Ella’s Desire

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Ella stood completely naked in front of her mirror and admired her body. She was absolutely stunning. At 26, she had a very refined body, probably from all the running she did. Short blonde hair that stopped just above her shoulders, stunning brown eyes that just drew you into them, and glasses that gave her a sort of sexy librarian look, but not in a porn star way, more in a girl next door type way.

She had 34B breasts, that looked small enough to be a perfect handful, but always pushed out just enough in her tighter tops to draw some eyes if they were that way inclined. A beautifully flat tummy then lead her gaze down to her neatly trimmed bush. She’d only ever completely shaved down there once, and quickly decided that she couldn’t be bothered to do it as often as would be needed to keep herself bald, but she enjoyed keeping her pubic hair to a minimum. Enough to maintain easily, but short enough to make life easy both for her and any partner. Below that bush, Ella could just her pussy lips peeking out between her legs, still a little puffy from the fun she’d had with her fingers just before her shower.

That was when she had decided that she was going out tonight. Not to do anything too crazy, she thought, but just to get some male (or female, she wasn’t fussy) attention and hopefully give her enough fuel for a second, or maybe even third round later tonight.

Talking about going out, she thought, better start getting ready or she would be late to the club, and the queue was going to be long enough already. Not that a stunning 26 year old with her legs on display couldn’t persuade a bouncer any night of the week, and Ella had every intention of having her legs on display.

She picked out her favourite dress, black and tight, that was revealing enough to say that she wanted to have fun, but not so revealing as to make her look easy. She pulled the dress up her 5’9 figure, making sure that it hugged her boobs just right and showed off the perfect amount of leg. Ella had considered going without underwear, but decided that she wasn’t that desperate and that they were never much of an obstacle anyway.

The taxi pulled up at the club and Ella got out, already starting to draw attention from some of the guys. She flashed a smile at a couple of the guys, and winked at a cute brunette that was checking her out, before starting to walk to the front of the queue. It was long, longer than she’d expected, but the bouncer was exactly as she’d expected and very soon she was in the club and making her way to the bar.

She ordered a pink gin and lemonade, paid the painfully large amount of money, and then made her way over to the side of the club, up a few steps to the cluster of booths and leant against a wall, where she could see the area a lot better.

Ella always liked to scope out a dance floor before she joined in. Partly to spot if there were any potentially dodgy guys, partly to spot if there were any hot ones, and partly to give her a chance to get some alcohol in her system before she immersed herself in the sweaty mass of writhing bodies before her. She spotted one man: quite tall, medium length hair (probably brown but it was too dark to tell) and what looked like a very well toned body, although he was strangely wearing a grey two-piece suit so it wasn’t easy to tell. He was very attractive, but he seemed to be dancing with one specific woman, so Ella guessed he was probably with her.

She sipped at her gin and lemonade, noting that they had picked a very good quality gin. She could probably have guessed the brand if she’d tried, but that wasn’t what she was here for. She downed her drink, gave one last look over the dance floor, and then entered the fray.

Immediately she was swallowed by what was essentially one organism made up of many human bodies, all writhing and grinding and desperately trying to get the music into every inch of their bodies. The music was deafeningly loud too. It was loud as soon as Ella has entered the club, it was loud outside as well, but it was so much louder on the dance floor that Ella guessed the spot had been perfectly placed, along with the speakers, to work with the acoustics of the room so that all the sound culminated here. She just about had time to wish that she’d grabbed another drink before the song ended and a new one immediately started, much the same but different enough that the rhythm of the organism changed and she was thrown slightly out of time.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been caught out of time while within a whole group of people, but it’s very disorientating. Ella had just about enough time to wish that she hadn’t decided to come before she found herself whisked around and suddenly she was face to face with the tall man that she’d spotted earlier. Well, she was face to pecs, which was exactly where her hands flew up to, steadying herself on this man with one hand either side of his red tie, feeling the body beneath the white shirt and noting that he was, eryaman genç escort in fact, just as toned as she’d hoped, and significantly taller than she’d expected.

Ella suddenly realised that she was gripping the mans pecs and quickly moved her hands off him, looking up into his face and noticing that he was smiling at her, the sort of half laugh half smile a tall, very toned man gets when he rescues a girl only to be groped by her immediately after.

He said something to her, which Ella couldn’t hear, but she read his lips well enough to make out “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” she shouted back, pretty sure that he also couldn’t hear but hoping that he could also read her lips. “Sorry,” she added on afterwards, not quite sure what she was apologising for.

The man took her hand and led her off the dance floor, back to the cluster of booths at the side.

“Thank you,” she said, relieved that they could talk now (even if they did have to still shout), and relieved that she was out of there for now. She wanted to go back in, but not before she’d had another drink or two; it had been much longer since she’d done this than she’d thought.

“No problem,” the man smiled at her again, “you looked a little panicked.”

“Just a bit thrown off is all,” Ella replied, noticing again quite how attractive this man standing before her was.

“Do you want another drink? Pink gin and tonic right? No. Lemonade. I know that party girls like you don’t tend to go for tonic.” He winked at Ella, putting butterflies into her stomach, where some of them obviously decided that it was winter and started to fly a little further south.

“How did you…”

“I clocked you as soon as you came in,” he replied, smiling again, “you are too pretty a girl not to notice. I saw you grab a drink and then come over here to check out the place. Smart move by the way. I’ll be back in a second.” He walked over to the bar and was back with the drinks in no time.

“There you go,” he said, handing Ella her drink, which she quickly downed half of. “Are you planning to get back in there?”

“Yes, after another one of these.” Ella smiled up at him, realising that he had a perfect view down her dress if he chose to look that way, although he had kept his eyes locked on hers the entire time so far. A perfect gentlemen, Ella thought. Usually they were the most fun in bed, releasing all the sexual tension that they had kept locked away at any other time.

Ella looked back out to the dance floor, looking for the girl that she’d spotted him with earlier, but she was nowhere to be seen. She looked back at him and decided that if any time was right, now was it. She downed the rest of her drink (two would have to be enough) and took his hand, leading him back onto the dance floor.

It was different this time, she wasn’t being swallowed by the organism, she was joining it, her hand still on her tether to the outside world. The tether followed her in, grabbing her and spinning her around until she was facing him again, her hands back on his pecs.

He gave her a questioning glance and she just smiled back at him. Time to make things interesting.

Ella danced around the man like he was a Vegas stripper pole and she was raking in the world’s collection of one dollar bills. He responded instantly, moulding to her movements and letting his hands wander over her body, toucher her, guiding her, but never straying too far from the safe zones of her sides and abdomen.

Ella decided to turn things up a notch and started grinding on him. She also grabbed his hands and moved one of them a little higher, to just below her breasts, and one of them a little lower, onto her ass. The hand on her ass was quickly removed as both hands moved up to grab a hold of her boobs as Ella turned around and started to grind her ass onto him, at first on his leg but soon enough she moved round so that she was grinding directly onto his cock, a cock that was starting to grow. Ella felt it move within his suit trousers, and he started to grind back into her as he kneaded her boobs, palming her nipples and causing her to gasp. She felt his lips on her neck and then a voice whispered into her ear

“I hope you know what you’re doing, because once we go down this road we won’t stop until I have you satisfied. If you’re just having fun then walk away now and no hard feelings. If you want me to give you what I think you really want, then let me know and I’ll take you somewhere.”

Ella didn’t say anything to this but kept grinding into what was now a fully erect cock. She felt, rather than heard, him moan, since her head was leaning against his chest and it was too loud to hear anything that was not said directly into her ear. One of his hands started to move down her body, across her abdomen and reached up under her dress. Ella panicked for a second, thinking that people might see, before realising that everyone was so drunk, and so preoccupied in grinding against their own ankara escort bayan partners, or just anyone, that nobody would notice.

She only just had time to process that thought before the man’s fingers met what was now a very wet pair of panties. Ella hadn’t realised quite how wet she had gotten while she was grinding, and was almost regretting wearing any underwear when, as she had predicted, they ceased to be an obstacle as the man pushed them to the side and his fingers quickly found her clit.

The loudness of the music, which had been a source of annoyance earlier, quickly became a good thing in Ella’s mind as she moaned out loud at the feeling of fingers other than her own on her clit for the first time in a very long time. And these were experienced fingers too.

He slowly circled Ella’s clit, speeding up, and then dying back down again, switching directions and speeding up again, before dipping down to her entrance and getting some of her wetness, spreading it over her pussy and using it as lube to allow him to put more pressure back on her clit. After just a couple of minutes of this immense pleasure, Ella heard the voice in her ear again

“I want you to cum for me.”

That was all Ella needed as the feeling built up quickly in her pussy, rested on the edge for a second just as the fingers moved back to her clit and pinched it gently, before she exploded into orgasm, her body shaking and quivering in his arms, causing moans so loud to pour out of her mouth that she was worried people would be able to hear her above the music.

Ella turned round and looked into his face, pulling him in for a kiss. Her tongue intertwined with his, battling for a second and then submitting to his dominance.

He pulled away and took her hand, leading her out of the mass of people and through a back door into a storage room.

The room was empty, except for a few empty bottles. Ella guessed that this was probably the clubs, first storage room, where they kept all the drinks for the first half of the night before moving onto another storage room for the rest of the drinks. She didn’t have much time to think about it though as she found herself pushed against a wall and a tongue in her mouth yet again.

Ella kissed him back, desperate to get as much of this man as she could before he pulled away and started kissing down her body. The top of her dress was pulled down and he sucked on her right nipple, flicking it back and forth with his tongue before gently nibbling it and moving over to do the same to the left one. At the same time Ella’s panties had somehow ended up most of the way down her legs and his fingers were back on her clit, causing her to start moaning again.

He quickly put his hand over her mouth and halted his assault on her nipples.

“You’re going to have to be quiet this time, we haven’t got the music to cover you,” he said softly, his fingers still lightly circling Ella’s clit. “Can you do that for me?”

Ella nodded slightly, but he kept his hand over her mouth as he started kissing his way further down her body, skipping over her dress and starting to kiss her pubis. Ella knew what was coming but was still surprised and moaned into his hand at the first touch of his tongue on her clit. The hand very quickly dropped from her mouth and rested around her throat, gently squeezing each side and blocking off the air flow, quietening Ella’s moans while also heightening her pleasure. She’d never been choked before but found that she was very much enjoying it, although the tongue that was now working it’s way between her pussy lips was probably a big part of that.

He sucked Ella’s pussy lips into his mouth, running his tongue between them before moving slightly lower and tasting her sweet nectar from the very source, all the while gently rubbing her clit in circles with his spare hand. He then swapped over his fingers and tongue, gently sucking and licking Ella’s clit, in a not too dissimilar way to how he had played with her nipple. He rubbed one finger around her entrance before slowly easing it in, feeling how her pussy reacted to this foreign intruder. He then eased in a second finger and, after deciding she was too tight for a third, curved his fingers upward and started to gently rub Ella’s g-spot.

All of this was too much for Ella and she felt herself start to build up into another orgasm. He felt this too and sped up what he was doing, keeping everything the same, only doing it faster. His tongue became a blur and, had Ella looked down, he would probably have looked quite comical, but she was teetering once again on the edge of an orgasm so she didn’t care. He sensed this and slowed down for just a second, leaving Ella fearing that he was going to give her a ruined orgasm, before he bit very gently into her clit, but with enough pressure to cause her to scream out with what little air she had left as another orgasm took over her body and caused her to gush her juices sincan escort all over his face.

Thankfully the scream that she’d let out was a quiet one, and as she came down from her third orgasm of the night (counting her solo one earlier), Ella realised quite how desperate she was to have this glorious stranger inside of her. It appeared that he’d had the same thought since he had started to undo his trousers.

“Do you have a condom?” He asked.

“No,” replied Ella, with an exhausted smile, “I wasn’t expecting to actually hook up with anyone tonight.”

“I was planning to take you back to my room, there would have been condoms there, but you just had to keep grinding on me.”

He kissed her again, gently this time, taking his time as he had with his pussy licking. Ella started to get on her knees but he pulled her up.

“No. I want this to be all about you. I’ll cum wherever you want me to cum, but I need to be inside you right now.”

Ella just nodded and pulled his cock out. It was a little above average, maybe about 7 inches, possibly slightly longer, but it was pretty thick, probably about three fingers wide. He lifted her up and held her against the wall, lining up his dick. He rubbed it against her clit, once, twice, and once more before he slid it in-between her pussy lips and deep inside of her.

Since Ella’s g-spot had already been directly stimulated only minutes before, it was already slightly swollen and his dick rubbed against it perfectly as he entered her. He started off slowly, but quickly picked up his pace, ploughing into her and feeling Ella’s tight pussy contract around his throbbing cock, flexing at the size of this new intruder.

Ella gasped as she slipped a little further down the wall, resting at an angle that meant that his pubic bone was smashing into her clit on every thrust. She cried out, feeling another orgasm approaching and quickly found a hand back around her throat. She would definitely have to ask partners in the future to choke her, she thought, and maybe even experiment with it herself, but now was not the time to think about that as she felt her pussy starting to contract, getting ready for another wave of pleasure.

“I’m… going… to… cum…” she managed to gasp out. He simply nodded and sped up his thrusting while tightening his grip on her throat. She felt herself building up once again and surrendered herself to her body as she dissolved into another series of shakes and quivers, her body wracking itself into yet another state of orgasmic bliss.

He slowed down for a bit, but didn’t stop, letting her recover. Ella then decided to show him a trick which she had discovered on one of those lazy masturbation days, thought that it might feel good for a guy, and made herself the favourite of every sexual partner since then.

She clenched her pussy muscles making herself as tight as she could be and slid down his throbbing pole. She then released her muscles and slid back up before tightening her muscles and sliding back down again. By doing this she was, in essence, milking his cock in the most pleasurable way possible, both for him and for her. She could see in his face that he wasn’t expecting this and could feel from the swelling of his cock that he was very close to cumming.

His hands found their way onto her clit as she slid up and down him, obviously determined to make her cum one last time as she whispered into his ear

“Inside me. I want you to cum inside me.”

That was obviously all he needed as he lent forward and bit into her shoulder to quiet his moan as his cock swelled bigger than before and started to explode, pumping shot after shot of his sperm deep inside of Ella’s pussy, coating her walls with his cum.

The feeling of this, plus the sudden erratic pattern of his fingers on her clit, and the surprise pain of him biting her shoulder, made Ella start to orgasm once more. She ground herself into his fingers, focusing on the feeling of his sperm inside of her and she moaned out herself, unable to contain the pleasure any longer.

He relaxed and finally pulled out of her, as spent with his one orgasm as she was with her four.

“That was amazing,” Ella was breathing heavily, still recovering from her last orgasm.

“You’re amazing,” he said, and kissed her lightly on her mouth before pulling up his trousers and tucking himself away. “Are you okay to get yourself home?”

“Yeah, that’s no problem.” Ella had slumped down on the floor and she was sitting there, legs spread open with her used pussy on full display, dress bunched in the middle of her body and short hair in a mess, that post-orgasm glow on her face. “I’m just going to need a few minutes to recover.”

He nodded and moved towards the door. He opened it and looked back at her one last time, looking as if he was almost about to say something, then he turned around and walked out the door.

As Ella lay slumped on the floor of the storage room, sperm dripping from her pussy, it occurred to her that she’d never even found out the man’s name. Never mind, she thought, she had come out to let loose, and nobody could say that she hadn’t done that.


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