The Education of Susie

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Double Penetration

Susie is 18 today, and Noah, her father, has plans for her. For the last three years he has had to watch her run around buck ass naked, and wearing short, sheer clothes, and rubbing herself all over him. He had all the plans set. Next week was his Vacation, tomorrow his was going shopping for things he would need. He had his brother, who would be taking pictures. He had video camera’s set up in his room. He called his brother to see if he wanted to help him pick out some things.

Noah pulled into the parking lot, then saw his brother coming towards him.

“Are you sure you want to do this Noah?” Tom ask.

“Yes, I’m not getting anything that will hurt her, just thing to make it a little fun. Damn Tom, she been given signs for three years now, once she came into my room late at night, thinking I was asleep she touch my cock getting me hard, and when I couldn’t help but move, she ran out of the room.” Noah said. They went into the store. Looking around the store Noah found the straps, that would tie his daughter to the bed. Then he found the lubricants, he pick up a bottle of Slippery Stuff, and some Lover’s Massage Sampler. Rounding the corner he found Tom looking at the Dongs and Dildo’s.

“What about one of these, I like this one.” Tom ask, holding up a large 12″ Black dildo.

“Yes lets go, I have everything I want.” Noah said.

At home he put everything in his room. Coming downstairs, Tom and Noah got the cake out, putting it on the table.

“What did you get her for her birthday?” Tom ask.

“A long red sheer night grown, with a matching robe and high heels to go with it. I’m hoping she’ll model it for us.” Noah said.

“I think heard her car pull in.” Tom said.

“Good lets get the lights off. Susie walk into the house, wondering where everybody was.

“SURPRISE!” Tom and Noah yelled.

“What’s this.” Susie said. Susie was surprise, but happy. She didn’t think they had remaindered it was her 18th birthday today.

“Come on Honey we have cake after dinner, then we’ll give our gifts.” her dad said. They all sat down to eat, and Noah gave her a glass of Wine with dinner. They had their cake after dinner.

“Go out and relax in the living room, and I’ll bring the Wine.” Noah said. Susie was feeling mellow, and just a little friendly. She flip thru the channels waiting for her dad and Uncle Tom to come out. She found the porn channel, and was watching that when Tom out. She didn’t see him, so he went back into the kitchen.

“Hey Noah, she watching a porn movie on the TV,” Tom told Noah.

“Hey Susie, Why don’t you go up stairs and change, we still have the pans and table to finish.” Noah yelled.

“Okay Daddy.” she said in a husky voice, They demetevler escort heard her run upstairs.

“What do you think she’ll do when we do out there?” Tom ask.

“We just have to wait till she to into the movie. Before we go out.” Noah said. They heard her come back down. Tom kept an eye on her. 30 minutes later they were done. Tom and Noah open the door a little and saw that Susie was very much into the movie. Walking out.

“Oh this is great Honey I love this movie, Thanks for finding it on.” her dad said. They sat down on each side of her.

When the movie was over Noah handed her a box.

“Happy Birthday Susie.” he said.

“This one is from me. I had it custom made for you.” Tom said handing her a small wrap box. Tom and Noah sat back and watch her opening her gifts.

“OOOOOO, Daddy it’s beautiful.” she said.

“Why don’t you go try it on for us.” he said. They watch her leave the room. They quickly remove their clothes, put on their robes. Watching her walk down, they did a wolf whistle.

“Man, Honey your look very sexy.” Noah said. Tom walk up to her, handing her his gift.

Opening it, she lifted out a gold chain with a pendent, looking closer at the pendent she saw that it was a lady on her hands and knees sucking one mans cock, while the other man was fucking her ass.

“I have all the papers and drawings to give them to you tomorrow night. Do you like it?” Tom ask.

” Oh yes I love it, would you put it on me please.” she said. He did, taking his time, his hands travel down her arms. With his tongue, he lick, and kiss her neck. Tom step back and sat down. As if in a trance, she walk over and sat down between them.

Tom and Noah watch the tape they had put in, while she was changing. It was about a daughter getting fuck by her Dad, and Uncle. On the screen Susie saw a lady sucking one of the men’s cock, while the other was jerking off, slashing his cum all over the lady’s back.

“Oh Baby suck me, suck your Daddy’s cock.” the man on the screen said. The lady move her head faster, then she swallowed his cum.

“Baby would you like to suck your Daddy’s cock too?” Tom ask her. She look at her daddy and nodded her head yes.

Noah undid his robe and spread his legs. She move down between his legs and lick and kiss his cockhead.


“Danm she knows how to suck.” he though to himself. She grab escort demetevler his ass pulling him to move faster, he pump his cock in her mouth faster. He was ready to explode.


Tom sat down on the couch again and told her to suck his cock. She crawl to him and she suck him as she had her father. Noah’s breathing return to normal, he flip up her grown and sat there and he lick, kiss, fingered, and suck his daughter’s pussy. He slowly building her pleasure.

“OH…GOD…SUSIE…I’M…GOING…TO…CUM!!” Tom cried out. When Tom yell he was cumming, Noah suck hard on her little nub, when he felt her cumming.

Susie was not able to walk to well, so they help her up to her room.

“Goodnight sweetheart.” Noah told her. She was asleep when her head hit the pillow. Noah and Tom watch her for awhile, then they left the room.

“Tom I have a daughter who knows how to suck a cock, better than her mother ever did. I can’t wait for tomorrow night. I’m going to keep her in bed for a week.” Noah said.

“Why not take her in every room, and outside too.” Tom ask.

“We’ll just have to see how it goes.” Noah said. Tom told Noah he needed to get home and get some sleep. Noah told him to be early.

Noah left for his last day of work, before his Vacation started. Susie woke after 9 the next morning. Her body ache, and she wasn’t sure why. Last night was sort of fuzzy. She shower and dress, then went down stairs. Grabbing something to eat she found a note from her dad on the kitchen table.

“Sorry to miss this morning Honey. I thought you needed your sleep after last night, by the way, Thank you for last night I never enjoyed it more, so did Uncle Tom.” she read. Her hand went to her neck, feeling the necklace she went the mirror.

“Oh my.” she whisper. She reminder Uncle Tom giving it to her. Looking at it closer she was shock.

“It’s two guys fucking a lady.” she said to herself. Grabbing some Orange Juice she went out to the living room and sat down. She saw another note, picking it up.

“Hello baby, if your reading this. I have a tape I’d like you to watch and tell me what you think of the movie.” she read.

She click on the T.V. and then the tape. As she watch the tape she was shock to see her self and dad and Uncle Tom. And she was sucking cocks, and getting suck herself. At the end of the tape her dad sat on the couch talking. She stop the tape and rewinded it and turn it up.

“Hello Baby I hope you like the show. And Happy Birthday. Tonight Tom and I are going to give what you’ve begging for, for the last three years. I waited till you were an adult. reminder every special hug you demetevler escort bayan gave me, or rubbing your body against mine. I do, and I’m going to make sure you never forget what you put me thru. I just put you in bed, and Tom left to go home, that is till tonight. I can’t wait till tonight. If you can’t wait till then to I’ll leave this.” he said. Susie watch as he open his robe, he stroke his cock slowly, telling her how he felt being suck by her, and other things too. She saw that he was jerking his cock faster now, then se saw his cum shoot out and all over his chest.

“MMMMMMMM, wish you were here to lick my cum off.” he said. The tape ended there.

She didn’t know how long she sat there. When the phone rang she look at the clock, and relize’s she had sat there for over two hours.

“Hello.” she said answering the phone.

“Oh Hi Dad. yes I did. Yes the whole tape. Yes If I want to I just have to close all the shades and curtains. Ok, Dad I’ll see you at 5 bye.” she said. She went up stairs, and put on her robe. On her way down she stop in every room and close every shade, and curtain, then she went out thru the utility room door[leaving it open] to the Jacuzzi. Dropping her robe she step into the Jacuzzi.

Noah pull in the driveway, he notice that she had all the shades pull down. getting out of the car he grab the last gift for her. He heard Tom’s truck pull in. Together they went in the house and lock the door. They heard music, they follow it. Noah stop in the doorway, sitting the box on the counter he step back in the house and told Tom to undress. Noah walk out, and step in the water.

“Mmmm, nice. Hi Baby Are ready for Daddy’s cock? I’ve been hard sense I talk to you earlyer.” Noah ask. Opening her eyes she saw her daddy standing in front of her, with a very large, and very hard cock.

Licking her lips she told him yes she was ready. He sat down and told her to come over and sit on his cock. She move to him, standing over him. He pull her closer, he lean over and took her nipple in his mouth, sucking, and chewing on her nipple, he grab her hips and push her down. She put her hands on his shoulders and with one hand he guided her down on his cock. Moving his mouth to her other nipple. He reaches over and pushes a hidden button, his seat lifts, and lays him back to lay under her. Still under the water Noah positions her for Tom to get his cock up her ass.

Tom switch on the video camera’s and join them.

“OH DADDY, YOUR SO BIG.” she said.

“BETTER TO FUCK YOU BABY.”he said. She had half his cock in her pussy, when he pinch her nipple.

“AAAAAAHHHHHHH!” she groaned. Noah lifted his hips up to push more of his cock in. Susie’s couldn’t wait any longer, she push her pussy down onto his cock, burying him deep in her pussy.

“OH BABY YES.” Noah cried out. Laying back, Noah pull her to him and opening he ass, he watch as Tom ease his cock up her ass. Pushing without stopping Tom had his cock buried in her tight ass.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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