Meeting Nick!

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We’ve been talking for so long no one should feel any nerves, but sitting at the edge of the bed in this hotel, I do, I’m racked with them.

You can never judge what someone’s reaction is going to be, I’m crippled with doubt because the reaction is not usually the one I want, and I’m worried this one will be no different.

I’ve made an effort, I’m not in my usual jeans and T shirt, I’ve swapped it for a black dress, tights and shoes, underneath a matching underwear set, although I have not deviated from my usual colour they are still black!

I feel self conscious, uncomfortable and so out of my comfort zone.

I hear the door open and I inwardly cringe, this is crunch time, I look up and catch his eyes and he smiles and he’s so gorgeous when he smiles I can’t help but smile back, I can feel my grin stretching from ear to ear. He’s taller than what I imagined but I love that.

He comes and stands in front of me at the bed and taking my hands pulls me to my feet, twirling me round, raising an eyebrow and saying “No jeans”. No I reply blushing. It’s at that point he takes my face in his hands and kisses me and I am lost, my body betrays me, I remember all his words on screen and everything zones into that one kiss, my nipples harden, moisture flows to my pussy and I moan, a long low moan that leaves my intentions very clear.

His hands trace the outline of my breasts against the fabric of my dress and again I moan, pushing myself forward into his touch, my hands going to his shirt to undo the buttons, sliding it from his shoulders, my hands moving to his cool skin, tracing his collar bone, running my fingers down his chest to his nipples, tracing the outline with my fingertips, before replacing them with my tongue. Sucking and licking etimesgut escort his nipples.

This time it is his turn to moan as his arms go around me, pushing me back towards the bed and laying me down gently, kissing me passionately as his hands slide up my thighs and under my dress. He can smell my sex, how could he not, I’m soaking wet and already on fire, as he slides my tights down my legs caressing me as he goes. Taking one ankle in each hand, he spreads my legs wide and kneels in front of me, my hands go to stop him but he tells me to relax, to let go. When I feel his tongue gently pushing against the fabric of my soaking panties I know I will, I don’t want him to stop, his tongue so insistent against me, as he sucks my juice right from the fabric.

My eyes are closed, my head pushed into the pillows, I can feel my orgasm building already I am not going to last long. He slides up the bed towards me, and kisses me, a deep kiss with his tongue probing against mine and I can feel his hands slide down the front of my knickers, his middle finger sliding over my clit, down the line and straight up my cunt. I moan against him, lifting my hips against his finger, unable to kiss, my mouth open mid moan, he just leans back and watches my face as his finger probes my cunt!

I’m soaking wet and I can hear the noise of his finger penetrating me again and again before he adds a second, when his thumb moves to my clit as well, I start to cum, biting my lip to keep from screaming the force of my orgasm taking me by surprise. Again and again I pulse against his fingers and their relentless pressure on my cunt. Breathless I kiss him and pull him up towards me on the bed, taking his cock in my hand and sliding it against my cunt, coating etimesgut escort bayan it with my juice before making him lie on his back!

Kissing my way down his body, I let his rock hard cock, settle between my tits, pushing them together around his hardness, working them up and down on his stiff hard cock, now his hips start to lift fucking my tits, loving how easily his cum coated cock slides between them. I want him to cum quickly too, I want us both to be able to last when we fuck!

Looking him straight in the eye and licking my lips I move further down his body, my tongue settling against the head of his cock, my hand circling him and starting to wank him. My teeth grazing against his swollen head as I slide my tongue down his full length, right to his balls, which I lick and suck, before sliding my tongue all the way to the top.

Alternating between using my hand and my mouth, I wank and suck him, all the time watching him, his hand in my hair, pulling gently and guiding me onto his cock as he fucks my mouth, his moans getting louder the closer he gets to orgasm! He tells me he’s about to cum and asks if I want to stop and I say no, I’m going to suck his cock till he explodes in my mouth, which he does about 10 seconds later at the thought of it!

I lick my lips, tasting the combination of our juices, I am half straddling him as his hands slide from my hips, up my sides and onto my tits, his thumbs finding the nipples so hard and sensitive after my orgasm.

I can feel my cunt awaken again to his touch. He flips me over so I am beneath him, his long body covering mine, his leg pushing between mine, his lips and tongue on my nipples making me moan. My hands go to his shoulders, my nails tracing escort etimesgut a line down his back.

Taking his cock in his hand he slides it from my clit down to the entrance of my cunt and teases me by just inching the head in, then removing it again and repeating the same process. “Fuck me baby” I whisper in his ear “fuck my soaking wet cunt, I need you inside me”.

Slowly inch by inch he slides that gorgeous cock inside me, my hands go above my head to push against the wall onto his cock and he pins my wrists down gently, my legs widen, I want him as deep inside me as he can go. When he is fully inside me he starts to slowly fuck me, I’m so turned on I am losing control and pulling against his hands on my wrists but he holds me still, I know he will let me go if I need.

Again and again he fucks me, the concentration on his face visible, my cunt tight against his rock hard cock, massaging him as I tighten my muscles. My legs wrap around his back, my feet crossing just under his butt and pulling him closer to me, his balls covered with my juice slapping against me with each stroke, his lips on my breasts as I stretch against his arms.

My eyes closed, moaning his name, begging him to fuck me harder, I’m about to explode for a second time but I want him to cum with me, to fill me with his hot jets of cum. I’m so close my nails are digging into his back, his moans and mine getting louder, cum for me lover I whisper in his ear because I am going to explode for you.

And I do, with an orgasm that comes right from my core, biting into his shoulder, waves of pleasure coursing though me, my cunt massaging his cock as it spasms, which sends him over the edge, I can tell by the look on his face, his hands leave my wrists and his arms go around me under my shoulders allowing him to lever and plunge himself into my spasming cunt as he explodes, hot jets of cum shooting deep inside me. Kissing me as he pumps again and again, making me cum for a 3rd time.

When we get our breath back, I can only smile when he leans over, kisses me and says “Hey you”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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