3 The Power of Avalon

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Female Ejaculation

Pantone 101. Yellow, but on the delicate side. Not, “look at me” sunshine yellow. I selected and swapped the colours and leaned back in my chair to squint at the results. I propped my feet up on the side cabinet and reached for a sip of water. Not bad, not bad.

I heard the scuff-scuff-scuff of slippers on the carpet, and then across the lino of the kitchen. The fridge door opened. The fridge door closed.

I called out, “We’re going to lunch with Harry. You’ll spoil your appetite.”


“I thought you were working.” Val leaned against the corner of the wall and gave me an accusing glare. She wrapped her arms around herself, pulling her hands inside the sleeves of my burgundy hoodie. Since I had nearly 15 centimeters and a good 40 kilos over her, Val could nearly use the thing as a robe. The hem went halfway to her knees. Below the hem were the flannel blue and yellow ducky pyjamas she had brought. My suede and sheepskin slippers, with an extra sock wadded in the toe to keep them on, completed the illusion of a freezing ten-year old.

Assessing the clothes she had brought with her on this trip, you’d think my sister had been raised in Houston and only recently experienced Canada in winter, instead of the other way around.

“I am working. I’m employing my extraordinary artistic aesthetic just now.” ?Val snorted and shuffled around to look, leaning on my shoulder. She yawned. Well, annual reports for insurance firms will do that to anyone. But, that’s how graphic artists make their bread and butter.

She fluffed at her neck-length curly black hair, identical to my shorter cut curls. She scuffed off to one of the big “client chairs” I have in my workspace and huddled into it. Val looked out the floor-to-ceiling balcony doors at the sun twinkling off a hundred icicles.

“How can you not be cold? Can’t we close the drapes?”

“We’re not shutting out that wonderful sun for you, or any wimp like you.”

“I’m gonna tell on you. Calling me names.”

“Phone’s over there. Tell mom I said ‘hey’.” ?”Creep.” ?A long silence passed. I decided the font would not do at all. I sat forward and started scrolling through my list. Maybe something with an old-timey feel… ?”I finished the book you suggested. I liked it a lot.”

I brought myself away from the world of fonts and annual reports.

“Good. I knew you would.”

“Now I’m bored.”

“Get another book from my library.”

“I let a good book digest before I start a new one.” ?”Watch a video.”


I clucked my tongue against my teeth. I spun around on my drafting chair to cock my head at her.

“Val. I am tickled to death you came up here to visit Harry and me. I’m glad you thought of the idea when your hubby had to go on a business expedition for a month. I am actually not embarrassed to say that I love my little sister. But, I was under the impression you were 28, not 8.”

Val sighed and climbed out the chair. She scuffed over and gave me a peck on the cheek. “You’re right. I’m sorry.” Her smile crinkled her big hazel eyes.

I shrugged apologetically. “It’s just that, if I can finish a first draft of this thing before lunch, I’ll be free to play from lunch until the client gets back to me. Which I’m pretty sure won’t be until after the weekend.”

She nodded and took two shuffles back to my den room. She turned back. “Didn’t I see an exercise room in the 10 cent tour you gave me?”


She gave a sharper nod. “That’s what I’ll do. I’m getting all lazy and flabby.” She flicked off the oversize slippers and skipped down the hallway. I laughed to myself. Lazy, maybe, but nobody would ever call my perky, svelte, biggest-claim-to-an-athlete-our- family-has, sister “flabby”.

Val came bouncing out ten minutes later. She had on one of my white t-shirts. Cheap quality mementos from charity events and such, which I keep for exercising. Like the hoodie, it went down further than some dresses she’s worn. Bright pink legs made for a startling contrast. She had on her own sneakers and carried a towel.

“Nice legs. Did you mug a flamingo?” Which was required brotherly banter. Val had magnificent legs.

“These are the leotards I brought for long underwear. With your stupid circus tent shirts, I think I can pass in public.”

“Hey, that’s a shirt from a previous life.”

“I know.” She gave me a hug. “Well done you.”

She jangled the spare keys I had given her. “These will get me in?”

I nodded. “Have fun. Remember, Harry is shooting for noon-ish.”

“Plenty of time. Finish your work.” And she was gone.


I gave the email a last proofread, made sure it had all the attachments, and hit “Send”. I leaned back with a contented sigh, hands behind my head, watching the file transfer bar launch my work away into the tubes. ?Done and done, I stood and stretched until I cracked. I gave a sniff. Maybe a shower and then be ready in good time…I paused. I checked the time on my computer. Where the heck did Val get to? She’s izmir escort bayan the McAllister jock, but jeez. She’ll be a stunned wreck for the rest of the day if she’s been working out this long.

I clicked my teeth and frowned in thought. Nothing bad could have happen. She didn’t even leave the building, and the tenants of the Avalon Apartment building were the…

Holy jumpin’ jezuz on a pogo stick.

A goodly number of the tenants of the Avalon ranked as the horniest, most sex-crazed people in the city. If not the country. Possibly the entire world. I had the happy, well-exercised cock to prove it. I thought of the wonderful, wonderful moments I had had in this building, breaking free of my legacy as the “shy McAllister boy”. Val never had such a label come near her. My baby sister could be down in that exercise room right now making ecstatic noises only dogs can hear.

This gave me a hot twitch in my crotch that raised an eyebrow. Just how open-minded had I become? How much farther was I prepared to open it? Very interesting.

A more mundane possibility of her lying helpless with a pulled hamstring or something crossed my mind. I had to find out. ?Collecting my keys, I left and hustled down the three flights of stairs. Nobody on the ground floor. I sidled up to the dark blue door that led to the laundry and then to the gym and pressed my ear to it. Not a peep. No chugging washing machine, no whimpers for help, no orgasmic yodels.

I slipped my key in the lock with the utmost care and ever so slowly turned the knob. I pushed the thick door open and poked my head in. An empty and silent laundry room with the door to the exercise room wide open. I tiptoed on sock feet through the lingering aroma of fabric softener and eased to the wall alongside the door. I could see the wall-spanning mirror, and thus, the entire exercise gym.

Val stood in a half-crouch that people seem to adopt when they’re being sneaky. She stood with ear pressed to the door that led to the sauna, shower and washroom. The sweat blotches on the shirt and the damp ringlets of hair plastered to her forehead showed she had had her workout. Now she had a new activity. One hand held the hem of the shirt bunched in a fist and the heel of her other hand pressed and massaged her pussy.

That hot twitch sparked through me again. I enjoyed the scene for a moment, but then confused guilt sent me sliding back across the laundry room. I opened and closed the door naturally and whistled a tune between my teeth as I stepped to the exercise room.

The warning had been enough for Val to move her hands, but she didn’t bother moving from her position by the door. She motioned me forward, while putting her finger over her lips in a shush. I came against the door and hunkered over. Being a thin thing designed only for a token of privacy for those taking a shower, the sounds came through the plastic without much effort.

Two, no, definitely three voices partook of some gold medal sexual hijinks. Moans, groans and growled profanity mingled with percussive slapping. I couldn’t identify any of them. Bad luck that Val was here. I only knew a few of the swingers in Avalon so far and would have liked to have somehow met these folks.

Val’s eyes gleamed at me as she smiled in guilty shock. Who was the greater rascal? The people fucking in a quasi-public space or the person eavesdropping on such a scandalous act but enjoying it immensely? Val’s listened intently, her face flushed and not only from exercise.

A choked series of profanities and soft screams told us the show had finished. Val closed her eyes and licked her lips. She fluffed out the neckline of the shirt to get some cooling air. For myself, the situation and room sent me down a scalding hot memory lane. I reached out for Val’s hand and led her tiptoe away. She didn’t resist.

Once in the stairwell, Val burst out with in excited laughter “That was the most gawdamn thing I’ve ever experienced! WHEW! I can’t get my head around it. People having sex right there in the gym!” She babbled in this hyper excited all the way up the stairs and back into my apartment. She collapsed into a chair and then sprang right back up again, pacing. I parked myself in my swivel studio chair, smiling as I watched her.

“I can’t believe such stuff really happens. People screwing where they could get caught by anyone pedaling the stationary bike. Just having a sex! And I counted three voices, for sure! Maybe four! It was a gawdamn orgy! A real orgy in a real public place! Holy crap on a cracker!”

“You don’t seem too cold now.”

Val barked another little laugh. “I don’t know what I feel, but I’m not cold, that’s for sure.”

“What do you…”

“I feel shocked. I feel disgusted. I feel hornier than hell. I don’t know whether I should report this to the police or the building manager or just hope I can listen again before I leave.” Val ricocheted around my studio. The damp t-shirt clung to her small, perky breasts. I’ve never seen this cheap souvenir shirt on a woman not wearing izmir escort a bra. The thin material had gone translucent and I had a private wet t-shirt contest. Val did not seem to be aware of the show. I squirmed and adjusted my legs.

“What should we do? Call your landlords?” Val stopped, hands on hips, eyes blazing at me, face red and gleaming with perspiration.

“No, I don’t think that’ll do much good.” The building managers were the Poirers, my mentors in smut. They likely as not organized the sex romp.

“Why?” Val demanded.

I shrugged nonchalantly. “Live and let live, says I.”

She looked me up and down, eyes narrowing, crossing her arms under her boobs. This pulled the material tight across some really excited nipples. “You don’t seem too upset by this.”

If I stood up straight, you really may change your opinion. But that seems rude in front of my sister. Out loud, I said in a amazingly smooth voice, “Um…huh? Upset?”

Val’s suspicious look didn’t fade as she bent over to unlace her sneakers. The baggy shirt pulled away from her damp skin and the view I got down the gaping neckline widened my eyes. I could feel the blood rushing to my face and places where, in all decency, it shouldn’t go. Now I really would have to wait before standing up.

“Oh!” Val bounced (!) up again and pointed a finger at me, eyes sparkling with excitement. “You’ve caught the show before! You’ve exercised down there and heard those sex maniacs before!”

“Ah, yes. That’s it. You’ve sussed it out. Guilty as charged. Well done.”

Pleased with herself, she did a little skip-jig. Her little boobies with the nipples of wonder skip-jigged along with her. “Not only have you listened to them, you’ve probably beat off to them. My brother’s a perv! But, I guess I sort of am now, too.”

She came up closer to me, in a confidential manner. She bit on her thumbnail, face impish. “Just between us pervs, how often have they done it? How many times have you played Peeping Tom?” She screwed up her face. “No, not peeping…what’s the listening version? ‘Eavesdropping Earl’? Listening to them fucking was so hot, I’m surprised there isn’t a term for it.”

I’ve never been my sister’s confidante. This sexual babble coming out her gave me more unseemly hot surges. I wish she’d go change her clothes. I wish she’d bend over again. I felt a bit dizzy.

Val raised an eyebrow and looked me over. She smiled and gave me a sly look from the corner of her eye. “I may be jumping to conclusions. I only went as far as “Eavesdropping Emily” today. I’m thinking my brother might just have gotten his Peeping Tom Badge, too.”

“What? No, um. No. That’s, er…ridiculous.”

“Omigawd! You did! You slipped in and copped an eyeful. I don’t know whether to be shocked or jealous. Val shook her head and grinned ear to ear. “Right now, jealous. Definitely jealous. I’d insist on the sweaty details, ALL the sweaty, sexy, smutty details but I couldn’t put my shy, modest brother through that. What are you smiling at?”

“Nothing, nothing. Just embarrassment leaking through.”

She winked at me. “Yeah, yeah. Happy peeping memories, I bet.” Val turned and strode off. “I”m going to grab a hot shower and also…cool off. No peeking!”

Laughing at her own wit, I heard the bathroom door close and the shower start.

I fell forward, head on crossed arms. Could I have a boner this hard without going to hell? Can a guy get locked up for jerking off to his sister’s sex talk? I sat back up and ran my hands over my face. Well, hell or jail, I spit in your eye. I needed to pop a cork.

I cocked an ear as I unzipped my jeans and pulled them down. The shower blasted. My mental big screen filled with nude images of Val soapy and wet and gleaming naked and madly masturbating under the water…I gave my head a shake. My cock throbbed in the air. It wanted me to stay on that channel, but too bad.

I started to beat my baloney in a hard pumping fist and closed my eyes. I tried to bring up sexy images to pretend my sister had nothing to do with my jerking off. Well, most of the urges lay deeper with the memories of the amazing time I had had in that sauna. Where I caught Linda doing just what Val had done. She had been spying on Leslie Ann, Kyle and myself. I had caught her and the two of us had got very…stop it! My imagination had slipped Val in place of Linda with the skill of a magician.

I opened my eyes. Still keeping an idle pump going, I clicked desperately on my mouse. A variety of porn images flashed across the computer screen. Not personal enough. I needed something more real to exorcise Val. I scrolled madly to bring up the folder with my collection of Marita. Even if she didn’t seek, and actually avoided, the fame of a supermodel, Marita’s swimsuit and lingerie photoshoots still circulated. Marita’s golden body in various designer scraps of colourful cloth went by on slideshow. I still feel like a lying fraud when I bring up memories of having crazy monkey sex with a woman like that. That flawless gold caramel skin. escort izmir That…??KERUMP!

The noise fractured my erotic daze. The shower still thundered wetly. Damn. She’s slipped in the shower! I bounced up and nearly tripped as my pants dropped to my ankles. Kicking them off in desperation, I scrambled to the bathroom door and flung it open. ?Steam swept over and around me. I could see Val hunched over on the bottom of the tub through the frosted glass. I slid back the door, ready to turn and phone 911…

Kneeling face down in the tub, the water splashing off her curving back, my sister contorted her right arm behind her to pump my shampoo bottle in and out of her cunt. Her left arm bent out of sight under her belly. The jiggling action could only mean a frantic clit flicking.

Val shrieked, flailing and slipping in the bottom of the tub. “Hey! Get out!”

I felt a heady mix of embarrassment and anger. I couldn’t help sliding the door with a slam and stomping out of the bathroom. “Dammit!”

My attempt to block Val with Marita blew away in the wind. Sleek, gleaming jiggling flesh of my sister…I shuddered. I struggled to catch my breath and level out. ?”Zach?” Val’s voice came softly concerned. I took another breath and turned. Damp and dripping a bit, my sister came into my studio wrapped in a towel. Since I have only utilitarian “man towels” and not the bed sheet sized towels women prefer, the green terry cloth protected her modesty by scant millimeters. “What’s wrong?”

I shook my head and waved my hands in groping frustration. “I’m just wound up about looking like a dope. That’s twice in less than an hour I’ve thought you were might be injured, went charging in like a galloping knight and twice I’ve found you eyebrow deep in sexy thoughts.” ?Val blushed, pushing an errant wet curl back behind her ear. “I’m sorry. I couldn’t keep my balance standing while, well, while I was…and went down on my knees. I didn’t expect it to be so loud.”

I shrugged and smiled crookedly. “I’m sorry.”

“That certainly doesn’t make you a ‘dope’. That makes you my sweetheart of a protective big brother.” ?”Okay. Thanks.”

“And Zach? One other question?”


“Why are you naked from the waist down and waving a very hard erection at me?”

“Shit!” I brought my hands down to try and cover myself. I looked madly for where I had kicked my pants and started towards them. Val giggled madly.

“Oh, I think it’s a bit late for that sort of modesty.” She reached out a hand to my shoulder to stop me, still dimpling a smile.

“Easy for you to say.” I picked up my pants, but only held them in front of me.

“Can I guess you were taking care of business the same as I was?” Val nibbled her lower lip.

“Well, yeah. Kind of obvious.” Why didn’t I put on my pants? C’mon. Politeness alone dictates…I told politeness to piss off.

“Did you…finish?” She looked down in the direction of my crotch and back up again. I don’t know how many men in the world Val had targeted with that mischievous, big-eyed gaze. I had certainly never been on the receiving end. It hit like a grenade made out of sex.

“Uh, no. Did you?”

“I dropped the shampoo bottle.”

Val’s breathing had grown more rapid. Her lips compressed. “Want to help each other?”

“What? Oh, Val, I don’t know if that’s a good – I mean, that’s a…”

“Let me finish. When Kelvin goes on these work junkets, we keep in touch. Video chat on the computer when we can, just phones otherwise. When we chat, we ‘help’ each other over being horny. We…”

“…take care of business…”

She gave me a smack on the arm. “Masturbate. It’s great when we have video to watch each other. That’s what I’m suggesting. Watching and talking. No touching. We’ll just be in the same room, is all.”

If she wasn’t going to mention the speed bump of being brother and sister, she wouldn’t hear it from me. My internal revolutions per minute had reached critical. I dropped my pants and pulled my shirt over my head. “Let’s do it!”

Val’s eyes widened. She looked me up and down and her tongue licked her lips. Her big hazel eyes twinkled and she tossed the towel aside.

Her breasts sat high and perky on her chest, lovely little handfuls that complemented her slim physique perfectly. I suspected she only bothered with a bra to contain those amazing thumb thick nipples popping out of the wide areola. Her pubic area shone clean and bald.

“Well? A gentleman might offer a comment!” Val’s voice quavered behind the joking tone.

I turned in profile. I gave my hips a little bump that set my straining, impatient cock bobbing. “I like to introduce you to Mr. Happy-to-See-You. It’s mostly your doings this morning that have brought him here today.” ?”What do you mean, my doing?”

“The sex maniacs in the sauna may have turned on the stove, but your nonstop discussion of it got my water boiling.” ?Val stared hungrily at my meat. She made a little mew sound in her throat.

“Hey. My eyes are up here, lady.”

She snorted and smiled up at me. “You really have a right to be proud at your physical improvement this year, Zach. It’s been even longer than that since I’ve seen you in a swim suit, so the change is dramatic. You’re a hunk.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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