The Bavarian Holiday

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Dorothy Beech squirmed in her seat. “God, I need a fuck!!” she thought. Dorothy, her and husband Peter were driving down the autobahn to Salzburg to meet up with her daughter Sara and her boyfriend. Peter is Sara’s stepfather.

The previous night the couple had stayed in Munich, taken in a porn cinema, visited a couple of sex shops, had a few beers in a bar that showed non stop porno videos and when they had reached their room in the hotel Pete was too pissed to get it up.

Dorothy was lolling back in the passenger seat fingering her aching pussy hoping they could find somewhere to pull off the road and have themselves a good fuck. She told Pete to find somewhere soon or he would have to fuck her by the side of the road. The randy bugger suggested that he would pick up the first hitchhiker he saw and they could fuck in the back seat. Dorothy smiled telling him that she knew he would just love that, watching someone else slide a big prick into her. Peter replied that he knew she would love it too and of course he was right. Dorothy Beech was a horny randy woman even though she is was 41 years old.

Just then he saw a picnic area just off to the right so they pulled in.

Peter noticed that although pendik escort there was a comfort station in the car park there appeared to be little else until he spied wooden steps which had the appearance of a stile. It was a lovely day, the sun was beating down but there were only a half dozen cars in the park and from their plates they were all German.

Taking Dorothy’s hand he urged her towards the steps, as she reached the top he looked around and not seeing anyone he ran his hand up under his wife’s skirt fingering her wet pussy which was not covered by panties.

Dorothy playfully pushed his hand away and then for the first time she realised that they were not alone.

Looking up at her with huge smiles on their faces was a group of three people. A blonde, well developed woman who appeared to be late 30’s or early 40’s was seated immediately below Dorothy and could not have missed seeing Peter grope his wife. in fact Dorothy realised that the woman was still looking straight up her skirt. Quickly Dorothy jumped down.

“Bravo, wunderbar,” the blonde woman clapped her hands. “You are English yes? What a wonderful entrance. Please I hope you are not angry? Annoyed? with us.”

Doreen had maltepe escort to smile. “No not at all, I think my husband and I are very rude playing such games in public.” Peter, rather shamefaced, jumped down to join her.

Doreen then had a fit of the giggles. You all seem to know an awful lot about me so I had better introduce myself, I am Doreen and this is my husband Peter.”

“Oh do not worry, we are not strait-laced as I think you say, see, look at us. Now, I am Hannah, the one in the small pair of briefs is my husband Dieter, the young woman who, like me is only wearing a thong, is our daughter Giselle and that young man who should be ashamed to be seen in public in that pouch is our son Karl.”

After shaking hands all round Hannah asked them if they wished top join them. “Unless, of course, you are in a hurry to attend to some unfinished business.” The whole group including Doreen and Peter roared with laughter and Doreen told them she thought they could curb their desires for a little while.

Doreen then removed her blouse and bra’ remarking that she would not remove her skirt as they were all aware she was not wearing panties.

“No problem,” yelled Hannah, jumping to kartal escort her feet and swiftly removing her thong, Giselle followed suit, Dieter and Karl then removed their last item of clothing and in so doing revealed very impressive cocks, like father like son.

Peter not to be outdone stripped completely displaying a massive 10 inch (25 cms) cock which certainly met with the approval of the German group. Still standing, Dorothy then dropped her skirt at her feet and it was obvious that she was ready for sex. Her labia was distended and her clit engorged standing well clear of its protective hood was an impressive 4 cms long. The curls of her pussy were trimmed into a rectangle on her mound. Glancing at Hannah she was pleased and surprised to see her spread her legs displaying a smooth mound and already the lips were open as Hannah massaged her clit.

All the men, by this time were sporting erections.

Doreen looked around at the group and it was obvious what she was thinking. Hannah spoke.

“Dorothy, we are a fun loving family in every way, does that offend you?”

“Oh God No, I find it stimulating and extremely exciting. We are on our way to meet my daughter and her boyfriend in Salzburg. You do not offend me, I only wish I had a son as well built as Karl but Sara, my daughter and I are great pals. Peter is her stepfather but I am sure that in this company he will not mind me telling you that he frequently fucks Sara and Sara fucks me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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