoying the sight of her, and the perfection of her profile, only an arm’s reach away.

Probably sensing I was watching her, she turned to face me, tipping her head. “Can I ask you something, Joel?”

I shrugged. “Sure, ask away.” I just hoped she wasn’t wondering why I couldn’t tear my eyes off her.

“Would you say your penis is bigger than the average?”

Oh, god, here we go. I groaned, realizing I wasn’t going to get off scot-free after all, and I owed her an apology for shocking her like that. “Look, I’m sorry about what happened when you came to the door, Kira. I had just thrown on my robe to cover up and I couldn’t find the belt, and it just kind of… popped out. And I swear I wasn’t trying to flash you.”

She gave me a little grin. “I know. I didn’t think you were. But now you’ve got me curious. Having never actually seen one in the flesh before, I was just wondering, if you consider yours average, a little above average, or a little on the small side?”

My eyebrows shot up to my hairline. I couldn’t believe what she was telling me. It sounded like she’d never been with a man before, or even so much as had a peek at a dick.

I rolled my eyes. Hands down, this had to be the weirdest night of my life, first with me flashing her with the kinky porn sounds going on in the background, and now she wanted a rating on the dick-ter scale of my junk.

When I was hard I knew I was somewhere around seven or eight inches and kind of thick, but did I really want to get into discussing my tool with her?

But escort dikmen I just had to ask to be sure. “So, you’ve saying you’ve never… been with anyone before?”

She shrugged. “Does it really matter if I have or I haven’t?”

“Of course it matters. For one thing, a guy would probably go easy on you if he knew it was your first time, and he’d take it nice and slow. And if, say I happened to be that guy, I’d also want you to be sure it was what you really wanted. It’s not like you can change your mind once the deal is done.”

She nodded, looking thoughtful. “I realize that. But I just want to know what it would feel like to be with a man.” Then she flashed me a grin, stuck her fingers into the pocket of her jeans, pulled her fingers back out, opened her hand and showed me that she’d come prepared, even packing her own protection. And I just about passed out.

Holy smokes. So it looked like this was really going to happen and I was going to be her first, and with any luck, maybe the last guy she’d ever sleep with.

But before we went any further, I had to make sure this was really what she wanted, to give herself away to me, especially considering that we weren’t even dating.

“So, just wondering, were you saving yourself for marriage? Is that why you’ve never…”

“Been with anyone?”

When I nodded, she let out a deflated little sigh. “I had planned to wait until after I was married. I was seeing someone I’d known since I was in my teens, and I thought we both wanted the same thing. We dated for over four years, and we’d been talking marriage, even looked at a few engagement rings. And he said he wanted to surprise me with the one he picked. He surprised me alright when he sent me a text, and said he didn’t think he was marriage material and that I should move on. And just like that, after four years together, and knowing each other for over a decade, he ended it with a stupid text, too much of a coward to even tell me face to face that it was over.”

I blinked, not sure if I’d heard her right. “You two dated a guy for four years, and you never sealed the deal?”

“Only because we were holding off, and he said he respected me too much to cross that line. We’d talked about it, and we decided we both wanted to wait until after we were married, and he never pushed me for more.”

“What did he leave you for another guy?”

She gave me dirty look. “No.” Then she seemed to be thinking on that, with the way she tipped her head. “At least I don’t he did. I never heard any more from him after he sent me that, it’s not you it’s me text.”

“But if you’ve waited this long, then why not hang on a little longer until you meet Mr. Right.”

Then she gave me the cutest little crooked smile as she looked up into my eyes. “Because I’ve decided that if I’m going to do this, I’d like it to be with you. I think you’re a really nice guy, Joel. And you’re so good looking, with your thick, dark hair and those big blue eyes, and you’re fun to be with, too. And I have a feeling you’d know what you were doing. And seeing as I’m going to be twenty-seven next month, I’m tired of waiting, and I just want to know what it’s all about. The women I work with all joke about their love lives, and about the stuff they get up to on the weekends. And all I can do is smile and laugh along with them like I understand, when I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about. And how could I, when I’ve never experienced anything more than a few tame little kisses?”

All of a sudden I couldn’t tear my eyes off her mouth, and before I could decide if it was a good idea or not I was saying, “Well, if you want, we could start… with a kiss.”

As she nodded her head, before I could think twice, I was pulling her into my lap, and I was sliding my hands through those lush, silky curls. Cupping the back of her head, I touched my lips to hers, and slid my tongue along he seam of her mouth, and when she opened up for me, I groaned as I felt the soft, warmth of her mouth sliding over my tongue. It felt so much sweeter than ever I imagined to finally get a taste of her lips.

She really got into it too, snaking her arms around my neck, running her hands through my hair, and tipping her head to deepen the kiss. As I mated with her mouth, I was trying to tell myself that kissing her would be enough, and we didn’t need to go all the way. Especially since I had a feeling she had to still be hurting after being dumped like that, by that jerk she’d practically been dating forever. So she might not be ready to take the final leap, especially with me, when we’d only been friends for a few months.

When we finally broke apart, she was smiling and her eyes were positively glowing as she told me, “Ooh, I really like the way you kiss.”

I chuckled and squeezed her a little tighter, and whispered against her mouth, “And I love the taste of you and the way you feel. And I know one thing, if I had a beautiful woman like you in my life, there’s no way I’d have been able to hold back for four years, much less four weeks.”

She looked skeptical, I think about my calling her beautiful. But she really was, inside and out. I’ve known a lot of women who looked fantastic, but once you got to know them they were often pretty phony and none of them were half as sweet as she was.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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