Sally Does a Senior Citizen

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Sally just turned 65. Her heavy, DD breasts hang a little lower than they did when she was younger. She has always loved sex. She has been monogamous for the past 30 years, but her husband has been unable to fuck her since his prostate cancer surgery 10 years ago. Sally realizes time is passing and she doesn’t want to accept that she may need to go the rest of her life without sex.

As when she was younger, Sally still prefers to go braless whenever possible. She usually breaks down and wears a bra when she is out in public, but removes it once she gets home.

Sally and her husband hired an older, 74 years young, contractor, with a helper crew varying from one to two men, to do some renovation and install energy efficient doors and windows in their home, Sally usually wears a short cotton shift (she has a drawer full l of them – all the same, which comes mid-thigh, around the house. Always without a bra. She couldn’t see any reason to change her preferred lifestyle just because an old guy and his young helpers were in and out of the house each day. In addition, no one complained as looking at her did not hurt their eyes.

Danny, the contractor, and his crew did a great job and his price was reasonable. However, one improvement led to another and Danny did have other customers who needed work done, so Danny was a regular around the house for months, at least one day per week. Sally became the family contact person when her husband was called out of town on business which pushed Sally and Danny closer together.

Danny became more and more comfortable around Sally as they continued to rub elbows. They would have coffee together in the morning at the kitchen table while the crew got started on the day’s project. In addition, Sally would take smoothies and water to the guys during the day while they worked. All the time in her thin, short, bra-less shift.

She was eye candy to Danny and the boys, but Sally just couldn’t get him to make a move on her.

Over the months that the job went on, Sally did her research on Danny’s life. He was a hometown boy so she didn’t have to go far. She just mentioned his name to long-time residents and listened to what they had to say.

She learned that Danny had been quite a lady’s man over the years and had spread esat escort his “wild oats” throughout the community. One distant relative told her that he had numerous offspring throughout the county that did not carry his name nor had ever been claimed by him. He was a player.

One day Sally dropped Danny a not so subtle hint and hoped that he got her meaning. Only time would tell.

“Danny, I understand that you are quite the ladies man and have spread your ‘wild oats’ throughout the county. I hope you enjoyed yourself.” “I was a also a player when I was younger and received lots of ‘wild oats’. I know I had fun.”

Danny didn’t say anything in response, but he nodded and smiled.

Other than his age, I haven’t told you much about Danny. He is about 6’3″ tall and weighs a little over 200 pounds. He has a shock of black hair sprinkled with a little gray and has really big hands with thick fingers. You know what they say about big hands. In addition, he comes to work squeaky clean each morning.

Three days later the phone rings. Caller ID identifies the caller as Danny Contractor.

“Sally, how about if I come over about 9 tomorrow morning to show you some paint samples?”

“Danny, yes, please do. If I don’t answer the door, please just come on in because I might still be finishing up on the treadmill.”

“Do you want me to come later?”

“No, 9 should be just fine.”

Sally tries to do a 5k on her treadmill everyday to keep in shape and even though she turns the AC down to the 60’s, she is always sweating profusely by the time she finishes.

Sally is just finishing on the treadmill when Danny lets himself into the house. Sally’s shift is soaked and her breasts are on display like in a wet T-shirt contest. Because of her anticipation, her nipples are on display, sticking out like small acorns. Sweat is running down her face and her long brunette hair is pulled back in a scrunchy.

She walks into the family room where Danny has made himself at home with a cup of coffee. She goes to him, kisses him on the cheek and says, “Danny, I just finished on the treadmill and really need a shower. Would you like to come with me and wash my back? We can talk at the same time.” She takes him by the hand and leads him etimesgut escort into her bedroom and on to the adjoining bathroom. Sally sits down to take off her treadmill shoes and socks.

Danny is just standing there with a strange look on his face. Sally takes the scrunchy out of her hair and gives her head a shake to straighten her hair. Without hesitation she puts her hands on the hem of her wet shift and pulls it over her head. She is now standing in front of Danny clad only in a brief pair of sweaty, wet panties. Her cameltoe and her trimmed mound are clearly visible and her heavy, full, DD breasts with acorn nipples are on fully displayed.

Danny is still standing there fully clothed.

“Take off those clothes so you can help me in the shower.”

She peels off her panties and takes the time to drop them, along with her wet shift and socks, into the laundry basket. Then she gives him the come here finger movement and walks into the door-less 2 person shower.

Danny hears the shower water flowing and strips in record time before joining her in the shower.

Sally’s natural breasts are standing tall, covered with soap foam and, with her eyes closed, she is in the process of shampooing her head. Scrubbing with both hands.

Danny stops and admires her for a minute and then says, “What can I do to help you?”

“Put some soap on a scrubby and do my back.”

He starts on her back, then her butt, thoroughly cleaning her crack and cheeks. Then he puts the scrubby aside and begins gently smoothing the soap bubbles all over her back. As he caresses her, his hands slide out to the sides of her breasts and then around to the front where he holds both globes carefully. Sally has finished rinsing the shampoo from her hair and turns around chest to chest with Danny.

She takes liquid soap on her hand and begins to stroke and wash Danny’s thick 8″ semi-erect cock. He reciprocates by taking some of the soap on his hand and washes in and around Sally’s neatly trimmed bush and pussy. Up and down, in and out, around and through. With his long, thick middle finger he begins to explore the inside of Sally’s vagina.

Sally soaps Danny all over and says, “I need to put conditioner on my hair.” She again offers ankara escort her full frontal nudity to Danny as she conditions and rinses her hair with both hands to her head. By now Danny is fully erect and Sally takes his member in her hand. She looks up at him and says, “We need to take care of that.”

They rinse off and she proceeds to wrap a towel around herself and then to thoroughly dry Danny with another handy towel.

She drops her towel and leads him to her bed.

Danny now takes the lead. He lays her down on the bed with her feet still on the floor. Kneeling between her legs, he proceeds to orally worship Sally’s nether lips, her clit, and her entire vaginal area. She is dripping wet with anticipation. She lets herself go and enjoys the first orgasm she has had in several years.

Limp, but determined to give him his release, she trades places with Danny and begins licking and sucking his rigid member. Danny can feel his release coming, but knowing from experience that he would have only one shot, he turns her on the bed so they can lie side by side and begins to kiss and caress her.

Danny moves to mount her, but Sally takes a moment to place a pillow under her ass in order to give him a better angle.

“Danny, please go slow. I haven’t had a cock for ten years.”

He places his velvet cock head at her vaginal opening after coating it with her vaginal secretions and presses forward with gentle, steady pressure. The head slips in and Danny begins to slowly push in and out. Each downward push takes him a little deeper into Sally.

They kiss and their tongues intertwine. All the while thrusting deeper and deeper until he is in to the hilt. He holds perfectly still. Sally can feel the pulse of his fully engorged cock as it fills her love passage.

He begins to move and Sally moves to meet him. They get into a gentle rhythm. Danny starts to thrust harder.


Minutes later he feels his orgasm building and Sally knew that she was going to cum with him.

“Cum inside me. I want to feel your cum.”

Danny picks up the pace and then just freezes at the bottom of his last thrust. Danny spurts his hot, thick creamy cum into her eagerly waiting vagina.

They lay together, joined at their sex, until Danny’s deflated penis slips out of Sally.

As Sally is caressing Danny’s chest, she leans over him, kisses him on the lips and says, “You pick the paint color you think will work best.” Sensually she kissed him again with her soft loving lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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