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(The trials of Professor Stacey Putnam Continue, as she realizes there can be positives to accepting one’s fate)

I’m actually shocked that Professor Stacey Putnam has tolerated this without some form of pushback. Perhaps she is a bit more willing than she first lets on, I think. Goodness knows, I’m enjoying torturing this MILF. Stacey has been blowing my now and doing a good job of it when I have an idea. I pull her head off me. “I will make a deal with you. You are getting me close now. Let me pull out the plug and put my first load in your ass. It would have taken longer to cum but you would have been more stretched. Now it might be a bit tight, but it will be quicker.” I reach over and give one cheek a generous squeeze, making her moan in response

Stacey is realizing that part of her is really enjoying this. “I don’t know. I am scared.”

“I understand,” I say, giving her hair a reassuring brush. “That’s why I was nice and got a nice bottle of anal lube to numb things up a tad and the plugs.”

“Numbing?” She asks

“Yes the lube I am using on you ass has some numbing gel in it.”

She realizes now, she wants this Man. The submissive part of her is coming out, and Stacey finds herself going with it. “Thank you. Promise you will be gentle?”

“I will be. Like I said, be sweet like now, & I’ll be nice and gentle.”

“Ok…let’s do this” she says. It isn’t meek and resigned this time. There is an heir of confidence in it.

“Ok.” I pull her arm over towards the middle of the bed. “Lay flat with your legs together. With you like that your ass cheeks will keep me from getting too deep. That is of course you want a nice deep and hard ass fucking?”

“No-no.” She says quickly as she lays flat. She smiles, pretty sure he saw that, and not caring.

I straddle her thighs and just rub her cheeks for a minute or two. “I have heard for a woman it’s like having sex again for the first time. Hopefully that pain is eased by the plugs. I hope for you the plugs did the trick.” I then reach down and pull the plug out with slow steady pressure. With just a little pull it pops right out.

Professor Putnam’s hand starts patting the bed as I drizzle some more numbing lube right on and in her ass. I use my finger and rub it around her asshole. After a minute or so. I follow the lube with the tip of my dick. Her ass easily takes ¾ of my head and then I get resistance. I can feel that lovely ring, but I push a little harder and I pop in. I look up at one of the pinhole cameras, and grin.

“AHH-Oh shit. Please give me a minute.” She just lays there panting and letting out little Ohs. I figure that’s enough time and push in some more. The good Professor starts some really deep heavy panting. Almost begging. “AAAHHH-Slow. PLEASE slow.”

“One more push and it’s all the way in. Then I will give you a breather.” And with that I just push. She lets out a big gasp and then a long deep groan as my dick pushes past that ring…and I’m in. “Now you have earned a short breather.” Again I look up and give a thumbs up.

“Ooh-Ooh…pant-pant…” Stacey made noises as she felt Him push into her. She was panting heavy and fast after gaziosmanpaşa escort the last push. “Thank you Sir….I need to adjust to your size.”

“Come on I am not that big.” I reply, liking how I feel inside her.

With more even breathing. “It feels fucking-big to me right now.”

“I bet once you get used to it you will like it. There is nothing like feeling a woman’s ass squeeze down on you when she orgasms.” Then I add “Hey, did you notice?”


“You aren’t panting anymore. No strain in your voice.” I tell her as I pull back a little and push back.


“Just a small Oh?” and I give my hips a push.

“OOH-AHH!” she gasps.

“See? Again no stress. That almost sounded like you liked it.” I pump in and out again about halfway a about six times and again stay buried in her. The entire time the good Professor Putnam’s panting sounds almost like she is liking it. “That almost sounds like you liked it. Did you like it?”

“I am not sure. I think so. It’s so…different. PLEASE BE GENTLE. I don’t think I am ready for hard fucking.”

I lightly pat an ass cheek “See you be nice and I will be nice.” I slowly pull out leaving just my head in and then push back in. Back and forth slow and easy. I had originally put down my phone to give her anus my full attention, but I get just a few seconds of me up close, giving Professor Putnam a colon check. After a few strokes I pull out, and look at her open ass for a moment. At last I set the phone aside.

“Can I ask something Sir?” She asks

“What would you like?”

“Can I take off the blindfold please?”


“I want to see you.”

“One condition. You shift to face the mirror. I want to watch your face while I ass-fuck you.” Now I’m sure she likes it. Why? Professor Putnam is smiling.

With the blindfold off and the good Professor now on all fours, on the bed, and at an angle to the large floor-length dressing mirror opposite the bed, I push back in, enjoying her facial expression change. I bottom out and pull back and start fucking her ass. That MILF-ass lets out a surprise gasp and just keeps muttering “Oh shit. Oh shit.”

“That certainly doesn’t look like a face of pain.” I tell her, and I’m not kidding It’s obvious she is into it.

Stacey is on all fours and surprised that she is able to take all of this Man’s length. She answers “No, I’m just so dammed full. Your dick is so big. I can’t believe it doesn’t hurt. I am not going to say it feels good, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.”

“Good then I can really give it to you.” I grab her by the hips and start fucking her hard and fast. She starts moaning and gasping and making yelping noises with the harder fucking. I keep it up, watching her ass cheeks wiggle. She is looking back at me via the mirror. Stacey Putnam’s mouth is hanging open as she pants, watching me with an odd half-smile as she takes all of my cock in her ass. Every. Damn. Bit.

I am breathing heavy and grunting myself. It’s been awhile coming, but the orgasm is most definitely here, and with a loud roaring groan I push as deep into her as I can haymana escort one last time, and I cum. I shoot into her as over and over. I stay deep in her ass as I catch my breath. After I go soft and fall out, I roll off her and her ass is left gaping open. She reaches back to rub her ass.

“Shit it’s still open!” Stacey gasps.

“Don’t worry. It will close in a moment.”

“I don’t believe this. I could feel it as you came in my ass.”

“I am going to cum in you and on you, but I promise you as long as you continue to be nice, I will do the same and make you cum.”

Feeling her ass close, Stacey said “I am amazed, feeling you do that inside me. I was close to cumming when you came in my ass.”

Without another word said I roughly roll her over and climb between her legs and put her thighs over my shoulders. “Well let me put you over the top then.” I say, and dive right into that MILF pussy that’s all mine. I lick between her lips and up to her clit. I give her clit a few licks and slide my tongue back between her lips. She instantly starts moaning and gasping as I flick her clit so I suck her clit. I pull back as she start humping her hips.

“Please don’t stop Sir. Please – I am so close.”

I chuckle, thinking about how resistant she initially was, & lean back down and suck on her clit like I was trying to get milk from a tit. I let go like I’m stopping, pause, then suck again. Her hips are bucking and she’s yelping. She has her hands in my hair holding my face on her twat. Her gasping and moaning is getting louder until she tries to push my head away, screaming. “FUCKKKKK I AM CUMMMMMINGGG.”

Stacey managed to push Him away. It’s an incredibly POWERFUL wave that is washing over her, but this Man wraps his powerful arms around her thighs and holds her tight. She is panting HARD when he resumes flicking her clit. That fuckers tongue is like magic! Stacey is involuntarily fighting Him as the last vestige of her brain holds out against the submissive side, but it’s a losing fight. She tries to pull away. “PLEASE STOP……TOO SENSITIVE…..PLEASSSEEEE – AHHHHH!!!!”

Professor Stacey Putnam, PHD., Professor and Feminist, screams bloody murder while her body convulses. That submissive part of her so carefully hidden for so long is at last unleashed, and as the wave washes over her, and she gives in to the submissiveness. She feels shame though, as part of her is happy to do so.

After about 30 seconds I stop and let her go. She is literally panting with little shivers running through her. “Well it looks like the good professor has enjoyed herself.” I coo. I know I’ve pushed her hard, well past her limits, so now it’s time to be extra nice. Rolling Professor Stacey Putnam onto her stomach, I take a bottle of lotion on the nightstand, and starting at her shoulders, I proceed to give her a long, deep, lengthy backrub, working my way past her hips, her extremely nice ass, and down to her legs.

Stacey Putnam had to admit, ‘The Kid’, or rather, “This Man,” as Stacey found herself referring to him, was good. She had kept her past buried well. It wasn’t just the modeling, it was the ankara escort lifestyle. And while it was something she had gone through, she had put that behind herself oh-so-long-ago. The experience, along with burying it deep inside, was a factor in her success as a Professor, and now, all that was thrown into turmoil. But for the moment, just this weekend, just this once, she decided to let it out again, and explore.

For the moment, Stacey allowed herself to enjoy having This Man, who was a younger man, and not a bad looking one at that, pamper her. Backrubs were always a prelude to sex, or so she thought, but This Man confounded her, taking his time, and working his way down her back, and past her hips. By the time he reached her calves, Stacey was so relaxed as to practically nod off. When This Man was done, he turned off the light, rolled her onto her side as he pulled the sheets over them, and spooning up to her, Stacey Putnam did indeed drift off into a very relaxed sleep.


I wake up at about 5AM to go to the bathroom. I crawl back into bed and start gently suck and pinching Professor Putnam’s nipples. Stacey has large areolas, and her nipples are like thick pencil erasers, and they react well to my ‘encouragement.’ It doesn’t take 30 seconds of this and she is waking up, moaning and running her fingers through my hair.

Stacey finds it nice to be awakened this way. This man is truly enjoying himself, as-is she. She gasps a bit as he rolls her onto her back, digging his face into her breasts and suckling them. ‘Maybe I an go with this a bit longer’ she thinks.

Stacey is under me as I Rub my face in her cleavage and inhale. “God you smell great.” She reaches up and holds the back of my head while smiling at me. I run my finger down her cleavage, and tweak her exposed nipple. I lean in and start sucking and nibbling on it while she holds my head to her and let’s out a small moan.

After a minute or so I pull back and look up at her. Professor Putnam kisses me and then slides lower. With no hesitation she sucks my half-hard member right into her mouth and starts just sucking what she can. Now it’s my turn to moan. WOW she is good at this, and I am instantly hard.

I look down at her. “What did you just taste on me?”

She looks at me a little confused. “Me?”

“Yes. You enjoy your taste like you enjoy submitting to me.”

I gently push her back down just a bit, and she sucks me back into her mouth. First few bobs I am in her mouth. Second few I am in the back of her mouth, and by the third set I have travelled to the back of her throat, her nose against me. She then backs off enough for me to be back in her mouth and then pushes forward so I am back in her throat. She repeats this 3-4 times and all I can do is moan. The feeling of actually fucking her throat back and forth is amazing.

She pulls off me coughing a bit & tilts her head up to me. “I take it you like that?”

“Shit yes. By all means please continue.”

Stacey smiles up at me and sucks me back in her mouth, and goes right back to it.

Wow I am liking this, and it’s just a few minutes later and I am ready to cum. I start to pump my hips. She knows I am about to cum and concentrates on sucking just the head of my dick in her mouth and with a final moan I give her 3 or 4 spurts. The good Professor Putnam, PHD sucks and licks me clean and pulls her mouth off my dick.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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