Music Man

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Thanks as always to Todger65 for editing. This is my first story under the erotic couplings category. I hope you enjoy it.


Music Man

Love Lost And Found

David finished up his last set for the evening and began breaking down his equipment. His thoughts were on his lagging career, ‘Another successful night, not that anyone that matters noticed.’ Like thousands of singer-song writers performing across the country, David had talent, loads of it. What he didn’t have was the career defining bump he needed to make it big. The small venues that he played were always packed and he made a reasonable middle-class income. But that was as far as he ever seemed to get.

He had packed his beloved guitar away and had begun the process of sorting patch cords when he noticed someone approaching him. He always made time for fans, so he stopped what he was doing and turned toward the man, ready to talk or provide an autograph.

“David Sloan?”

“Yes, that would be me. How are you?”

The man held out an envelope and David reached for it assuming it was something that the person wanted autographed. As soon as he grasped it the man spoke, “You have been served.” He then turned and walked away, leaving a stunned musician standing in confusion.

David opened the envelope and pulled out the document inside. The heading told him what he needed to know, and absolutely nothing regarding why. His wife of ten years had just served him divorce papers. He couldn’t understand it. It made no sense to him. He loved his wife and was convinced that their marriage was solid. Sure, she complained about his focus on his music and the late nights he spent playing, but she knew music was his passion.

He called home, but the phone went to voicemail. A call to his wife’s cell phone resulted in an automated message that the number was no longer in use. He drove home a nervous wreck only to find that his key didn’t work. He pounded on the door to get his wife’s attention and within minutes a police car pulled up. The officer informed him that he was not allowed within five hundred feet of the residence.

David drove around the city for an hour trying to understand what was happening. At three in the morning, he parked in front of his friend’s house, tilted his seat back, and tried to sleep.


David blinked his eyes as the sun shone through the windshield. The knocking on the driver’s side glass had stopped and he turned his head to see his friend Stan standing by his door, hand raised. David rolled down the window, “Hey Stan. Sorry about the surprise visit.”

“Not that I mind, but what are you doing here?”

“Maria served me with divorce papers last night. I am not allowed near my house, and she won’t answer the phone. I don’t know what the fuck is going on!”

“Holy fuck! I thought you guys were fine.”

“I thought so too. I don’t know what to do.”

“Come into the house and we will figure something out. Come on. Out of the car. Let’s go.”

David opened his door and climbed out of the car, “I’m sorry man. I just didn’t know where else to go.”

“Don’t’ worry about it. Just come inside.”

Once in the house Stan sat David down at the kitchen table, “Look Dave, I have to go to work. I will let Loran know you’re here. Why don’t you get a shower and lie down in the spare room? We can talk when I get home. OK?”

“Sure. Hell, I don’t have any clothes. I don’t have shit. It is all at the house.”

“Maybe Loran can take you to pick up a few things. I need to talk to Loran and get going. I will see you when I get home.”

Stan went to the bedroom to talk to his wife and David shuffled down the hall after him. The hot shower settled the fatigue deep into his bones. Exhaustion overtook him when he laid down and he was asleep within minutes.


David awoke confused, then his situation fell on him like a ton of bricks. Tears ran down his face not only because his wife wanted a divorce, but also because he didn’t understand why. He got himself together and walked from the bedroom to the kitchen. Loran was standing by the sink when he entered the room. He couldn’t help but smile when he saw her.

It is funny how life works. Loran and David had been close friends in high school. Loran didn’t know it, but David had a serious crush on her. He wanted so much to tell her, but he was torn. He was afraid if she rebuffed him, he would lose her as a friend. He couldn’t stand the thought of losing her friendship. Then Stan entered their lives and sort of took over.

Stan transferred into their school in their junior year and immediately latched onto the two friends. Stan was self-confident to the point of being overbearing. He didn’t hesitate to pursue Loran and David lost his chance. The three were nearly inseparable but as time went by David felt more and more like he eryaman genç escort was just tagging along. After graduation David felt like he didn’t belong anymore. His music made him a night owl while Stan seemed to plan everything for the early part of the day. It never occurred to David that Stan was intentionally pushing him away. He just figured that his music career was the issue. David gradually faded from the friendship and spent two years traveling and performing.

When he finally settled back in town David managed to get an ongoing gig that paid the bills and allowed him time to write and record. Stan and Loran had married, and he reconnected with them. They had a regular dinner date to catch up. On occasions they would go clubbing together, but David always ended up feeling uncomfortable. Stan had a habit of pawing Loran possessively when he was drinking.

One evening he met Maria and they hit it off. He found that in her arms he could forget about Loran and the love that never happened. He was happy with Maria. Apparently, she wasn’t happy with him.

Now he stood in the kitchen and watched Loran. She was now thirty-one and still looked the same to him as she did in high school, “Hey Loran.”

She turned and flashed that wonderful smile, “Hey you too. Want some coffee?”

“That would be great.”

Loran fixed him up with a cup and the sat at the kitchen table. Loran looked at David with sympathy, “So, Maria huh. What’s going on?”

David’s eyes were wet, “I don’t know. I didn’t think anything was wrong, then boom!”

“Wow. OK, let’s call her.”

“She won’t’ answer when I call the house and she changed her cell phone number.”

“I’ll call her. Maybe she will answer if it is me. I’ll put it on speaker so you can hear.”

Putting action to words she called Maria.


“Maria, it’s Loran. David is sitting at my kitchen table. Would you please tell him what is going on?”

“It’s simple. I have had enough, and I want out. I’m tired of his constant pursuit of a music career that isn’t going to happen. I’m tired of spending every weekend alone waiting for him to come home and sleep half the day away. I’m done.”

David was stunned, “Why didn’t you talk to me about it? You know I love you and would do anything for you.”

“You are oblivious David. I’m not doing this. Sign the papers or I will sue, and you will have nothing. Goodbye!”

Loran and David sat stunned. Finally, Loran pulled David into a hug, “It will be alright Dave. Stan and I are here for you. Let me make you breakfast, and I will run over to your house. Surely Maria will give me your clothes and stuff.”

While David ate Loran drove over and Maria met her at the door. Two suitcases sat on the porch, “Here take his shit. He can have the rest of it when he signs the papers.” She closed the door in Loran’s face.

Loran returned home and David walked out to the car. He unloaded the suitcases in grief filled silence. Loran’s heart went out to him. She had no more of a clue than he did about what was going on with his wife. She did know that he didn’t deserve to be treated this way.

Loran watched as David, with shoulders slumped, carried his suitcases to the guest room. He returned fifteen minutes later, his face freshly washed, but his eyes still red. He had obviously been crying and again Loran’s heart nearly burst with sympathy. They sat back down at the kitchen table. She could see that David wanted to talk about something and finally prodded him, “Talk to me David.”

“I just tried to access our joint account and I have been blocked. She’s cut me off from our account. The only money I have is in my pocket. I don’t know what to do.”

Loran laid her hand on his, “First of all you are welcome to stay here as long as you need. Secondly, you need a lawyer. You cannot deal with this without legal help. Let’s find you a lawyer and get things rolling.” Loran knew that the best thing for David right now was to not only stay busy, but also to be proactive in helping himself. She felt total disgust with Maria. You don’t treat someone you love, or once loved, the way Maria was treating David. It wasn’t right and it really pissed her off.

A few phone calls later David had an appointment setup for the following day. Loran smiled at David as he hung up the phone, “Now that you have the ball rolling why don’t you play for me?”

“You want to hear me play?”

“I love to hear you play.”

David looked pensive, “It’s funny but Maria didn’t like to hear me play. I always practiced and wrote in the garage. She said the noise interfered with her shows.”

“Now I am convinced that Maria is an idiot. Your music is amazing, and you play guitar wonderfully. Would you play for me? Please?”

They settled in the living room. Loran sat back in the recliner and David began to ankara escort bayan play. Loran’s eyes were closed, and a smile lit her face as she listened. David played a few of his standards before gradually getting more maudlin, delving into sad songs. He noticed a tear leak down Loran’s cheek as she listened to an exceptionally sad song. He felt horrible at making her cry and began playing an upbeat, danceable, song.

Loran’s reaction was immediate. She jumped up from the recliner and began to dance around the living room. David couldn’t help but smile as he watched her joyfully dance around the room. Her eyes glistened with happiness as she danced and watched him play. For the moment David forgot his grief and his heart swelled as he watched his dear friend dance. It suddenly hit him how much he had missed her joyful spirit over the years of his marriage, and he wondered how things might have been.


Stan returned home from work that evening to find Loran and David playing cards at the dining room table. He walked over and stood behind Loran, “What a day. It was a shit show from the moment I got to work and didn’t get better.”

Loran looked at her husband, “Honey, you say that every day. Surely you have a good day every once in a while.

“You would think, but nope.” He stood and watched them play for a few minutes before laying both hands on Loran’s shoulders, “I’m hungry. Why don’t you start dinner, and I will fill in for you?”

“It won’t take us long to finish the game. I’ll start dinner in a few minutes.”

“I’ve had a bad day and I am hungry. I don’t feel like waiting.”

Loran frowned but quietly stood and went to the kitchen. Stan sat down in her place, “Babe, bring me a beer while you are up.”

David wasn’t happy with the way Stan talked to Loran. It also didn’t help his mood when Stan blatantly cheated at cards. Deciding that that the game wasn’t much fun anymore, he let Stan win just to end it.

Dinner was dominated by Stan talking about his day. In his opinion he wasn’t appreciated or respected nearly as much as he should be. David was concerned that his friend had let the worst parts of his personality dominate him more and more as the years went by. He didn’t like the change in his friend but had no clue as to what he could do about it.

David was, at heart, a kind and empathic person who likes to make people happy. He will often defer his own wants to give someone else what they want. Not because he is weak, but because his wants are not as important to him as another person’s happiness. Still, it would be a mistake to overlook the inner steel in David. He wouldn’t hesitate to make clear his position and would defend it at all costs if the situation called for it. David is kind, but that doesn’t mean he is weak.

David cringed when he saw Stan grab Loran’s ass as she stood to go to the kitchen. It wasn’t a cute little sneaky grab between two giddy lovers. It was a blatant grab of possession intended to show David who the main man was. There was no doubt in David’s mind that Stan was sending a message that was loud and clear, this is mine. It pissed David off that Stan would even think he needed to pull such a stunt. David loved Loran and would never hit on her or interfere in her marriage. David bit his tongue and returned to his dinner.

After dinner Stan plopped on the couch while David helped Loran clear the table. They were washing the dishes when a frowning Loran spoke, “I’m sorry you had to see that. He never does that grabby stuff unless there is another man around. It makes me feel like property and I get mad as hell about it.”

David looked at her kindly, “You don’t need to apologize because you didn’t do anything wrong. I understand your frustration. Maybe you should talk to him about it?”

“I’ve tried but he doesn’t see anything wrong with his behavior.”

“I’m sorry Loran. I don’t know what to tell you.” David felt bad for Loran, but it wasn’t his place to have an opinion or to give advice about the situation.

Dishes washed and put away they wandered into the living room to watch television. Stan was stretched out on the couch and David could see the recliner next to the couch was where Loran normally sat. The scrunched up Snoopy pillow and Peanuts blanket were a dead giveaway. David sat in the opposite recliner. As Loran walked to her recliner Stan reached out and grabbed her hand, pulling her toward him, “Lay on the couch with me.”

Loran, slightly off balance, nearly fell onto the couch. Stan grabbed her ass to ‘help’ her. At first Loran just went with it but David could see the anger on her face from his chair. All the sudden watching television didn’t seem like such a good idea. Loran sat up on the couch and looked at Stan, “If I am going to lay on the couch I might as well change for bed.”

Stan sincan escort smirked, “Yeh babe. Why don’t you do that. Wear something nice and comfortable.”

Loran knew that he wanted to continue his dominance games, so she decided to call his bluff. If he wanted to show off his property, she would make sure that the show was entertaining for David. Maybe Stan would re-think his caveman approach. She stripped her clothes off and stood nude thinking. A few moments later, her mind made up, she pulled a silk nightgown over her head. The opaque silk covered her pert breasts while accentuated them. Her nipples were becoming erect from both the feel of the silk and the feisty thoughts running through her head. She found the idea of showing off for David erotic as hell.

Stan did a double take when she walked back into the room and approached the couch. Loran laid down and snuggled back against her husband. His hand naturally fell onto her flank, and he rubbed his hand on the silk as they watched television. It was a nearly subconscious act. The feel of the silk on his hand was pleasant and so he rubbed the silk. The result was that the night shirt gradually slid up her legs, revealing more of them as the minutes passed.

David’s eyes were drawn to the torturously slow reveal. Loran had nice legs and as the night shirt rose so did David’s erection. He was painfully hard and had no way to hide it if Loran chose to look. There was no way he could stand up and leave the room without revealing his state. She seemed to be watching the show intently and he could only hope that she continued to do so. The more the night shirt revealed, the more he began to think that he would like her to see what she was doing to him. He mentally slapped himself but that didn’t stop the affect she was having on him.

When the night shirt slid up far enough that David could see the shadow of her pussy Loran abruptly stood. She said, “I’m going to bed,” and left the room. She walked around the chair David was sitting in and looked down. She smiled to herself at what she saw. For David’s part, he couldn’t take his eyes off her slender body as she walked around him. He had never left the friend zone with Loran, not that he hadn’t wanted to. Now he was feeling intense attraction to her again. He knew how that made him feel, he just didn’t know what he could possibly do about it.

He went to the guest room shortly after Loran left and got ready for bed. The erection Loran had caused was still a rigid pole as he laid back. He ran his fingers up and down it, caressing it, as he thought about Loran’ legs and her erect nipples pressing against the silk. He gripped his erection and slowly began to stroke as he remembered the slow slide of the silk up her legs. His imagination took over and he envisioned the reveal of her neatly trimmed pussy. His orgasm shocked him in its immediacy and its intensity. It had been weeks since he had sex with Maria and the amount of cum he produced was prodigious. He did his best not to drip all over the floor as he went to the guest bath to clean up. His erection was still making its presence known as he did.

Loran laid down on her own bed as her husband continued to watch television. She knew he wouldn’t come to bed for at least another hour. When he did, he would go right to sleep, without so much as a kiss goodnight. The same way he had for months now. She almost wished he would come to bed. She was extremely aroused and would have liked to have sex. Even the abrupt and totally selfish sex her husband provided. As horny as she was, she thought she might just have time to get off before he did.

Fifteen minutes later Loran was running her fingers up and down her labia and rubbing her clit. She couldn’t stand it anymore and she needed some release. She couldn’t help but think of the bulge she saw in David’s pants as she went to bed. He was obviously very well endowed, much larger than Stan. As she caressed herself, she thought about David pulling that big cock out and stroking it as he watched her slowly reveal her pussy. Her imagination took over and her night shirt continued to rise, revealing her wet pussy to him. He would stroke his cock as he looked at her wetness until his cum shot out onto his stomach. The orgasm that rocked her was the best she had experienced in years.


David’s lawyer reviewed the divorce documents and made a few recommendations. First, David should not under any circumstances sign the documents that Maria had provided. Secondly, they needed the services of a private detective. Something strange was going on and they needed to find out what it was. It took the detective a total of four hours over two days to get the story.

Saturday night while David played music at the local club the detective was watching his housed. Maria left the house dressed to kill and got into a car driven by one Charles Dixon. Charles drove her directly to his own home and the two entered. An hour later they came out and he drove her home. The next afternoon the detective approached Charles at his local watering hole, got him drunk, and got him talking.

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