My Time with Kelli

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This is a Story of a girl named, Kelli.

She had beautiful, flowing red hair; curly, it cascaded down to just passed her shoulder. Her hazel-green eyes were surrounded by darkness of a mistrustful life, possessing a spark of joy and happiness, much like the Hope kept within Pandora’s Box. Her breasts were small, but perfectly formed. Her legs were long and firm, smoothly leading up to a well-rounded backside. To quote one of my fellow Marines during that time, “She’s got an ass like a black woman”.

Kelli had a random license plate on her car that started with “YTP”. An aunt once told her it stood for “Young, Tall, and Pretty”. The license plate was right, but I’m getting a little ahead of myself. I need to tell you how it all began and why Kelli meant so much to me. So, I apologize if this gets sappy and unbelievable at times, but stick with it and you might feel the same way about her, too.

It begins several summer’s back. I’m a junior ranking Marine, living in the barracks with a room-mate from Kentucky. He grew up with Southern blond and enjoyed going to a country dance bar every weekend. That is where he met Kelli.

Looking back now, the one time he brought her by the barracks was probably to size me up, to let her get to know me in some way for her to set me up with one of her friends. You see, when he brought her by the room, I thought she was beautiful, but spoken for. I talked to her, but I certainly didn’t try to make a move or anything, thinking that her and my room-mate were together.

But, one night, a few weeks later, he got called by the Desk Sergeant that there were visitors for him, that one was too young to come into the barracks. I paid no attention to this and didn’t see him again until I went out to get something to eat. This is where I ran into him and the two lovely ladies.

Her friend, or cousin, was slightly shorter than me with long, straight blond hair and a round, smiling face. She was pretty, but she was not where my attention kept landing. There was something about Kelli; the way she laughed when I would joke with my room-mate or the way she would smile when she looked at me. The night ended without much happening for me; I was always the shy kind of guy and could never tell when a woman was flirting with me. The flirting was fun, but again, I thought that she was will my room-mate and I figured that I didn’t have a chance in the world.

A week later, she shows up on a Friday night; bowling night, something me and my room-mate did every week to compete, pass the time, and unwind from the stress of the week. Kelli happened to show up and Walker didn’t seem too pleased about it. Now, the three of us went out to eat and Walker was a rude as could be to her, like she was interfering with “Boys Night Out”. The ruder he got, the politer I became to her.

The kiss: The first kiss happened at the bowling alley that night. It wasn’t the one we usually go to, but it was nearby the restaurant Kelli worked in, the one we ate at the night. Ironically, one year before, I had written a story about a guy, down on his luck, is eating in a restaurant, chatting up a waitress named, Kelly; almost a year to the day.

Walker went to get a drink. I sat at the scoreboard, part of me feeling sorry for this girl because she was still with us, even though Walker was behaving like a complete ass. And, speaking of ass, I loved to watch the way her’s moved as she walked up to the foul line, the firm, roundness pressing tightly against her jeans as she bent over, rolling the ball down the lane.

Her shot didn’t go well for her. I stood as it was my turn to throw. I’m standing at the edge of the lane, waiting for Kelli to have a seat. She places her hands behind my back and slowly slides her feet along the polished wood floor, approaching me. Now, my bowling ball is right next to me; I don’t see why I should move to the side, but I am frozen. She is so close to me; why is she still approaching?

Then, she places one hand on the side of my face. Her touch is warm and startles me. My heart races. I grew up in a small town. I was never the popular kid and through I had friends that were females, I had failed to have a girlfriend. Back home, I wanted to get away and not feel trapped in a small town like seen in so many movies.

Her other hand is on the other side of my face. I’m still frozen, afraid to move, unwilling to move as her touch is welcomed. Kelli pulls my head towards her; we are about the same height, but she does have to raise upwards slightly to meet my lips. The kiss is brief, but lasts a life-time. Up to that point, it is the purest moment of pleasure I ever experienced. Her lips are soft and gentle; warm and moist. Her eyes are closed. In shock, mine are open. As they close, she pulls away and sits down on the bench seat.

I return to bowling, not thinking about bowling. Oddly, my next shot is a strike and my time with Kelli begins.

It’s the following Saturday. Kelli and I have been together for just over a week. I show up casino şirketleri at her place around 10:00 AM. She opens the door dressed in jeans and a tee-shirt and offers a brief kiss on the lips.

“Come on back to my room,” she says, taking my hand. “My room-mate is gone. There’s this movie I am watching and I’m told I have to check out this one scene.”

We go back to the bedroom, sitting on the bed. We’ve been together for a week, but are more like really good friends at the moment then a couple. She sits next to me, but neither of us touch the other; just focus on the movie, something I’m not really interested in seeing.

She fast forwards the movie, searching for the one scene she is looking for. After several minutes, she stops the movie and gets off the bed.

“I’m going to shower, then we can head out,” she says.

I watch her enter the nearby bathroom. She leaves the door open halfway, but steps out of view. Her light pink tee-shirt flutters through the air, dropping on the floor by the door. Her jeans soon follow. Seconds later, she steps into view, checking her appearance in the mirror, seemingly unaware that I can see her or not caring.

Her skin is pale. Her body is beautiful. I feel a stirring within my pants and think I should look away, but I can’t. She is too beautiful. She fingers the clasp of her bra, turns her back, and lets it drop to the floor. She steps out of view, or so I think. She bents over, slipping her panties down her legs, allowing her round ass to appear into view.

I hear the water start. I touch my dick through my pants, wondering if it is really as hard as it is. I draw my hand away quickly.

I slide to the edge of the bed, my eyes locked on the doorway. I move closer, hoping to receive a better view. I linger outside of the door, checking the mirror, hoping to see her reflection. My eyes gaze upon the clothing littered upon the floor, and I step into the bathroom. I peer around the door.

“Looking for something?” Kelli gleefully asks from behind the door. She grabs my shirt and pulls me into the bathroom. She kisses me, our lips locked. I fear it is the kiss of death, the final kiss attached to the awaited “Good-bye”. I am scared, but as her tongue knocks at the doorway of my mouth, I submit and relax. Her tongue probes my mouth, dancing with my tongue.

My nervous hands fall upon her naked hips. She is hot, like a thousand suns.

“Join me,” Kelli says, drawing away. She saunters over to the shower. “Don’t be shy.” She draws back the shower curtain and steps under the running water. Her fiery red hair becomes darker with the dampness. The clear water cascades down her back like a gently flowing river over smooth rocks. I remain immobile, watching the glorious sight.

Slowly, she turns around and arches her back beneath the warm stream. Her tits are on the small side, about the size of baseballs. And I loved to play baseball. Her nipples are beautiful and pink, standing out with deadly anticipation. Her hands guide the water down her body, over her breasts, along her firm, flat stomach, and down to the strawberry blond patch of neatly trimmed hair perfectly framing her pussy.

“Oh!” she exclaims, startled by my sudden presence in front of her. “Let me help you out of those.”

I am in the shower, standing before her wonderful nakedness, fully clothed. She pulls my shirt up and over my head, smiling at my shyness. I help her with my pants, but become nervous as she tries to lower my boxers. The fabric is wet, clinging to my body hidden beneath.

“We’ll have to toss these in the drier before we go,” she says, slowly sliding my boxers off my hips with two fingers.

She pulls them down my solid legs, legs that spend hours running each and every week. She follows them down, bending at the waist, her face dangerously close to the inside of my legs. As she stands, her wet, red hair lightly brushes my erection and I release an uncontrollable moan.

Kelli stands up, eyeing my dick that’s so hard, the skins pulled back from the tip on its own. The round, purple tip glistens with a mix of pre-cum and shower water.

“Walker said you were a virgin,” she says. “Let’s see if I can help you with that.”

She doesn’t grasp my cock, but touches it with both her palms open. She rubs it lightly along the edge and up and down, always stopping before she touches the swollen, purple tip. She squats before me and eyes the throbbing member before her eyes. She stables herself by bracing one hand against the slick wall of the shower. With her other hand, Kelli lightly drags a single finger up-and-down the length of the underside of my shaft, from the hair of my balls to the sensitive tip of my cock. My cock bounces above her teasing touch.

“Mmm,” Kelli moans with pleasure and eagerness. “Let’s see how many lick it takes to make you cum.”

Her head moves forward. Her tongue juts out, flicking at the underside of my helmet.

“One,” she announces.

Her soft tongue moves further casino firmaları down my shaft until her lips lightly kiss the tip of my dick. Then, she drags her tongue the rest of the way up the cock.

“Two,” she whispers, gleefully watching the hard member twitch before her eyes.

She puts the whole helmet into her mouth, her tongue running over the slick tip in a circle. Her teeth gently rub against my member as she draws her slips slowly off my cock.

With her mouth free of my dick, my cock explodes, shooting a stream of hot cum her cheek. The second blasts shoots over her shoulder as I moan with delight. She gasps with pleasure at seeing the rest of the cum fall from my dick. The water washing down her face, slowly pushes the cum from her cheek, off her chin, and between her breasts.

Kelli turns, washing my cum from her body before she turns off the water.

“Follow me,” she commands, grabbing my hand and leading me back into her bedroom.

Naked, Kelli sits on the edge of the bed, still holding my hand. I bend down to kiss her. We make out for a moment, our lips never leaving the others. I rest my hands on the bed at her sides, nervous about where this may lead us, anxious about what will happen next.

Breathlessly, she breaks away. “Have you ever eaten a girl out?” she asks.

“No,” I nervously reply. My eyes drop to avoid contact and I see the gentle patch of reddish-blond hair between her legs. “I’ve seen it done . . . in movies,” I weakly admit.

Kelli lays back on the comforter and slides back slightly. One pale, damp legs rests against my shoulder; she uses this to pull me closer, downward.

“Just kiss it like you were kissing me,” she requests.

Her leg is warm next to my face, so hot the shower water should steam right off her body. My smooth, shaven face glides along the inside of her thigh. Shy, I kiss her thigh inside, preparing myself for the unknown. My chin touches her other leg and she spreads her legs a little more for me.

I can smell her sweet scent and know I’m going to like it.

My lips lightly touch her delicate pussy lips. The wisps of hair brush against my nose. I kiss only the outside at first; slowly, softly. But a moan rolls within her throat, I know I’m doing the right thing. I kiss a little more passionately, pressing my lips to her, sucking on one lip, biting down just enough, feeling the lips swell beneath my kiss.

Her legs spread wider.

Daringly, I slip my tongue just into her slit.

“Oh,” Kelli groans, arching her back ever so slightly.

My tongue darts in again, slipping up and down her pussy crack. I taste her juices. While her mouth tasted like the strawberry lip gloss she uses, her pussy tasted differently, like an intoxication. Going deeper, I lapped harder, burying my face into her snatch. My nose teases her clit as tongue laps at the slick, pink walls dripping with her heavenly juices.

Her moans get louder, her hips gyrating upon the comforter as my lips discover her clit. I kiss it gently, allowing my lips to analyze the wondrous joy-button of her womanhood. My tongue flicks at it, teasing it, testing the sensitivity; each time causes her hips to buck against my mouth in pleasure.

Kelli squeals with delight as I suck on it, lap it lovingly with my solid, wet tongue. I place a hand under her thigh, stroke up the back of her leg to her nicely rounded buttocks. Clinging her ass, I lift her upward to eat her out at a different angle.

I feel her other leg extend towards me, slowly rolling down my chest. Her toes probe for my dick. Blindly, she finds it. Her toes rub along the length of my solid shaft. She finds the soft skin of my balls, hard and swollen. I move to rub my cock along the inside of her leg. The arousal makes me want to devour her even more, which only serves to make me harder.

Suddenly, her hands lash out to the sides. She grabs the blanket and clenches it tightly. One hand reaches above her, searching for a pillow. Finding one, she pulls it to her face and screams with delight as spasms rock against my hungry mouth.

But I can’t stop.

I’m enjoying it too much.

And so is Kelli.

I want more.

And so does Kelli.

With a moist mouth, I continue. She tries to playfully escape me by pushing up higher on the bed. I follow, crawling on the bed along with her.

“Fuck me,” she whispers between breaths.

I’m stunned by these words. I stop and kneel over her. I’ve heard this words said in movies, but never have they been said to me, and certainly not by someone so lovely, so kind.

Kelli reaches for a bedside table. Searching around, she finds a condom. She tears into the wrapper and beacons me closer. Looking me in the eye, she places the condom against the tip of my dick. Expertly, she blindly rolls it down my shaft. The condom is so tight and her hands are so warm, I want to cum, to blow my load, but the look in her eyes pleads with me to hold back.

Kelli strokes my balls lightly güvenilir casino and kisses me on the lips. With one hand on my back, she draws me to her. My pulsating cock knocks around her pussy lips but never find the opening.

“Here, let me,” she whispers. She gazes into my eyes and sees the innocence within. Grasping my cock, she pauses at her entrance and says, “Make love to me.”

When she lets go, I know that’s my signal and a slowly sink down inside of her until my pelvis against her hips means I can’t go any further. She throws her head back, arching slightly, her mouth gaping open as she accepts my full throbbing member into her tight twat. My heart is racing against her breast; I know what the movies show, but know that can’t be what real life is about.

I slide my cock halfway out; the sensation is mind-blowing. A tingle runs throughout my body and I find myself plunging back into her again. Her eyes close and she bites her lip, groaning with every thrust. I keep it slow, allowing her to feel every inch of my cock moving within her as I fight to keep from cumming to early. I move in circles; left and out, right and in. Repeating this movement as her feel her legs extend and curl around my buttocks. Her hands are on my shoulders, running down my hard chest to the top of my abs and around my back. She pulls me tightly to her and I go a little faster; straight in and up, back out and down.

Kelli is kissing my neck, nibbling on my earlobe. “Harder,” she whispers.

Upon command, my hips start bucking harder, faster. Moans escape her mouth with every thrust.

“Oh,” she whispers. “Oh, yeah.”

Her voice is soft, almost too delicate to understand.

“Oh, God yes.”

My mind is at a loss for words. I’m concentrating on pleasuring this gorgeous woman beneath me while trying to keep myself from cumming. I fear my dick will literally explode.

I prop myself up, my arms fully extended. I pull out and look down between us. My green-covered cock bobs eagerly, almost questioning me why I stopped. I slip back inside of Kelli, probing deep into her pussy. She grunts and gasps. I slowly slide my dick all the way out again, pause, and gently plunge back into her.

“Oh, God! Oh, fuck! Are you sure you’re a virgin?” she whispers. “Oh, God. I love your dick inside of me.”

I’m unable to pull all the way out anymore; halfway is about as far as I can make it. My mind is numb, tired from holding back. I lay upon Kelli, feeling her perfect breasts against my chest. My hands wrap around her back and she feels me sink into her hard. Her body tightens around mine.

“Yes! Yes!” she exclaims, knowing what is happening. In the excitement, she loosens her grip upon my body. “Wait,” she requests.

Stunned, I stop with my dick halfway out of her pussy.

“Why?” I ask.

“I want to show you something.”

Now, I’m nervous. I’ve heard horror stories about situations just like this that happen to naive Marines overseas. But she guides to me lay upon my back and she rolls over with me. She is sitting above my pelvis, my cock pointed towards the sky. She reaches behind her, feels the latex covering my dick, and lines it up with her pussy. I watch briefly before turning my eyes upwards. I see her pert breasts standing proudly and a lovely look of euphoria upon her face. Her hazel-green eyes sparkle as she lowers herself down upon my shaft.

She bucks and rides upon my hips, controlling every thrust. It is wonderful and I can’t imagine ever stopping. I press back into the bed as tightly as the mattress will allow. I thrust my hips up to meet and watch her tits bounce. Then, she leans forward, her tits hanging right in front of my face. She sways her shoulders, teasing them in front of me. I raise my head up to let them beat against my face while Kelli rolls her hips, teasing my cock. She rolls faster and faster, her hips no longer rolling, no longer swaying, but slamming straight up and down on my cock.

I grab her hips, grab her ass, and guide her down, helping her slam against me, holding her down for a moment to enjoy the sensation of being deep inside of her before letting her float back up and do it all over again.

“Oh, God,” I moan.

“Yes, yes, fucking God, yes,” Kelli screams.

Her hair is in my face. I love it.

Her breasts are against my chest. I love it.

Her pussy surrounds my cock. I love it.

But I can’t take anymore.

“I’m going to cum,” I whisper into her ear.

She answers with a moan and a harder thrust against me. I think she doesn’t hear me.

“I’m going to cum,” I say louder.

Kelli pushes herself upward, using my chest. “So cum,” she says, dragging her fingernails down my abs as she arches her back and nearly falls between my legs.

It’s electric.

It’s fireworks.

It’s the explosion that puts the exclamation point at the end of pure pleasure.

My cum gushes against the condom.

Her cum gushes against the condom.

Kelli screams with pleasure as I moan with delight. She collapses forward, laying against me. The walls of her pussy pulsate against my throbbing cock.

Breathlessly and dripping with sweat, we both look at each other. A smile spreads across her face.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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